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Man charged after setting off fears of Walmart mass shooting

He walked into the store in Missouri dressed in body armor and carrying an assault rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition; he was charged with making a terrorist threat.




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  1. Fool pushing boundaries and not thinking things through…if you want to support and fight for 2A then join a group and have a better plan .

  2. Missouri allows the open carrying of firearms anywhere they are not prohibited. Cities can limit where openly carried firearms are allowed, though. Open carrytypically is not allowed at churches, polling places and federal property, either. And many private businesses legally ban guns from their premises

  3. That dumb ass needs to go to jail!!

  4. Wtf. It's legal. America gonna turn into natzi Germany

  5. Hope more mass shootings happen in the US.

  6. Probably just testing his white privilege…considering a black kid that BOUGHT a BB-gun at walmart was shot and killed by police in walmart 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. The cop is a hypocrite , the people commenting are hypocrites and drama queens because they tune into the news that talks about this . They like a good scare which is why they celebrate holloween and watch scary movies and play violent video games even practice shooting too .

  8. Why 100 rounds of ammo to test 2nd amendment. I support the second amendment, but shit like this is what causes us to lose rights.

  9. this dude is going to sue the fuck out of everyone involved. " Missouri allows open carry without a permit, so long as the firearm is not displayed in an angry or threatening manner."

  10. Remember the male brain is not fully formed until 25. 😂 Not that this excuses the stupidity.

  11. if it had been a hunting rifle, she may not have pulled the fire alarm to cause mass panic?

  12. Honestly What he did was 100% legal and i think that yes he may have made a poor choice of judgement but i must say as well to the officer with the rank of lt., it is my opinion that no police officer should ever speak about a young american male the way that this officer in the video did. period. you almost threatened him by what you said officer, and i do not believe that is upright or lawful conduct in anyway, you too are an american and what you said to the news is a shame.

  13. White ppl must be locked up get rid of all of them

  14. That cop smh 🤦‍♂️ infringers be infringing.

  15. Anyone else notice all the happy convicts commenting here about the fresh meat entering their realm? The kids new name is king to be "running sore bum "

  16. His parents need to be assessed, interviewed and analyzed especially the mothers as we all know they are generally responsible for the values and mental make up of all of us. I say mostly because they have most contact and influence as well as custody.

  17. A scripted, crock of bullshit story!

  18. They should throw the book at him for being retarded don't he know what climate were in

  19. Imbecile of year goes to this animal.

  20. LMFAO, I like it how white people think they're the smartest on the planet. Yea right. The only think you guys are good at is killing your own kind in masses.

  21. He didn't do anything wrong. He's just a normal guy who wanted to protect freedom.

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