Man who spent 33 years in prison for 1989 shooting exonerated

Los Angeles officials say Daniel Saldana, 55, who spent 33 years in prison, was declared innocent and freed after being wrongfully convicted for a 1989 shooting in Baldwin Park. KNBC’s Ted Chen reports.

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  1. Imagine that no monetary compensation could make up for a life missed.
    What's screaming here is that it took Five more years after the information was revealed!!!!

  2. What a crappy system. Judges and prosecutors who have to win elections and have to compete for the votes of puritan populists with the number of convictions and with the brutal length of the sentences. And juries that have no idea what they are doing and who are often deeply racist. And the best joke is when Americans even brag about their legal system being "superior" to how other western countries do things. And they really believe that nonsense despite so much evidence of the opposite. A third-world justice system with third-world results. That's what it is. Every international index and study shows this…

  3. Loser gang member, wait where’s my violin.

  4. Remember, if you on jury duty, do some due dilligent homework. Stop relying on social media!

  5. Dude looks like the type that could commit a road rage shooting and stop and get a fast food burrito all in the same night

  6. F your apology…. that ain't enough.

  7. Just think for every innocent person exonerated there’s some that never see this day

  8. Is he getting all the money he lost back I would hope. I think he is the kind of man I think he is money does not move him at all. Thank God he gets some of his last good years with his family to spend with.

  9. A reminder to everyone that if enough people think you are guilty of something, then you Are guilty of something. Never put yourself in a position where your innocence is in the hands of other people.

  10. We desperately need AI to replace all those Judges and Lawyers. A perfect system over human. Furthermore, we can save billions on salaries and legal fee. In return, we get impartial judgement.

  11. No! It was another gang member, silly.

  12. Hopefully he learns from this

  13. The prosecution that put him there should be made to forfeit their house and 401k to this man and every trial they were involved re evaluated.

  14. So the real murderer has been free to continue because of inept investigators? Put them all in prison for 33 years for flagrant stupidity and civil rights violations. All of them.


  16. Yeah.. oops, sorry we stole your lifetime😒

  17. Guess the "F" what Kids…. DONT JOIN GANGS..🤫

  18. so…33 years jail time for a wrongful conviction and not a single penny in his pocket?
    where's the justice in that?

  19. So now they want to search for "the real people responsible for the crime". What was the crime again???? To put an innocent man in jail for decades. So let's put those police officers, detectives, districht attorneys, the judge an so on in jail for the same amount of time. Or is it too much justice?

  20. Wow, 33 years lost because we feel better with a conviction.

  21. They should give him like 20-30 million dollars

  22. Yet you won't see radical Republicans protests for people like him who are real victims of injustice…

  23. This reminds me of the story of Joseph in the bible. A man put in jail for a crime he didn't commit, yet, held hope in the name of god. Amen.

  24. Make this man filthy stinkin rich please. Im talking saudi rich

  25. 70% of criminal convictions are people of color. Prosecutors and judges are 90% Jewish / white

  26. congratulations brother you and your family and friends ALL deserve it and so much more. sorry you ALL had to go through ALL of that. 🕉☮💛

  27. Republicans must answer for this. An apology is clearly not enough

  28. Praise the lord and thank you lord because every day and night I pray to set the captives free. Praise god 🙏🏽👑 enjoy your freedom brother and I bless you and your loved ones in Jesus Christ name, amen 💧🙏🏽👑

  29. The Christian man was arrested for nothing. Luckily he's now freed although he was park-absent. I wasn't yet born at the time.