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Man uses dam he bought online to save home from flood

One Texas family’s home is high and dry while thousands of homes have been evacuated and damaged by flooding.

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  1. Would be cheaper if he just made a cemend damn

  2. Ya but how could he have slept at night knowing that the water could rise over his dam at any time and his family and he could have drowned to death while they slept that would be truly horrifying 😰🥺

  3. $8300 thats a steal to save your house from flood waters

  4. building houses on flood plains then being surprised when it floods. CLASSIC.

  5. The economics are not half as bad as people think: there's nothing stopping Randy Wagner from selling his used Aqua Dam online to recoup at half of his cash outlay (transaction costs, all in). Or he can keep it around, and then combating the next small flood is almost free. Thus prepared, he might even negotiate with his home insurance company for a lower rate. In fact, his insurance company wouldn't be remiss in paying Randy $8000 for having saved them tens of thousands (which is not to suggest that insurance companies are capable of thinking that way—mostly they prefer any justification they can get to ratchet up the premiums over clever ways to avoid loss of property in the first place).

  6. Who has 8300 just lying around? Wish I could afford things like that. I don’t mind losing and starting over I guess. It’s God’s anyway.

  7. He very smart can someone help me get connected to this company are you with the website please

  8. The smartest man in the world. Give him a commercial Now

  9. Texas is #1 in just about everything. Screw living anywhere else.

  10. Smart thinking guy. It's okay, they laugh at noah too but guess who had the last laugh.

  11. for 8300 bucks he could probably build a 3 foot high levee around his whole house…

  12. People saying this was a smart idea…? Like I don't see how its any smarter than buying flood insurance on your house… He said it avoided him paying $150,000 in repairs but that's why you buy flood insurance? Idk, $8,300 dollars on something that might protect your house IF it floods (which thankfully it did) versus flood insurance. I'd take flood insurance over the risk of spending $8,300 that you aren't even sure will work or not. Also the wall is a couple feet high, I live in Houston and most houses during this recent hurricane got more than 2 feet of water. The wall would of been easily breached and it would of been a waste of $8,300 for about 50%+ of the houses here in Houston. Just saying, call it a smart idea if you want. It would of been a waste of money and a really pissed off wife for a lot of people.

  13. Its a moat which kept all the invaders out from the castles in Denmark hehe smart

  14. Could be useful for thick neighborhoods, too. With those areas, maybe the city governments should invest in larger versions along streets, build ramps and stairs in parts, and maybe even engineer them into buildings during construction, like along the base of each building.

  15. Damn, they couldn't give a shout out to the company. A lot of people wish they knew. $8300 is a lot but dealing with the Insurance company, government loss of all your items. He made a good investment.

  16. Thats good but in neighborhoods with houses tightly packed next to each other, either every one pitches in for a big one or your going to have to break fences and other types of barriers

  17. Guess he got the last laugh got damn legend fa real though 8300 sounds like a lot but compare that to the damage he would have had to pay for

  18. …legend has it his wife left the tub running & flooded the place anyways

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