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Marianne Williamson’s Support Grows After Second Debate | NBC News Now

Marianne Williamson’s presidential campaign has received the most donations since its launch the day after the second Democratic presidential debate. NBC News’ Ben Collins reports on her growing online support.
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Marianne Williamson’s Support Grows After Second Debate | NBC News Now


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  1. We haven’t seen anything this profound since JFK and MLK! She’s blowing me away!

  2. 🇺🇸🦅 Vote Trump 🦅🇺🇸
    He’s good for business 💰

  3. That and the Beyond burger. Never mind left or right the soul of America is what matters.

  4. I love marianne Williamson and plan to vote for her.

  5. Imagine Trump vs Marianne debate OMG😂😂😂

  6. Marianne's getting support because if you actually listen to her words instead of what she looks or sounds like, or your own projected beliefs about how crazy a 60-something year old woman who self-proclaims herself as a spiritual leader must be, you realize her words aren't just campaign poetry, she's been making the most poignant points, making the most sense, and may well be the most intelligent person on the campaign trail. You'll also see how obvious it is that the media is trying to take advantage of her persona and spin it against her.

    You shallow people need to see passed appearances. It's disheartening to see so many people show their true colors by trying to tear her down in stereotypical "she's a crazy, spiritual old woman" type of ways. It's obvious that's how countless people have seen her from the start. They're so ignorant they can't even realize their impression of her utterly obfuscates their critical thinking faculties when they hear her speak. Her words are gold, and they are not fluff. They get to the crux of the issue, a crux most of the candidates can't even wrap their head around.

  7. Been a great voice for decades. She should be a candidate.

  8. I love Marianne..She is real and not a politician trying to tickle our ears.

  9. This guy is trivializing her message big time

  10. "Ooooh what's going on?" What's going on is that the people who were mocking her did their due diligence and looked into the candidate, which is what NBC should do. They're surprised because they've never looked at the 21 policies on her website, or seen any interviews or town halls. Does NBC even HAVE a research team?

  11. I'm all for Tulsi and Marianne 2020

  12. Ben, you cannot see the forrest through the trees. Marianne Williamson is the real thing….that is why she is getting noticed. This is not some strategy made up by her campaign manager. .I have been following her for 30 years and she has always talked about these things…She is the complete opposite of trump in every way….

  13. Marianne is a genuine person. You have my vote Marianne.

  14. I can see myself voting for her.

  15. She is insane. How will her new age feel good talk help solve problems? It is incredible the mainstream media is now pushing this woman.

  16. Marianne is a race-baiting separatist. It was jews that brought slavery to America. Larry David was recently given a history of his ancestors… big time slave owners and traders. Larry and the host laughed about it.

  17. Anyone else see the meme on Ben Collin’s desktop?

  18. She is one of the few candidates I would consider voting for.

  19. Marianne is the Future; lets start it NOW! Please donate; even a dollar.

  20. lmao that meme on his desktop

  21. They want to say that it was people from 4Chan….. what she said is about reparations for African Americans. ADOS. When we heard what she was saying, it resonated with what we have been saying for the longest time.

  22. When you secure the black vote, you are a TRUE force to be reckoned with.

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