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Marjorie Taylor Green Falsely Accuses AOC Of Supporting 'Terrorists'

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene confronted and shouted at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside the House chamber, falsely accusing her of supporting “terrorists.” NBC’s Garrett Haake reports from Capitol Hill.

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  1. Stop giving Greene airtime.
    She wants attention so don't give it to her.

  2. Stop giving Greene airtime.
    She wants attention so don't give it to her.

  3. NBC doesn't know the meaning of "falsely" or "terrorists"

  4. Nothing false about it she defends Hamas abroad and the BLM domestically

  5. AOC does support domestic terrorists. AOC can't hold any kind of real debate, she's like a tik-tok 17 year old. I'm not saying Majorie didn't go too far, only that she's not lying and she already won when AOC basically refused to defend her positions ever prior when being called out by her, and simply says "she is unwell." Which is democrat talk for "we can't debate so we gotta call the other person crazy regardless of facts over feelings."

  6. Coo coo green. Crazy comes in all colors

  7. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Look it up. AOC supports Hamas. So fake news strikes again. Hopefully no one believes this propaganda??

  8. Your pushing lies AOC is a communist dem

  9. This is "WORKPLACE HARASSMENT". Greene is "Armed and Dangerous."

  10. Say what you will, but Rep. Marjorie Traytor Greene is the most important member of Congress. She's the only one fighting the Jewish space lasers that start forest fires. And she's the only one defending us against those pesky survivors of school shootings.

  11. Sometimes I wish we had other planets to live on…Too much fighting and crazy on earth.

  12. Ad hominem. You have no actual argument cause you know Ms. Greene is in the right here. NBCs liberal slant is so disgusting. AOC DOES support terrorists… she literally supports HAMAS. The people see your lies and your deception NBC. We will not forget it.

  13. House Minority Leader Rep., Kevin McCarthy and the Trump Loyalist like Rep., Marjorie Taylor Greene that support him are the Old Tea Party Members masquerading under a New Name that caused House Republican Speaker Rep., John Boehner to leave the National Capitol in 2015 and House Republican Speaker Rep., Paul Ryan to leave the National Capitol in 2019. Republican Minority House Of Representative Leader Kevin McCarthy can put lipstick on all the Tea Party Pigs in the Republican Party, however they will still be pigs.

  14. Gossip and political propaganda from this network and No journalism at all.

  15. taylor green is that kind of invisible
    people, that will do anything to some attention. AOC IS A BIG NATURAL STAR!!!. green can deceive and brain was her constituents, but not the whole Nation!!!. WE ARE FREE OF LIES!!!.
    this woman supports that I had mentioned!!!. and cynical people like her call them patriots,

  16. They're not called the "Jihad Squad" for nothing. MTG wants to debate AOC on her Green New Deal. But AOC just screeching she is being picked on like the coward she is.

  17. What is that chunk of garishness hanging over the cross she is wearing?

  18. AOC literally supported the people, that is not the legally elected government shooting rockets blindly into populated areas. If that isn't a terror group I don't know what is?

  19. AOC Falsely accuses MTG of being "unwell".
    The pot calling the kettle black.

  20. SOC, debate Marjorie or Candace, or Ben S. Cowatd.

  21. What else would you expect,Nazis in the white house,Can’t imagine how they separate themselves from the National Socialist German workers party

  22. Sounds to me like Cortez couldn't defend her points, and this guy intends to do it for her. How about getting the ethics committee on that guy sleeping with the Chinese spy?

  23. NBC – Nothing But Crud – This networks still has not figured out to report the news without trying to create the news. How shameful.

  24. Go MTG.👍🏼..we need more gutsy politicians ..AOC is worried about her "safety"…really!! AOC just likes be in the spotlight unchallenged..welcome to the real world..

  25. Falsely??? Falsely??? Where does the FALSELY PART COME IN YOU GLOBALIST RUN MEDIA! How can people believe anything this globalist propaganda network puts out!!! They hate America and you!

  26. Green is telling the truth.

  27. Falsly? lol, nothing false about it. She does.

  28. If you quit lying all the time, perhaps your like, to dislike ratio would change. You are all a bunch of muppets.

  29. MTG one of the best ones left in the swamp AOC sucks

  30. Finally, a representative who goes for the throat instead of making excuses. Aoc won't debate because she knows she can't win. Her ideas are childish and not feasible. She she needs to put up or shut up and get out of the way. This isn't a game for ignorant children.

  31. AOC supports Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Hope that helps. Also, AOC and democrats are also a terrorist organization.

  32. AOC got punked and the media had to save her 🤣

  33. Aoc should be ashamed of her comments..someone should call her out..she is racist against Israel and I will never ever believe racism has caused climate crisis..it is an ignorant statement

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