Tuesday , September 28 2021
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Man Speaks Out After Close Call With Lightning Strike | NBC Nightly News

Video captures the moment when Romulus McNeill stepped outside during a storm, when a flash of lighting struck so close by that he dropped his umbrella before getting out of there. “I feel like I am blessed,” he tells NBC’s Morgan Chesky. “Maybe two inches to the right it could have been a different story where I’m not sitting here.”» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Man Speaks Out After Close Call With Lightning Strike | NBC Nightly News


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  1. A warning from the heavens.

  2. What you are seeing next to him is a lightning feeler. Many of them reach up from the ground in different places right before a strike. The lighting then connects with one of them, which it did, but somewhere else. Not next to him.

  3. Carrying around a metal rod in a storm has never made sense to me.

  4. It's not being 2 inch to the right that save you. if God wanted to strike you he would of, even to the left. But maybe he's sending you a message. Give Him thank for having mercy on you.

  5. I thought the Galaxy Note 7 in his pocket caught fire, that or he overdosed on Viagra.

  6. Now the man is Ryder from Mortal Kombat

  7. I always wanted that

    that umbrella

  8. That is God telling him to quit procrastinating on some project!

  9. If you stop the video just right, you'll catch the lightning actually goes from the ground to the sky…. This is one of those reversal strikes! I caught a screenshot of it unfortunately I can't show it here!!!
    But in YouTube you could actually slowed the video down to 1/4 speed, try doing that, near the end of the 0:15 mark…

  10. Again? Why does Trump keep doing this?!

  11. Is that Static Shock as an adult?

  12. That's what I call a very very close call 😬😱🥶

  13. Let's be honest it's common sense to stay out of a thunderstorm. Shouldn't take a near death experience to teach you that lol

  14. Metal objects in both hands while in rain water…yeah I'd say he's more than lucky!

  15. He's clearly the Black Lighting now…DC Comics superhero lol

  16. I saw Faraday Body Suits for sale on Amazon.

  17. He should play the lottery next.

  18. Ppl always laugh, and brush me off when I tell them not to walk around while lightning is present. I had one hit a dumpster near me when I was a kid. Years later, I witnessed one hit right next to someone. LIGHTNING KILLS EVERY YEAR. EVERY YEAR!

  19. Benjamin Franklyn's 1752 experiment creating the "lightning attractor" using a wet metal key, proving lightning is a form of electricity …? Hmmm …?

  20. Was it a high capacity lightning bolt?

  21. OMG, I watched it again and saw that the blot hit him in the right upper arm.

  22. Did they blame it on White Lightning?


  24. What!? You reported on something other than Trump? And it was not FAKE news? So it is possible!

  25. too bad it didnt hit him he could have gotten '' Black lighting'' powers

  26. He got superpowers now… hes the flash

  27. Hmmm…a warning shot, maybe?

  28. Looks to me he wasn't "Nearly hit" I came closer walking home I was able to hear the ground actually crackling around me I moved close but not directly near some trees hoping the lightning would strike the soaking wet lightning rods and not me no umbrella no rain coat, just normal clothes.

    It's part of life.

  29. 24 hours later he's now Lightning Man superhero.

  30. What do you call a cow struck by lightning?

    A ground beef 🥩

  31. All most stuck by lighting? If I was him I would think twice about not starting my day with out prayer

  32. Walking in water carrying an umbrella, holy cow, what was he thinking?? One VERY lucky man!

  33. I’d be lucky to get hit and become Flash

  34. In case you didn't notice, that strike came from the ground, not the sky. When he was holding the umbrella, it ionized until there was enough difference in charge to cause the strike. That is also why he wasn't seriously hurt, because that was only about a million volts or so. A strike from the sky can exceed several billion volts at millions of amps.

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