Marc Short rips Biden admin's 'inexcusable' potentially disruptive policy

Former chief of staff to VP Pence Marc Short discusses the impact of the legislation to avert the rail strike, what it means for other unions and reacts to the Supreme Court taking on the student debt bailout case. #foxbusiness #morningswithmaria

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  1. It's the Republicans in the senate that voted against sick leave!

  2. Government should manage there own people. Don't worry about others. Lead by example

  3. How about all the money the government is giving the illegals like IHSS here' in California and everywhere.

  4. Hope all these union workers are loving the democrats. Have to wonder, what the hell they thinking ??

  5. And then they moaned at trump about family working in the Whitehouse….

  6. Is there a hint of fascism in the air?

  7. There’s a huge difference between “potentially” and something actually having happened. I was once potentially the winner of a Mega Millions fortune when I bought that lottery ticket but once the drawing took place I wasn’t actually a winner. These woulda, shoulda, coulda, iffa and maybe pieces are the kind of filler Fox comes up with when they don’t really have anything substantial to offer up. I guess they work on their loyal, delusional viewers because they just keep doing it.

  8. Always remember, every motorcycle gang according to the FBI are labeled a Terrorist organization, so the FBI have to follow them 24/7, which means anyone that deals with them are also followed by the FBI 24/7.

  9. Sadist n St. Louis County and city have merged with the Cartels and the Motor cycle gangs, all 3 have merged. Heavy weight lifters that advertise on utube and instagram and all physical fitness gyms that have heavy weight lifters have merged with these sadist and motorcycle gangs and the cartel because of steroids. When I was 26 years old I lived in North County and the Heavy weight lifters that I worked out with would have there steroids shipped UPS right to my house because I lived in a frat house. I moved the hell out and didn’t say a word. The police would intimidate me so I really got scared.

  10. The whole government needs to be shut pay for anyone until the government is diwnsiz's to big and too intrusive I our lives..

  11. Imagine that! Student doesn’t want to pay back a debt, but their future is in debt to their labor, I bet the student wants to get paid! Imagine a employer says, please forgive me for not paying you! But you’re work is appreciated!

  12. Nobody ever accused Biden of being very smart at all.

  13. Students + Dreamers = on the same Democrat boat called "SCAM"

  14. Lying Biden as screwed the railroad workers, how ya feeling now union workers? Got what you deserved.

  15. This is what happens when you let the government be in charge one time they act like communism and try to take your life over

  16. We pledge Allegiance To The Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic For which it stand one Nation Under God indivisible with Liberty and justice For All God bless USA

  17. Banner should say "Legal Strike Averted," the fact you think there won't be any repercussions from rail workers is naive.

  18. Having the government step in is helping the companies not make decisions that are good for the employees

  19. Having the government step in is helping the companies not make decisions that are good for the employees

  20. Having the government step in is helping the companies not make decisions that are good for the employees

  21. More people will quit now.

  22. Interesting that Biden voted in 1992 that he was against government involvement with Union negotiations.

  23. Einstein said two things were infinite, space and human stupidity, and he wasn't 100 percent sure about space.

  24. Due to the actions (or rather inactions) and colossal failure by the Senate, railroad employees will quit and they are not able to hire Probably worse than ever at this point. If a job requires you to fight 3 out of every 5 years for basic human decency on the job, and you still get shut out, who would work for them? The railroad carriers are offering $10,000 a head for retirement eligible railroaders to stay. It’s no surprise that throwing money at people is not enough to convince them to stay and continue with trauma and PTSD this field inflicts on workers daily, shell shock, walking prison. Phone ringing at any and all hours of day or night with not one moment’s peace that isn’t dictated or delegated by railroad and only at their discretion can you take a moment to breathe in peace before being shackled and shuttled without warning again. Only think breathe sleep or eat when the carriers say you can. They’re trying or rather acting Hollywood style to “beg” workers to stay (yet slapping them in the face with bad faith negotiations all the way to Washington) because they can’t get anyone to hire out after inhumane attendance policies were handed down in 2020-2022 removing approximately 7 weeks (49 days) of personal unpaid time off, of which railroad employees were only asking for 15 days, then 7 days. And were still denied. And told they don’t deserve a personal life in the best interests of the rest of America retaining a personal life. And that if they had any time off at all, god forbid their grandma or step child died, if they attend a funeral, it would cost America $2B a day. Thats what has been held over their heads. Used to demonize them. Most Americans can take a day off occasionally when their personal life requires short notice and not fear retribution. Not the railroad. Being off as little as 3 days for anything at all can result in 10 day unpaid suspension. Another few days for anything.. sickness, wife dealing with pregnancy complications that HR denies or youre afraid they may deny, if you take that risk and take that small amount of time off outside of the over 100 hours a week you are already on call, faithfully, and you can be fired. For being human. That they dont deserve to attend a family reunion or even take the afternoon off for a movie with their family, or hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost. This isnt even an exaggeration. And to see Congress actually make fun and make light of this as if their lives and children and mental health must take a back seat. How is that constitutional? Most dont even care if it’s paid. Its the fact that being sick or having any personal event occurring, or just being tired because of the constant minute by minute changes in train lineups that will send you 47 texts in 10 hours placing you on jobs that range between 5 hours and 36 hours away. You can be fired and basically being a human at all can cost you your job.

    If you were in the position of being on call that much and that irregularly, how would your immune system hold up? And its not about getting paid, its about the unpaid unavailable time allowance of 25% (40 hours a week employees were allowed to be off call without punishment) was taken away and replaced with points. So that now any bout of sickness or fatigue is sorely punished. And railroad carriers with these circus like train lineups go without any penalty. They’re even rewarded by Congress and given what they want. Every. Single. Time.
    A job that people used to stand in line for, no one wants to endure the abuse anymore. People with 15-20 years are fleeing for their lives, forfeiting long earned pensions outright because the job is impossible to sustain. Long term without adequate workforce (say even if they did get one man crew), even if there is a law saying unions have to pay for losses incurred from a strike, if people resign, you can’t hold them accountable then not enough workers? There is no one to pull money or labor from at that point. So shipments slow down, they keep revenue up through demurrage charges. Those have to get paid from somewhere. Meanwhile shippers not getting their shipments. Progressively that eats into their cash flow to pay the fees and make railroads their revenue. I mean… the US economy doesnt have a bottomless piggy bank. There will be a bottom somewhere. Eventually. Maybe not next week but eventually this could happen. The profit bull run cant go on indefinitely. This high theyre riding ends somewhere and then who else’s blood is shed then? After workforce is gutted, shippers are gutted, economy is gutted? Where will they go to make shareholders happy?

    Great job to the tone deaf Senate republicans that couldnt be bothered to learn about the job and industry they just killed.

    The industry that the entire use economy hinges on. A job that requires you to be on call over 150 hours a week, subsisting on cat naps for 40 years, away from home over 100 hours a week, seeing your family a solid 5 hours a week if you can even focus your eyes due to sleep deprivation to even recognize who they are.

    Is this sustainable? Congress seems to think so, yet could they do the job? I honesty don’t think they even realize what they were voting on. They were too busy being mad at Regina Nancy George and acting in spite of the other party to realize the tragic blow they just dealt to these men and women that carry the supply chain on their backs and have clawed and fought for decades for a crumb of relief from the utter torture of fatigue and mental anguish of this job.

    the entire economy depends on these people coming to work and staying in a job that treats them not much better than roadkill in July.

    RIP US supply chain.

  25. So they had to get this done so joe could meet up with rich and powerful people

  26. Democrats and Republicans always causing division.

  27. Republican's want a rail strike so people suffer and blame Biden.

  28. I want to see an investigation of Biden's empyting of our fuel reserves and the fake dossier impeachments they knew were lies and the Garland/ FBI corruption and who in the Democrat circle of billionare buddies funded the 2020 riots.


  30. For a sitting President to demand Congress get involved goes far beyond the scope of his job, whatever that is in this case, and since when did the government have a say in Collective Bargaining agreements with unions and their union members?

  31. No paying student debts🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  32. Bring down this deficit and cut the s***

  33. What Congress is doing is wrong Ban unions in the United States they are mafia run

  34. Yeah not all that hard when you've got trillions of dollars coming in every year like almost 4 to 5 trillion and you can't even live within your means

  35. No group should be allowed to have a stranglehold on the nations critical functions.

  36. Let’s give everyone a24% raise,with huge bonuses. Make a hamburger cost $25.00. Keep printing money! We’re headed for financial collapse. Your retirement savings are now a joke. Work until you have 2 million dollars if you want to be comfortable