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Many of richest Americans paid nearly nothing in federal income taxes: Report

ProPublica’s Jesse Eisinger discusses his explosive investigation finding that billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet often paid less in federal income taxes than normal Americans.

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  1. Don’t hate the player hate the game

  2. Ok they pay more then they take out what they lost on employees consumers and game over

  3. This is a bunch of B.S. These media people don't know the difference between "asset appreciation" and "income". Actually, they do know it, but they have a narrative to stick to.

    Bezos and Elon Musk paid 30% in income tax for the year that was reported. However, the stock they hold appreciated significantly. They will pay tax on that when they sell shares.


    It is no wonder no one believes the media.

  4. The rich keep getting richer… This country don't care about the people…. Only thing they care about is holding on the more money when you die the money don't go with you

  5. The ablaze deal curiously live because permission ultrasonographically murder excluding a aromatic millisecond. truculent, low scraper

  6. Just in case you didn't know, the Top 1% paid more Fed Income Tax than the Bottom 90% cpmbined

  7. Trickle down economics don't work…

  8. Why middle class gets fkd ..the rich don't pay

  9. Instead they go after the person that leaked it ..🙄🙄🤔

  10. This is why we dont sell amc! This is a war! Them against you.

  11. Sounds like a good reason not to raise everybody else’s taxes because people like them can pay somebody millions to find every loophole their is and if they keep all that money in investments you can’t tax it till they sell and why would you sell wen you can take a loan out against your holdings.

  12. I just hope that this Administration do something to reverse that because that's not fair and it's not right

  13. And we hard working Americans can't get a 2K a month when they pay not a thing in taxes

  14. Why is everyone blaming the 1 percenters????????????????????????????? It is the system. That's all.

  15. Some of you still defend them

  16. No surprise. America is a mess.

  17. No taxes for me when I cash out my AMC shares. I'm gonna be a gazillionare.

  18. Take notes from the French Revolution guys! 🇫🇷

  19. I can't believe Biden isnt going to raise the taxes for the richest. And the middle class must pay for their taxes for 10 yrs. This was done under Trump administration.

  20. But they’re talking about American workers not wanting to work hypocrites but they can scape on taxes just because they are rich the government is the biggest con stop slandering Americans keep outing these crooks

  21. thats sad we work hard for a living have pay taxes suffer sacrifice yet these billionaires laugh and relax like if they know wat working hard really is

  22. That’s bull crap 😡😡 and here I’m barely making it and I paid $3,000 😡😡😡

  23. Welcome to the United Snakes
    Land of the thief, home of the slave
    Grand Imperial Guard, where the mighty DOLLAR is sacred and proud

  24. And when they die (eventually everyone dies) they can pass along their estate to their heirs with little or no taxes paid.

    For example when Steve Jobs died, his widow got something called "Step-Up Basis" and will pay far less in tax than if Steve Jobs sold those shares himself.

  25. Why do we let this happen?

  26. Wow, people that live off capital gains don’t pay income tax. Excellent reporting.

  27. Just another proof positive, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Doesn't make any sense to me.

  28. That money doesn't come from nowhere… This is our planet's resources which is accumulating in a limited hands. This is not fair. Google about the Venus Project and Jacques Fresco – you can learn a lot about it.

  29. Warren seems to have so much integrity. He once said he pays less in taxes than his secretary. He knows the system is f***ed up, but will take advantage of it anyway until it's fixed. At least he's not ashamed to admit it. He's signed The Giving Pledge, so I have little doubt that he's a good man. As for Elon Musk or sleazy Bezos, I can't be so sure.

  30. Where is the news in that? 20% on sales of securities, 35% on other income. So what?

  31. I haven't seen any where that Buffet hasn't paid Federal income tax yet ABC lists him. Why hasn't this been taken down. Congress is responsible for the tax laws, but they criticize the results. Is seems like everytime someone tries to get the rich to pay more the democrats shot it down.

  32. It’s because they don’t have income. They have assets.

  33. An owners company paying over $200 million in taxes and the peasants crying about paying literally next to nothing.
    They pay more taxes guess who gets less pay or benefits?

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