Wednesday , January 20 2021
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Mark Cuban reacts to joining Trump's economic council

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on reopening the economy amid the coronavirus and discusses the possibility of a presidential run.

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  1. Health? What about starvation?

  2. I like this guy hes trying
    Stop bad mouthing him !

  3. ❌Mark Cuban I thought you were a pretty smart person until you opened up your mouth and endorsed Joe Biden on Fox News Hannity. Now I realize you’re not very smart. Joe Biden couldn’t run a Kool-Aid stand and make any money, he would be too busy sniffing the little kids hair. Obama/Biden divided the country and were total failures for eight years. Thank God President Trump is fixing the mess. Mark now go dribble your basketball 🏀 not your liberal mouth.

  4. He's Mr Mark fucken Cuban, and I love him, even though I only just found out about him (I'm Australian).

  5. Mark Cuban sounds very negative about reopening. Get him off the committee.

  6. Mark "the mole" Cuban? 🤔

  7. When your a BILLIONAIR it's easy to talk about staying closed. When your living from paycheck to paycheck it's a totally different story.

  8. Yeaaaa… no way in hell he will ever be president. HE AIN'T NO TRUMP!

  9. Cuban has got some interesting ideas about presidency, would like to see more.

  10. Why is a non econimist on an economy committee…

  11. The entrepreneurial spirit only reaches it’s maximum potential in Proprietary Economics…. where everybody is an entrepreneur! Do you know how to do it? Ask him!

  12. A week after this interview Mark told MSNBC that he wouldn't vote for Trump…didn't agree with him and Trump screwed up early on. Contradiction? Or change of mind in 7days?

  13. I am a little confused. Today I just heard Mark say on MSNBC that he was opposed to Trump, wouldnt vote for him depending on who the final two candidates are (that's already known). I heard a week ago he's joined Trump's econonomical team….what's up with this guy??? I started to like him, but am questioning that .

  14. Robotics?!!! This sounds real bad for Americans


  16. I'll be blunt here… You were asked to provide your side on the ECONOMIC question. No one asked you to weigh in on the health question. You tell us what your models are for what damage has been done to the economy then the doctors tell us what the potential risk of opening up is and then our leaders combine that and decide where the sweet spot is.

  17. Looks like quarantine been rough on ole mark ..

  18. Here we go!
    Hold on! Train wreck ahead

  19. With this guy on the team now things will definitely be more smarter!

  20. Spongebob had Squidward, Trump has Cuban.

  21. That robotics idea is really good. We definitely need to be doing that.

  22. Keep your friends closer and your enemies closer, I think this was a smart move

  23. this guy is “helping” our President? how? i didn’t hear anything intelligent coming from him.

  24. Everyone pay attention to Mark. He cares about human lives.

  25. Its easy to tell your employees to stay home when they play basketball and have millions and millions of dollars in their bank account.
    And own their homes and cars outright.

  26. I think there is a new disease to worry about. It's called the Dr. Fauci brain eating virus. Feeds on gray matter and is released in the form of verbal diarrhea.

  27. Economy is health concern as well. We cannot separate the 2 and should not separate the 2.

  28. Mark if you are reading this he just wants another scapegoat so walk away buddy!!!

  29. Trump was right he said republicans are the stupid voters he said that’s why he ran as one boy was he right

  30. Finally somebody with some brains you go put the people first

  31. What? c'mon, why?
    Let the backstabbing begin

  32. Why do you have to join him Mark? Take him on and you will win. Mark Cuban for President.

  33. Washing state is being hijacked by what is in my opinion an economic terrorist governor Jay Inslee….the federal government needs to step in and stop him before us citizens handle it our self. FREE WASHINGTON STATE AND LOCK UP JAY INSLEE!!!

  34. Im all for it. He looks great. He knows how it feels to take a hit in the stock market. People's retirement and savings are wrapped up in wallstreets gains and losses.

  35. Fck yeah! Welcome mark to the dream team.

  36. A tax on robotics…ok in theory maybe a good idea. I can see many companies getting around that tax by arguing that their robots are actually machines operated by people and therefore exempt. The truth is we don't need billionaires (like Cuban), but he'll never ever say that.

  37. Marc is in dream lalaland because he made his money its pure luck ye ye sure the economy doesn't open for another 3 month he will go nuts

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