Sunday , December 5 2021
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Man Exonerated In 1980s Rape Of Author Alice Sebold

Anthony Broadwater was convicted of the rape of author Alice Sebold in 1982 but has been exonerated of the crime after almost 40 years. He spoke with NBC News’ Isa Guttierez.

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  1. It’s terrifying how any random black man can just be picked off the street by law enforcement and have their life destroyed just because they were black at the wrong place and wrong time. She stole 40 years of his life and literally made a fortune off it.

  2. Alice Sebold needs to be criminally held accountable, I want to see her in jail permanently.

  3. SMH karma is coming…stole this man's entire life!

  4. The accuser MUST be PUNISHED! If she is not punished then the United States Justice system is TRASH and US should stop talking down on the rest of the world like they are upright people, when the legal system is just are awfully corrupt as the police i the Ghettos of Lagos.

  5. She should be in jail for the rest of her life.

  6. "Amerikkka" all day long. Go get paid my brother.

  7. Hope this lady will treat him right, say sorry, as a first step.

  8. He should file suit against the woman and her publisher. He should be entitled to ALL of the profits made PLUS the financial interest.

  9. There are gonna be alot of so-called liberal "allies" dismissing Alice's responsibility, saying "don't blame her-blame the system that incarcerated that poor man! She was a victim, too!". You can't participate in and benefit from systemic racism and get to claim you're not at fault. White supremacy is a helluva drug

  10. 40 years. FORTY. 21 years old to 61 years old. This is abhorrent.

  11. "she had a feeling" this was the guy. Law should not be based on "feels."

  12. This is stunningly sad. My heart breaks for Mr. Broadwater, who shows incredible resilience and grace. The state of New York and Alice Sebold owe him everything–they can start with millions of dollars.

  13. He is only one of countless men rotting in prison because of corrupt prosecutors and false accusers. Will his accuser give him all the money she made after falsely accusing him? Will the prosecutor go to prison or be sued? Of course not. Men have no protection, no due process of law and there are no repercussions for prosecutors who lie just to get a conviction. I hope he sues his accuser for everything she's got and more.

  14. God the righteous judge will make sure that woman receive her due

  15. She needs to cut that man a check.

  16. Cash payments only! Wow what a shame.

  17. I can’t think of the words to describe this!

  18. She is a rosewood white women who see nothing or cares for no one!

  19. She made her millions from the horrible experience she went through. All the while taking away this man's life. She owes him something and so does the corrupt process that got him locked up.

  20. No one should be convicted based on the eye witness testimony of one person. How many more innocent people are rotting in jail right now? If DNA evidence could prove it wasn't him, she should go to prison or at least be forced to pay (millions) in reparations.

  21. such a sad story, if that lady could not even correctly pick him during police line up, why did this man even go to the jail to begin with? Too late to turn that event around, but hope this man finds peace in himself.

  22. She made a whole career out of destroying this mans life. He deserves her fortune. Especially for 'Lucky'. The fact that she's made so much money knowing she sent the wrong man to prison for so long is truly evil and despicable. What a vile racist horrible woman.

  23. He deserves at least 1/2 her fortune.


  25. This happens far too often

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