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Man suspected in Jewish center shooting threat pleads 'not guilty'

James Reardon’s arrest was one of several made after the massacres in El Paso and Dayton; demonstrators across the U.S. have marched for tougher gun laws.




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  1. I have an assault weapon it’s called a car it’s caliber 2 tons of steel and plastic

  2. I need to leave this country. People are going crazy

  3. Put them in a cell with barrio azteca members in chuco

  4. Joke. Nothing not enough for warrant. Made up.

  5. that's funny moms don't demand to end abortion,,, whats that… 3-5 million kids a year in usa alone? oooohhh guns r bad mmk? lol.

  6. Charlottesville protestors were seen all getting off the same busses! The white nationalists and the black protestors! That was the biggest phony fake Soros show ever, and now they pull one of their actors for this fake Jew story! The guy is a Jew!

  7. He’s a )EW! Just like every Jew center attack, the culprit always turns out to be a JEW!

  8. lunatic leftist want the whole world defenseless against these morons

  9. Maybe a day in the prison yard will remove the smile.

  10. Trumps Hatred Rhetoric has Awakened Hanus Acts Against Jews, Muslims, Latinos and Blacks!! ote these Morons Out 2020!!

  11. Sounds about white 💊💉😂😳😡😵

  12. Government peddled that isis was the biggest threat, but the truth is that it’s white supremacists that are committing the most acts of terrorism in america

  13. I don’t fully trust the criminal justice system. Especially since trump took white American terrorist groups off the terrorists hate list.

  14. Awesome! Enjoy the limelight there, pretty mouth. We'll see how much you're smile after someone puts something in it…or, maybe that's what you really want.

  15. THEY ARE ALL WHITE!!!!!!!!

    The irony!

  16. I hope none of these Un Christian, Un American, Racist Monsters EVER walk free again.

  17. How to commit a crime: don't tell anyone you're gonna commit a crime.

    Will he be Smiling real big when he sentenced to prison for a long time

  19. Dis goed om te sien dat hul wel iets begin doen omtrent die haatlike situasie.

  20. Ofc that pussy pleads not guilty

  21. Background checks and tougher laws are all well and good, but if we can't enforce the laws we have, what are tougher laws going to change? Also, don't politicians realize that if someone wants something they'll find a way to get it? Legal or illegal.

  22. I cant believe Trump has influenced a lot of white men to do hate crimes over his term 😔

  23. My comments killed no one tell that shit to your socalled white brother dog ass.

  24. No free speech, No guns it's for your own safety. precrime will protect us

  25. This is what happens when all you need is money to buy guns. Glad he got caught tho!

  26. That smile is pretty scary!!! He seems to think he is in the right!!! Trump has no clue what he has provoked. Hate such a horrible sentiment to have!!

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