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Mansion owners terrorized by 'The Watcher' finally sell home l ABC News

Derek and Maria Broaddus, who bought their Westfield, New Jersey, home for $1.3 million in 2014, have finally sold it after an alleged stalker repeatedly sent them creepy letters.

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  1. It’s twenty to watch, Halpert…

  2. Lived there for years…yeah right. Pearly white innocent on TV. But at the core….guilty. guilty of knowing who and what organized it. He's a bullshit liar.

  3. I would have left a notice on the door to the watcher and said you will be getting a bullet between ur eyes and im putting cctv up if u run away im gonna track ur ass down till the ends of this Earth and beat yo ass up.

  4. Well if the Watcher is no longer watching…check the new owners…also were there other bidders for the property that may have been upset that they were not successful in its purchase

  5. If you are watching this watcher: I hope you die painfully.

  6. How was he able to leave all those letters and not have been caught

  7. Amazing never found out who it is.

  8. I'm that guy

    "Camera pit bulls home alarm 40 glock AR15…. Watch this… I wish a mothafucka would"
    you saying what i was thinking my Dude!!! some cutlery from the miller Bros & Fostech Origin 12,
    let him pull his ass up !! see how that turns out >:(

  9. Any lt. lickme fans lol

  10. I think the old owners are The Watcher.

  11. Install a camera or a ring, have police patrol the neighborhood. Feel like they could've got this guy pretty easily

  12. This could have been solved by installing cctv cameras in and around the property, motion sensor flood lights, a decent security system, and two pitbulls or german shepherds. You could have caught the person so fast that way.

  13. I think I heard about this on no sleep podcast

  14. Probably some friggin screwball that got outbid on the house. Hope the cops look into that.

  15. Get guns and guard dogs

  16. Oh please! Scardy cat. Get an alarm system and camaras

  17. Why doesn't the watcher just buy the house if he likes it so much?

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