Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Market strategist predicts no major deal with China

Nuveen chief equity strategist Bob Doll discusses the likelihood of a major trade deal between the U.S. and China.

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  1. China is foolish if they wait out the election.

  2. China is hoping that 2020 election will go to the Dems which of course China can buy like they Did with all previous leftist administrations.

  3. No trade with organ harvesters who butcher people live for their organs. Shameful!

  4. These experts know nothing

  5. We don't need to deal with China make Americans work again get rid of NAFTA get rid of Hillary and Bill Andrew McCabe James Comey Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer get rid of them completely make Americans work again all of them that are capable no more giving away money.

  6. Deal maker strikes out yet again. Lying intensifies

  7. Trump only makes good deals with pornstars!

  8. If trump settles before the election it will be to much compromise and I will be disappointed.
    Its us the majorty who are truly ripped off by any deal .I prefer no deal at all and each industry buys and sells were the best money is.

  9. We are not interested in Deals, Its American whos Interested.

  10. No DEALS with CHINA until WE uncover the PART CHINA played in connection with the HUNTER BIDEN/UKRAINE illegality!!!
    The DEEP STATE hole of SH*T is a deeper hole then you think!

    American Voters are prepared to hear the ENTIRE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH so help us God!!!!

  11. No deal with communist FANTASTIC 👍👍👍

  12. No deal is better than bad deal☝️
    Trump 2020 MAGA💪💪💪💪💪

  13. Double all China tariffs and put 10% all imports….jobs will flood to U.S.

  14. Thirty YEARS of Dem and Rep presidents FOLDED and COWTOWed to China's BULLYING! P. Trump WON'T! So China will "Take their ball and go home" until we get a new president…NO DEALS WILL BE REACHED!

  15. Fox change the narratives daily.
    "Tremendous deal coming"

    "China outmaneuvered"

    " NO deal coming."

    Besides the second coming, the only coming for Fox is the House is coming down.

    Sad. They were like America, a beacon of hope in the night.

    Now, they are on the fast track to hiring communist Democrats, fawning over corrupt communist Democrats. And trying desperately to put a communist Democrat word into the public sphere for the bats in the belfry , arrogant sons.

  16. Funny that the English evidently don't use that work, "Skosh." …………"The word skosh comes from the Japanese word sukoshi, which is pronounced 'skoh shee' and means 'a tiny bit' or 'a small amount.'"

  17. As I watch this….the market is now down 369 points! What a swing!

  18. 🔴 Manufacturing is not coming back. Stop dreaming about that. Capitalism abandoned this country a long time ago, it went to China, Brazil, mexico etc. The private companies that left nobody told them to leave, they did it because is more profitable. They don’t care about you or being American. Wake up and start accepting they don’t owe you nothing. Want free markets? there you go. Companies are privately owned and they can do whatever they want. It’s unfair you say. Well, that’s the real world🙄🤷‍♂️

  19. China is waiting for 2020 election
    They think president Trump might not win
    Well they have a long wait because he will be a the white house until the 2024 election

  20. …. And what of PONG? why isnt anyone reporting on the Chinese American who was just arrested (caught) for giving PRC American intelectual information starting in 2014/ 15? I know why, because it was in 2015. Which implicates the 2015 White House.

  21. I can't even feed my own family. So I can't take care of the welfare of the Chinese people. Sorry.

  22. Stewart: "What's a skosh?"

  23. Everything that these Socialist Democrat idiots on the far, far left of anything sane, touch, immediately turns to shite so devoid of everything, that nothing can grow on it, except their Party.
    These democrats can't foist anything upon US, while the economy, and everything else is looking Great, they require US to be disenfranchised, downtrodden, destitute, disempowered, demoralized, depressed, and confused, in order to appear to US, like the last ditched, half full, Coca Cola, in their desperation desert of lost sheep.
    Screw those traitors into oblivion come 2020, before they get back to their regularly scheduled program of Royally Screwing US.
    I remember when there was a veritable cornucopia of great things being Proudly Made, In The USA, by proud, strong, and hard working Americans, from every walk of life, who proudly stood by, and behind the products that bore their Proud Names!
    Vote Trump/Pence again, in 2020, and empower your aspirations, and ambitions, to carry US to new heights of economic, and American civic, excellence!

  24. With China, Trump has made a huge error in judgment. He thought he could torture them with tariffs and they would give in. They haven’t and they won’t. President Xi Jinping told the Chinese people to hunker down for a long campaign, and there is little that would delight the Chinese people more than humiliating the United States.

  25. One thing pundits forget is the difference between Middle East Religious Islamic Fanaticism iDiocy and Chinese PRC more pragmatic approach within this communist regime today. For instance… Arab Palestinians are like Gypsy Circus Barkers and Thieves. Where Chinese PRC are a hell of a lot smarter and know how to make a deal. Just take longer to come to the best conclusion for both! ….wait and you'll see a dramatic outcome where both come out equally as well with realization they both depend on each other's success to survive. This is the key difference here. Palestinians and Islamic Extremes haven't changed in their 1400 yr old war at each other's throats Shia vs Sunni. Chinese PRC are tempered with the need to have a successful economy. Which they don't have NOW! …Make a Deal and it's a boon to both in a Good Trade Balance Agreement!

  26. Not much of a market strategist. China is not getting hurt? Really?

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