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Manhunt underway after shooting of recent college graduate

Police say two suspects approached and shot Milon Loncar as he was walking his dog.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This crimes happen in Brazil every minute of our lives! This is unfortunately the result of income inequality! Americans are going to face it more and more often.

  2. People like that roam the streets free every day and are never bothered by law enforcement

  3. Looks like a female and a male

  4. 2021 is not suppose to start off like this jesus christ!
    Prayers go out to the family rip 🙏

  5. My prayers go out to the family and the poor little dog. I hope they find these people. It’s tough out there… we get it. But that does not give you the right to rob or kill someone.

  6. Oh No!! Where's this happen? 🙏🙏 for him & family and his precious doggy✌️

  7. My question is why. I hate people but I don’t hate them enough to kill them. Like I feel like killing someone accomplishes nothing.

  8. what a tragic story- may he rest in peace and let there be justice ❤️

  9. Stupid POS’, all for nothing

  10. String them up when found, bring back public hangings

  11. ….. They didn't need to kill him. I'm so sick and tired of these sociopathic, knuckle dragging thugs and bullies who are cowards at heart, kill innocent people that are just living their goddamn lives! These two need to be put down, with extreme prejudice.

  12. Not related to me but so sad 😭 a University of Chicago student too was murdered last week

  13. It's a shame an innocent guy lost his life all because he was minding his business and out walking his dog. So sad. 😥

  14. You'd have to be a fool to be a student in Murderdelphia, didn't this young man's family raise him to use common sense? Nevermind, we are forced fed the wonders of diversity from childhood!

  15. I'm so sick of these murderous bastard

  16. thats fucked up bro… WTF!

  17. This is so tragic! The part about him lying on the sidewalk with his dog standing by his side,broke my heart.May he Rest In Peace.

  18. 😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏😿🙏

  19. As a mother who has lost a child my thoughts and prayers are with you 💔

  20. To the killers , ya some bitches straight up

  21. I think it is a hate crime, society is so divided some people want to harm others just because they are different , be careful out there everybody!!

  22. Disgusting. These thugs are the scum of our society and deserve punishment to the fullest extent of the law. My question is, how on earth can they live with themselves? What monsters… That 40k reward should get them caught ASAP.

  23. Robbers with no brains. Who walks their dogs with anything other than poop bags and maybe, a phone or treats for the dog? Hope they find the murderers and bring them to justice.

  24. I am very sorry to his family and friends!! it was hard to watch such an 3vil incident take place in our communities. I cannot understand the evil mind behind committing such a horrendous merciless acts for few bucks..Help us all to eliminate evil minds!!

  25. Oh my God! I’m so sorry. 😢

  26. Condolences to the family. What a shame. But for sure the two will be found and will deal with their consequences.

  27. Disgusting! I am so very sorry for this family.

  28. it looks like they knew he walked his dog at a certain time and stalked him.

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