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Markets surge after Trump tweets a possible China deal

FOX Business’ Gerri Willis discusses how stocks are doing in relation to the possible U.S.-China trade deal on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

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  1. The Communist China GOV will NEVER abide by any agreements and commitments. To constrain communism by contract, only failure! One billion China people in less than 1 dollar a day in food, China claims to be powerful.

  2. Boeing stocks should also be surging at this news if not for you know…

  3. I don't trust China. Let's just put the tariffs to the highest. US don't need China after all

  4. Don't make a deal with evil CCP Chinese. If you do, you would pay heavy price later on!, Trust me CCP Chinese is a gangster, thugs, and very evil regime!

  5. China waits till almost the very end to see if Trump would possibly have no chance of winning a second term and then knowing that he would,try to make a deal….make em pay ..Trump.

  6. Surge's. Is that good🤥.
    What thinks China? Take report from Huawei about China feeling's🤗

  7. Democrats top 1% richest, that news to me. Someone need to tell the Walton, Koch, Mars, Van Damme, Dumas, Wertheimer, Ambani and Trump Families they are Democrats not Republicans. What most Poor and Middle Class do not understand that the Top 0.1% Rich do not care about Parties or People. They use us like slaves, separating us by parties, class, and race and controlled by the Central Bank.

  8. Trump is breaking his promises and selling American🇺🇸 again for his political gains by agreeing with the cheating Chinese🇨🇳.

  9. Of course Trump is saying this. The House is talking impeachment and he's throwing another false ad out for distraction.

  10. Drump farts n he claims a win … 👍😂

  11. SEC should investigate trump for manipulating the market. I’m sure he loads up options contracts before hand.

  12. Thought it was illegal to manipulate the stock market?

  13. Economists: we don’t know what the stocks are doing but it looks nice

  14. 113 democrats can’t stand good news about Trump’s economy

  15. Trump up and down on China. Inside trading on trump team. Next week…no deal. It's a insider trading scam headed by trump.

  16. Didn't Trump say a few days ago that he wasn't going to attempt a deal until after the election?

  17. Dont forget that their are concentration camps in china.

  18. stock market crashin madd soon.. if i had stock id sell now..

  19. You create the issue and then remove it and call it a "deal".

  20. Noooo!! It just came out that they are decoupling from buying our computers!!! I hope he doesn't do it. They are liers, how can you trust anything they say?

  21. The Chinese will cheat on this deal. That is all they know how to do.

  22. The markets were good prior. Forget China. We're doing good without them and they haven't been as well off without us. Lets leverage this opportunity for maximum potential instead of focusing on the economic side of it.

  23. The Markets love a lie. Tweet posted right on market open, the so called deal will only be retractions from the original Trump trade mess in the first place.

  24. Ahh more blatant insider trading tweets and fox is LOVING it.

  25. Markets are irrational like our president

  26. Sure. I'll believe it when I see it.

  27. people are so stupid and keep falling for it.

  28. Tells you what a sham the markets are.

  29. theyve said they are really close to having a deal for how long?

  30. Why don't you people talk about the huge deficits the Republicans have created? Why is it you are as quiet as a mouse while the Republicans are creating them? But as soon as a Democrat occupies the white house you blame them and want swift action on reducing them.

  31. Markets surge after The ORANGE CRIMINAL IN CHIEF sits on his toilet in the Oval Office and tweets a china deal. LMAO!

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