Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is living in the 'twilight zone': Former NYPD officer

Former NYPD officer Bill Stanton weighs in on a New York City bodega worker being charged with murder over self-defense on ‘The Evening.’
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  1. The orphans of the spirit are our concern, those who, without the thread of contact with deity, remain wedded to an unwholesome environment, those to whom the real purpose of life is never revealed; for the crystallization of their intellectual concepts and the hardness of their hearts, rooted in selfishness, do not open the cosmic doorway to our domain.

  2. That POS DA needs to be fired and charges pressed for crime against the people and multiple manslaughter. Along with false prosecution and treason

  3. Mayor Adam allows this BS… I thought he was a former policeman…. AND the DA it's a LOSER for posing such a high bail for someone that acted in self defense?????

  4. The DA is going to arrest the defenders and set free the criminals!

  5. Bragg is a trumper and hates non whites.Bragg stopped the investigation on trump.

  6. That pour man. The other guy should go to prison for that . But he probably won't spend time in prison. Since they gave him low bail. This guy had trouble with the police but doesn't matter. This crazy.

  7. People in NY are crazy plain and simple end of story goodbye the end.

  8. Here's the big question, who are the voters electing people like the DA in NYC!

  9. People will continue to move our making nyc less
    Save will not make people and business stay
    Mayor done nothing

  10. Talking means nothing do something you are the mayor fired people who don't do their job not their opinion

  11. The mayor, city council, state assembly and the D.A. are all alt-left. They handicapped the police, they allow criminals to roam Our streets and they do NOT allow Law Abiding Citizens to defend themselves all while they have police security.

  12. Criminal law enforcement officers, protect criminals,against honest people

  13. The DA. Should be fired to that stupid decision

  14. DA is short for Daaaaa❣️🤪😡

  15. Police Chief in Japan was responsible for Re-PM Shinzo Abe’s security and completely failed and resigned gracefully & honorably. Whoever this NYC DA is should resign immediately he thinks it’s a game I would say Lock him up and throw the Mayor out. Folks in NYC it’s not about party politics it’s about human lives and the Rule of Law.

  16. The DA should be fired and pay for their disrespect of this man

  17. This DA should go to jail. It is more than just NOT doing his job; it is a CRIME to PUNISH a law abiding citizen just because he tried to defend himself from criminals.

  18. He's a commie socialist pig total disgrace to his own race

  19. Get what you vote for.

  20. He simply has no business being in his position. He is a complete and utter loser. There is so much blood on his hands that he could swim in it. He's an Affirmative Action hire. A rotten colored to the core.

  21. This guy is all about letting criminals go and locking up hard working tax payers! Totally disgusting. Why is this guy still in office? Where is the outrage from NY tax paying residents?

  22. Get rid of this worthless excuse of a DA.

  23. I'm sorry to say this hypothetically speaking what if someone beat up alvin bragg then alvin sent to jail.🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  24. Living In or near the Jungle you will eventually be a victim .

  25. Bragg wants to criminalize self defense by honest citizens against criminals. While criminals have license to prey upon the peaceable and law abiding.

  26. These Liberals think they are smarter than everyone else,its a shame they have no common sense!

  27. The only reason adams says anything is because his aid got robbed a couple nights ago , it hit to close to home for him

  28. Twilight Zone? These evil lefties are heading to the pit. They need to repent today! Ask Jesus into their life. That pits is really a terrible no olace ti sornd eternity. There are no water breaks in Hell no time outs, or soft beds with cottin sheets. No one cimes to help you. its the worst place ever. Please repent, ciyme to Jesus!

  29. time to leave America

  30. The leaders are ALL crooked wolves in sheeps clothing!!

  31. That's just crazy! This is telling us that we cannot defend ourselves! That DA is a paid-off stoolie that obviously hates the good American people.

  32. The governor a democrat will not remove the democrat DA We need a new governor


  34. That thumbnail face: "I have the IQ of a dust bunny"!

  35. Left trash, Maybe we should take knives away. 😂😂

  36. Bragg is a true racist.

  37. Had this same thing happen to me and police tryed to arrest me for the crime that was done to me l

  38. One black life matters THUG down

    Many more to go

    🖕F Joke Biden 🖕

    And 🖕 FBLM 🖕

  39. Hearing the new black democrat speak is like listening to another empty promise democrat !!!!!! A democrat is a democrat. You know like a demon is a demon!!!!!

  40. If that thug had killed the clerk he wouldnt have spent no time behind bars he would have been out before the ink dried on the report

  41. Hopefully. New Yorkers would come to their senses and bounce this fool.

  42. I think it’s awesome the old guy stood up for himself and his business … guy got what he deserved …