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Manhunt continues for sniper who shot LA deputy | ABC News

The deputy, Angel Reinosa, was shot in the parking lot of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lancaster station by someone in the apartment building across the street.

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  1. All fake😂 can’t believe the reporters 😂hope cop gets charged and does time for making up the whole story

  2. sad it was a rookie…be better if it was a dirty cop.the behavior of cops today is straight up wrong.

  3. There was no sniper… fake news at its finest.

  4. I hope you never get caught for your good deed!

  5. I smell an insurance scam…Angel wanted to retire early

  6. Stop trying to make us think there really is a sniper when you all are full of shit! That cop was never shot with his bullshit. Fuck that mayor too!

  7. How the fuck did rex become mayor ?lookin like a gotdayyum back in the day porn director

  8. I bet all these shootings going on are setup by the same people

  9. Something about this story doesn’t sound right to me.

  10. He cried wolf, millions of tax dollars wasted. Pussy rookie cop lied, it was all a hoax! He still has a job? After Lieing

  11. Fake news….saying they are searching for a gunman who shot and wounded a sheriff's deputy…..none of this was even confirmed when they reported it.

  12. You gotta be the stupidest mofo ..

  13. Can y'all please take George off the dam video at the end. Every fucking video has him at the end. We all know who it is it's fucking annoying

  14. So did the deputy lie about getting shot ? If so what would his reasoning be ? Hmm


  16. This is fake and the story is weeks old

  17. Haha idiots it's was a fauls report. What a bunch of fucken cowards

  18. Too bad this is a fake story. Turned out the cop lied…

  19. This is FAKE!!! they've already reported that the sniper shooting was a lied! the rookie cop lied about it

  20. Finally a hoax exposed, notice how the agendas were pre loaded and fired off.. Mental health tying into red flag laws, massive para military training on full lock down, search and seizure of firearms in homes, fire arm ban, getting public accustomed to seeing and accepting "marshall law" in affect. Boston Bombing, Sandy, Garlick, Vegas, Parkland and so on, soo fake, can't you see!! , start looking into these events, now that you fully understand how easily this events unfold, this was planned like all the rest and they blamed the police officer as if it was just him. IT IS ALL FAKE DESIGNED TO DECEIVE AND CONTROL YOU. Don't believe it.

  21. They spend $100,000 have cops , fbi, searching because this guy has a scratch….
    If I said the same to them, they would laugh and say go to the doctor for your scratch…

  22. He lied causing the community terror. That cop is a terrorist.

  23. He lied just like all pigs do. Lmao These people in these jobs are the lowest of the low.

  24. By the way.. it’s all fake. He stabbed him self and claimed to be shot. Makes it harder and harder to be on the cops side after shit like this happens.

  25. and you know what's even worse the mayor is agreeing with is the one that started the rumor about the mental health issues and he's the one that should be helping the community not putting them down I think he's in the wrong all for everything you just said about the people in the mental health community now you're starting to sound like our president no

  26. All u idiots blaming the people with people with mental health issues and it wasn't even true the whole shooting was a hoax so all you people blaming the Mental Health Community need to apologize to all the poor people that I got blamed for nothing that really happened to a sheriff's deputy I think all of you guys don't know what you're talking about when it comes to mental health you guys should do some investigating your damn self before you start putting people down true people might need extra help with the police is because of their mental illnesses don't judge if you don't know

  27. So F***n pathetic! Trying to cause mass hysteria! You give Hispanics bad rep you f’n lying pice of scum.

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