Thursday , December 2 2021
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Marine Officer Court-Martialed For Afghanistan Comments

A Marine lieutenant colonel is pleading guilty at a military court-martial after he posted a series of videos on social media criticizing the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. NBC News’ Courtney Kube says his attorneys argue he was simply calling for accountability. 

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  1. You don't have freedom of speech. You gave that up when you signed the contract.

  2. Pro-Dem Gens. Milley & Austin & Biden are responsible for leaving Americans behind lines and billion $$ worth of US weapons behind… These incompetent "Dem Idiots" must RESIGN now & the phony pro-Dem News Media must stop protecting these absolute fools !

  3. So Miley working with china is ok. But this is not. Ok libs.

  4. America go get your gun permit today do not wait another day.

  5. Marine officer is misguided!

  6. This officer should be praised for calling for accountability! But he gets court martialed and the real people responsible get a pass. This is BS! Everything runs downhill. Meaning the screwup comes from the top. The top being Joe Biden. Our military takes an oath to uphold the Constitution. When the people we elect throw the Constitution to the wind, then they need to go in and arrest them. Hold a trial, and send them directly to Leavenworth.

  7. HAHA Pleaded guilty to all six counts – so much for "principles". Just another wanna be "influencer" with a bad record

  8. I personally thought the evacuation was an amazing success

  9. Biden should have been the one in prison. Hopefully one day…

  10. He should have STFU and gotten to 20 years. You don't like military, don't serve. Sounds like his launching his right wing political career.

  11. Too bad he doesn't realize he works for America the corporation. They don't give af.

  12. You should know what can happen if you speak against the government when you work for them. You are told the day you sign into the military. My 21 yr old Intel
    Sailor has been in since 18 yrs old, and he said himself he knows what he signed and what he swore to when he joined to put his country first always if he likes it or not!

  13. The Only thing that works in this government is lying.

  14. "I'm ready for jail" – Scheller
    Ok, sounds good.

  15. He took an oath. The military has struck rules about this kind of behavior.

    However, I dont think anyone should be charged with any kind of crime like this until the inciters of Jan 6th are charged and prosecuted.
    That is what equality would look like.

  16. Disgusting! Shame in the Marine generals!

  17. You gotta be kidding me. He has a right to his opinion man. I served in the Marines and seen action in the Desert Storm war and I could tell you things that would make you change your mind about life!!

  18. Good man. If demanding honesty and accountability for a massive failure in a war that stuck around too long is unbecoming of an officer, then the standards need to be reevaluated.

  19. This may sound crazy but I recognise something in the mouth area of people like this – another one was Jeremy Dewitte that fake police guy – there is somethign slightly off in the brain and I believe I can recognise it in the face.

  20. You can't handle the truth!

  21. So this guy so this guy says what everyone's thinking and he gets court-martialed for it oh my God what a fuked up administration were in and they've even screwed up and turned our military into a bunch of Twinkle Toes

  22. General Milley is a bigger criminal than this man.

  23. Yeah it sucks but you can't be doing that s*** when you're especially active. Politics in the military don't mix and for good reasons.

  24. Free speech? Free press? It's a scam. LOL

  25. My boss drove me out to see the new Military Prison at Leavenworth. Next to the Missouri River I believe, No civilization to see. Just the river and trees. Pretty lonely place to be.

  26. What is the accountability for those who get to RETIRE & ACCUSED OF BIENG PERV & GUILTY WHERE ARE THE VALUES ETHICS MORALITY OF THAT

  27. When your biggest supporters are crazy-Q lady and looney gomer you've got a problem.

  28. And Heard Andrew McCabe got his retirement back .including back pay…wow!

  29. Commissioned Officers follow lawful orders. When this changes, this clown will be the least of our worries.

  30. Calling for a revolution does seem traitorous. Otherwise, I would think it is wrong to imprison a person for free speech.

  31. The clever exhaust superficially crawl because libra objectively yawn to a raspy maraca. minor, yellow lipstick

  32. I hope they go after Flinn too and his brother!

  33. Well of course he’s throwing away his career!! They’ve raised already 2 million fuckng dollars for him and his family! A strategic move to secure a bag!! He knew the people that had that same mind frame as him would move mountains to support him 😐

  34. Haha – – "I dare you!!!"
    Well… ok…
    (how did that work out for you?)

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