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Markets predict slow growth, not recession: Ed Lazear

Ed Lazear, former President George W. Bush chief economic adviser, on the U.S. economy and the outlook for Federal Reserve policy.

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  1. Farmers and truckers need to become stock brokers. Plenty of Fed money to go around for everyone.

  2. Everyone is printing money out the wazoo.
    Why let everyone (include workers) print too.

  3. The 3 mo, 6 mo, 1 yr, 2 yr, 3 yr, 5 yr, 7 yr, 10 yr and even the 30 yr US Bonds ALL yields less than the 1 month !!!
    Investors scrambling for low yielding bonds while stock market is being artificially pumped up by money printed out of thin air by Fed an Big Banks.
    Amazingly there is no inflation (according to powers to be 😉

  4. Americans should not pay any of their attentions to China any more……enough of the Chinese revenge activists America…..忘恩負義民族,強詞奪理,得寸進尺⋯⋯

  5. How about everyone worried about the dimwit o crats ? Who the hell wants to pay more tax money and loose jobs due to phony global warming and all the regulations that will be introduced!

  6. Taking American taxpayers bailout monies yet standing against American is the irony

  7. BS propaganda, never rely on someone using 1-2 figures to represent how healthy the economy is, just because the stock market is doing good doesn't mean jack, stock market is a representative of mass psychology, mass psychology isn't always right or right on time, look at the underlying figures, corporate debt, consumer debt, agricultural debt, national debt, monopolization, tarriffs, layoffs, rising interest rates on debt, yield curve inversion on bonds…I could go on for hours

  8. The Trump Recession is coming. Made worse by the tariffs.

  9. Too much opinion being tossed around by Walter Mitty and Chicken Little !🍺🍿

  10. can count on at least 1 recession every decade. The market drop follows about a year after the recession officially starts.

  11. How the hell can a market predict itself. The market should be arrested for inside trading

  12. Just remember one thing, the markets have NEVER EVER predicted a recession before it hits.

  13. China backed by Russia will never do a fair deal with America.

  14. there's just NO WAY you can KEEP GROWING…ALL THE TIME – what it would take for such a thing to happen is mind blowing to think about – be REALISTIC and BE GLAD that it's not the ODUMMA years – bringing jobs back and constantly TRYING to GROW the economy is all anyone could ask for

  15. This guy is not a good source. Don't invite him back. He's clever and seems innocent but he is cleverly making a case aka lie for the Fed. THAT is who he is working for. Just like George Bush was. He's just part of the big cabal. Moving on… Ed Lazear should not be here. Please pick your guests better. It matters. Why give this strategic propaganda a platform. It's not innocent.

  16. the yield curve is being manipulated though by the top tier banks who want to screw Trump. Fighting for keeping the Fed is what they are really doing. Everyone is just trying to stop Trump from stopping them.

  17. Hi Maria, I'm your biggest fan. I think the US economy will experience a mild recession about 6 months to a year after Germany slides into a deep recession. The reason I say it will be mild is because of the inflow of foreign capital into the US economy. The Fed should keep in mind that the economic model of the last 40 years, no longer applies and that the tariffs along with the increasing inflow of foreign capital into the US economy, will eventually push up inflation. That's my opinion. I have another opinion, the SP 500 will sell off tomorrow. Cheers. Luv your show.

  18. Bahahahaha remember all those years they failed against Obama's economy and the slow growth after the great recession now that same slow growth (which is actually even slower) after a huge tax break that was supposed to supercharge the economy is now no big deal. Manufacturing is already in a recession. Get ready its gonna get bad and we'll be well into it before they admit it!

  19. Comey is Laughing at Trump and Barr and America

  20. Trump is Afraid of Hildabeast

  21. Obastard the Moslem Parasite TRAITOR is Laughing at Trump and Barr and America

  22. Trump predicts All Demonic Traitors are FREE to Commit Crimes against America with ZERO Punishment.

  23. Inverted yield curve explained this way. Credit card loans vs 10 yr loans
    We all would love to reduce the extreme interest on our credit card
    Which is the major reason the yield curve is inverted. Banks are making huge profit on ripping people off on short term loans

  24. When the growth slows down and is lesser two quarters in an role then before you are in an recession.
    Don’t let them lie to you. Prepare yourself.

  25. Watching news sure is like reading john Carter

  26. Make America's depressions great again! REVOLUTION NOW!

  27. Economy needs little breathing room catch its breath then kick it in high gear again

  28. Recent polls confirm most Americans want Trump behind bars

  29. Slow growth for now, but it will become a recession, especially if this tariff war keeps going, its inevitable, to think otherwise is foolish and since CHUMP hasn't a clue as to whats going on, its coming.

  30. If the fed hadn't raised interest rates the Economy would still be growing over 4% ! That's the truth !

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