Market facing 'perfect storm' scenario after Fed overreacted to inflation: Mahoney

Mahoney Asset Management CEO Ken Mahoney shares his expectations for the end of the third fiscal quarter as well as sharing what investors can expect. #foxbusiness #morningswithmaria

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  1. OPEC is cutting oil production by a million barrels a day. My my. What’s that going to do to inflation!!!!!?

  2. people wall street screwing you never invest in stock market. might as well just give away your money to strangers. it IS ALL RIGGED TO TAKE YOUR MONEY

  3. The Fed did NOT overreact to inflation, they UNDERreacted. Fox is a terrible source of news

  4. The DJIA Never should have got to almost 37,000. How could the stock market go to its highest level ever when we were going into CV 19 pandemic? The stock market should have crashed and stay down at 15,000 to 18,000 until the CV-19 was over. By this statement & observation it should be easy to see how insane things have been and are? The insanity has brought us to this horrible place. Giving Trillions to Corporations & the population has brought us to HYPERINFLATION. If you don't know what this is its a Disaster!!!!!!! You better look up Republic
    #1 home loans never should have been dropped to 3%. It was dropped during Obama Administration. Banks took bank homes through forecloures. Once they had the forclousures back the interest rates where dropped to 3% from 6%. This being the case they could resell the houses which came to be twice as valuable as they were.

  5. God’s blessings for you all and pray 🙏 that you will be safe and happy 😊 you all have worked hard for what you have. Do not worry pray that God’s will be done we have a devil 👿 at work and we have to pray 🙏 to remove the evil people because they will never stop 🛑.

  6. Fed did not overreact to inflation

  7. Gee, maybe we shouldn't be funneling $40B a month that we don't have to Ukraine

  8. You’ve gotta let the markets find their own level. The government needs to stop trying to prop-up or otherwise manipulate them. Just let the sh!t hit the fan.

  9. Supreme Court: Oh good lord thk goodness im trying to deal with this as soon as I even can. T.T

  10. Even if a non dollar-denominated asset sees no real gains during inflation that's still much better than holding cash and seeing your real purchasing power undermined. In other words, sometimes you have to chose between the lesser of two evils.

  11. Lol, overreacted??? You have to be joking. There is no f-ing way the Fed has overreacted. This guy is just living in a fantasy land if he thinks a 4 or 5 percent Fed rate is an overreaction. Too many analysts are in a wishful thinking mindset instead of being totally honest with themselves and admitting that they called the markets wrong. This guy along with many other analysts thought quantitative easing would last forever with 10-15% per year growth rates; they got used to it so reality seems alien to them.

  12. Hey, I understand why the FED is doing what it's doing. When you deliver dump trucks full of money to people that aren't producing anything there will be consequences to pay thank you local democrat representative for the gift of inflation.

  13. With all the crisis happening in the world,this is still a good time to invest into Forex and Crypto..

  14. The FED didn't overreact. They were late to the game. So now….. Need to make up for inaction.

  15. With markets tumbling, inflation soaring, the Fed imposing large interest-rate hike, while treasury yields are rising rapidly—which means more red ink for portfolios this quarter. How can I profit from the current volatile market, I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $125k bond/stocck portfolio

  16. Would somebody explain how the dollar value increase or decrease?

  17. These scenario have serious impacts on ones ability to save for retirement. I guess the magic of these kind of assessments is the minimum suggested retirement savings rate. I look at retirement from a bigger net worth perspective, but maybe that's too complicated. Keep it simple–savings rate, age, and income.

  18. Over react? They haven't even reacted.

  19. Biden & his whole regime are INCOMPETENT morons.THEY have caused the economic problems. Prison is too good for these buzzards.

  20. Or Congress could raise taxes on the one percenters and cut spending.

  21. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  22. They reduced rates too far too fast and now they will raise them too quickly and see they overcorrected

  23. We have never needed the Fed. Now we will all be a slave to the Fed and central banks across the world, especially when they introduce their digital currency system which will also be fiat based

  24. Investing in forex currency is the best investment anyone can do This season because it has made a lot of people millionaires. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

  25. Lol overreacted. Need another 500bps before the end of the year

  26. A house is not an asset…unless it generates positive cash flow, a house is a liability.

  27. Fed is not overreacting; prices have tripled in a lot of things; they must get a 50% deflation now to restore purchasing power to fixed income seniors and people out of work; the target is not 2% inflation anymore, they actually must force deflation over a period of time. People and corporations must pay off their debts.

  28. The problem is the fed existing, and fiat currency, which has a 100% failure rate through history.

  29. This is what happens when you have woke idiots ruining the country.

  30. Stop Government Spending

  31. Just another ignorant appointee by the creeper in chief.

  32. The only Blame the fed should take – is they didn't do this a year ago.

  33. How is fed overreacting when the interest rate hikes are way behind the inflation rate ?
    If anything, the interest rates should be much higher.

  34. Oh boy alligator tears and violins for the greedy 'pandemic for profit' r/e flippers and effing price gougers 😭 it's time they all take it up the tailpipe too.

  35. The financial scam bots have taken over the comment section.

  36. BY DUMB ADMIN PUPPETS ..keep trying noblest to ??? Up a country ..then blame others

  37. Overreacted?The problem is the opposite.

  38. *Two bit shysters who want continued free money and to p & d the market ultimately ending in more inflation…

  39. We're screwed. Things will be getting worse before they get better in every sector of our lives. Even if Red takes back House and Senate the FED policy will continue to push us deeper into recession

  40. I’m grateful to maskoffweb for what they did for me they helped me with 1.4btc via bitcoin transfers

  41. I’m grateful to maskoffweb for what they did for me they helped me with 1.4btc via bitcoin transfers

  42. If "overreacting" is ignoring inflation when it started, then yes, the Fed overreacted!

  43. Very valid points. Though ETF's are falling and bond yields are rising, but expositions still don’t seem convinced the Federal Reserve will pursue plans to keep increasing yield-rates until inflation* is under control. I'm still at crossroads with deciding if to liquidate my $357k stocck portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear booth?

  44. The FED counterfeits and bureaucrats spend those bogus dollars for profit and support. I learned long ago that if the price of a commodity can be manipulated it will be and that includes the commodity of money itself. Where do you think that leaves you?

  45. Bidenomics= Stock Market Slump