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Market strategist: Fears of inflation are 'way too early'

BMO Capital Markets Chief Strategist Brian Belski discusses the effect of reopening on the economy, arguing Americans are figuring out new ways to spend money.

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  1. What does it matter if jobs are lost? Everyone was paid to not have jobs. These people are insane inflation has been here. If we were in a deflationary period there wouldnt be shortages, companies wouldnt be looking to hire all of these employees. Shortages in labor are a key inflation indicator.

  2. This guy don’t know what he talking about!!!

  3. Fears are too early?! Have these experts seen the prices on food, lumber, etc?!!!
    Inflation is here. It’s at a 13 year high!!

  4. Don’t lie to us! We’re not stupid! JUST STOP!✋

  5. Street Wars coming very soon! Get ready Americans to take out all the greedy wealthy pure evil elitist families who cause ALL decay in humanity!

  6. Reaganomics = destroying US economy since 1984!
    Reaganomics = destroying US economy since 1984!
    Reaganomics = destroying US economy since 1984!

  7. Pay livable wages of $25/Hour and up for all jobs, OR shut the bleep up you fascist business owners watching this!

  8. 9.2 million jobs = crappy slave jobs are not jobs! Labor exploitation into stressful and unhealthy jobs is NEVER an economy! Endless vomit!! Many of these jobs are fake jobs ( made up data points to prop up a fake economy)! 77 million Americans or more are looking for livable wage jobs of $25/Hour and up and letting the shitty companies rot!

  9. Fuel and food prices, necessities not luxuries, are rising at a fast pace. This guy needs to get out more.

  10. Yelled said we should all be happy to have less. Oh yea baby. Kids my grits


  12. This Guy is exactly why we’re on the way into bankruptcy, what a lying scumbag.

  13. I hear Hunter’s paintings are selling for 500,000 a piece 🤔🙄

  14. Inflation started 7 months ago.

  15. It's high time you all invest in forex it's the most lucrative way of making consistent profit weekly with the help of Cuba Naomi, have make thousands of dollars weekly, you can chart her directly on WhatsApp ..

  16. Wtf there’s no parts inflation is guaranteed these guys are idiots ur responsible for everyone that’s about to lose money

  17. Nothing to see here, all is calm…

  18. Man, I want to be willfully blind, lie this Belsky guy…. Has ANYONE seen the price of Gasoline, or food in the last 10 years? How about the car industry, where the average price for a new vehicle is over $40,000? As much as a house, about 15 years ago. Nah, fox, inflation is a problem RIGHT NOW, and we're hitting hyper levels of inflation now.

  19. How does a labor shortage in USA effect a product made & shipped from over seas for inflation PROPAGANDA NEWS

  20. Programming at its finest. Complete propaganda.

  21. It's the new how-bad-you-want-it economy. Sucks to be you

  22. Did this guy just say there's been no inflation in the last 39 years? Delusional, completely disconnected from reality in his little rich person bubble.

  23. Yeah. Let's hide our heads in the sand until the tsunami is actually seen approaching. If printing trillions of counterfeit money and putting it into the money supply isn't enough to convince them that something is bound to happen because of it, they need cataract surgery up there too.

  24. It's way too early to worry about inflation, have you been to a store lately?

  25. You heard the man, save for 2 years from now when vaccine kicks in and hospitals are actually full

  26. It’s better to fear it now than to realize it’s too late to do anything when it actually gets worse down the line.. the news need to help get people prepared rather than act like this is some type of game.

  27. I just am trying to save my money..

  28. I believe bankers, politicians and lawyers implicitly!

    If you don't you are racist

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