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Man sent to jail for 10 days after oversleeping and missing jury duty | ABC News

The judge originally sentenced the man to 10 days behind bars, a year of probation, 150 hours of community service and a $233 fine before reducing his probation to three months.


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  1. The mother says "Everything was lessened, I Appreciate the Judge for that"… and the Boy went back to the judge to request his sentence be reduced AFTER serving tbe 10 days… You see this, this is why White people don't respect Ya'll negros, cause you have no back bone, if he was a man, he would not have returned to that Racist Judge for leniency, he should have went on with his life or took other legal action.

  2. This is why Alternates are selected! For emergency situations and this was the first day of trial. What a wast of taxpayers money. Judge appears to have a personal problem. People like him make the would a bad place

  3. Wow. Here in Canada jury duty is quite important/strict too. My mom was getting surgery on that day so she couldn’t, she had to get our family doctor to fill in a form and send it in before a certain date or she would’ve been fined and/or jailed (or something like that) 🤷🏻‍♀️.

  4. Dumb ass judge
    Thomas Jefferson on the rise


  6. First of all over here in Texas is mandatory to do jury duty but I've decided not to go I actually postponed it for a whole year and just give us a stupid ass statement that I couldn't go because of problems with my bladder it works for me you should have done something like that. Fuck jury Duty it's a piece of shit and I'm going to keep doing it I don't give a fuk they're not going to arrest me. Also when I didn't show up there were saying they were waiting for me but they had 60 people already there and only three people and I was one of the three people that didn't go nothing happened to me I'm just saying when they have enough people they're not going to try to get you arrested. Fuck the government!!!

  7. This is fucking bullshit! That judge is a racist dick that should be kicked off the bench.

  8. That woud have never happed if he was white

  9. A whole year of probation, gaaahhhhdamn

  10. That dude look racist as hell anyway

  11. African Americans are too forgiving, like why are u grateful for a lesser probation. It should just be a fine, when he now applies for a job all they'll see is that he has a criminal record.

  12. FUCK THAT JUDGE! HE'S A PIECE OF SHIT! NO ONE should spend even a single fucking day in jail for missing jury duty, but a WHOLE 10 DAYS, PLUS 150 HOURS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE, PLUS ONE YEAR OF PROBATION, AND A $223 FINE?! THAT COULD HAVE RUINED HIS CAREER, HIS REPUTATION, HIS LIFE!!! That judge is a stupid motherfucker who should be behind bars for his abuse of power and STRIPPED of his position! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! HOW CAN WE, THE PEOPLE, ALLOW SUCH A CRUEL PUNISHMENT?! MY BLOOD BOILS AT THIS DISGRACE, THIS DISGUSTING SON OF A BITCH!

  13. fuck this piece of shit judge, if it was just a week of community service or a small fine, that would have been okay, but to throw the poor man in jail for 10 days for no reason absolutely outrages me. This judge needs to be fired

  14. Dale dalton I don’t give a fuck what ya think even if it’s a responsibility thing it is still a waste of time. They don’t pay me enough to be there and for what help decide someone’s fate when the judge and lawyer couldn’t figure it out or they were going to make whatever decision anyways. Yo fuck that jury duty shyt….

  15. The fine makes sense but jail time? Seriously?

  16. Y'all are just doing the most you shouldn't be sent to jail cause you overslept that's petty🤧

  17. He overslept, then went to WORK?Throw the book at him!!

  18. Fuck jury duty and this trash ass government 🖕🏽🖕🏽. Maybe he should’ve whooped the judges ass, atleast that way he actually would’ve did something to deserve this time 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️. Stupidity at its finest.

  19. This is yet another reason why I believe that white people are so afraid of Black people. If Black people ever rose to a position of total influence and power in America, white people fear that Black people would remember injustices like this and get even. But here's a secret. Black people are more compassionate than you think. Just ask Amber Guyger.

  20. If the Juror was white, this wouldn't even be a story.

  21. He went from never stepping foot into a court prior to this whole forced "civic duty" ACTIVITY to now having a RECORD over missing a civil case… A CIVIL CASE… not even a criminal case!!!! The defendant in that CIVIL CASE at most lost money… not his/her freedom, not a blemish-free record.

    At most, this kid should have been hit with a fine. This was a gross use of judicial power and a waste of taxpayers' money.

    God-forbid if anyone is ever late for anything again… smdh.

  22. This guy is a boy. Why is the media so complicit in everything.

  23. Man fuck that judge I believe it’s stupid. That’s why they have judges and lawyers..

  24. I’m trying my best not to hate white people🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. this is actually fucking disgusting

  26. What’s his cash app let’s make this mans life better for going through this ignorance

  27. This was a kid not even a man, worst case of rasicm i have seen in a long time FU K this shit. NOW HE HAS A CRIME RECORD ON AGE 18 . thANKS white people and FU ALL!!

  28. I hate the american justice system…it's so crooked it's impossible to fix

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