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Martha Stewart breaks into the burger business

BurgerFi CEO Julio Ramirez joins Martha Stewart, who is now on the board of directors, to discuss her new business venture. #FoxBusiness #MorningswithMaria

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  1. I have been investing with mr Chris Russ, I came across some nice comments about him here on YouTube and I gave him a try and honestly I didn't regret the move

  2. She looks more Stepford wife as she ages. hmmmm.

  3. If you are killing animals to produce your burgers, shame on you! May God forgive you.

  4. BREAKING: Martha Stewart jailed for eating her own burgers.

  5. I'm sure that it will be some sort of foo foo soy burger. 🤮. Snoopy doggy will have the munchies and love them.

  6. 😎🍔🍺 The heart attack burger place does very well in Las Vegas.

  7. I'm thinking no one has $20 to spend on a designer burger during a pandemic…?

  8. Fox replaced Lou Dobbs with Kudlow

  9. Cant believe this women is still on tv.. nz

  10. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How about donating to small businesses at this time, instead of just continuing the HUGE $ backed businesses. GREAT concept, wrong time! BACK MAIN STREET, not Martha!

  11. MM I have a crush on Martha Stewart 🙂 I would love to work on her farm..

  12. When you gave her accolades you forgot to mention FORMER LYING CONVICT. Come on fox. ALL THE FACTS.

  13. They don't know if Angus is from United States or from some other country because lobbyist for the meat packer pays off these politicians in Congress.

  14. What a horrible face lift/Botox job. Whew.

  15. Like Trump 2024 this is a nothing 🍔

  16. I don’t care what gets involved in- NO MORE MARTHA STEWART ANYTHING! She shot both fingers to Trump well here’s my middle finger to her! She must b really STUPID!

  17. You dear lady can stuff your burger…leftist twit/
    Maybe snoop can help push your crap…

  18. Yummy , a good hamburger 🍔 is true America , oh but the leftist socialist green bastards want to cancel beef 🥩

  19. As a convicted felon – Martha should run for political office.

  20. We need to be supporting local restaurants and food businesses now, not praising another millionaire who just wants more money.

  21. What you forgot to ask him Maria where are all these bugerfried restaurants at are they in democratically Ran States ONLY because I sure don't see any down here in Missouri I don't hear of any in Kansas City I don't hear of any in Kansas so are they basically in Martha Stewart's vineyard and what does a burger there cost $30 is that without a drink and without fries or onion rings you say you make a great product but where the hell is your Stores at

  22. Way to go Martha! She is a smart business woman. Going into the restaurant business post lockdown is going to be very fruitful. I'd want to try these delicious looking burgers. Who doesn't like a good juicy burger? Yum!

  23. If their real 100% beef I'm good to go, but you can stuff the fake Burger's where the sun don't shine.

  24. No 1: Don't Only Hope On Government's Responds On security Matter's And Economy growth,

    No 2: As An Individual You Should Be Safeguarded And Also Look For Different Self Business And Trade Not Only Waiting on Betterment of Stock market activities,

    No 3: Most Important Always Save The Little You Can And Think Of What To Do With It When It Become Good For Capital,

    Because Government Have Failed Us In Aspect Of Security, Economics Activities And Other Trading Systems.

  25. Martha Stewart pimping burgers? What's their next menu item… a "nothing" burger?

  26. I would really like to go into a restaurant and eat a burger that wasn't fed by poison. WTG Martha!

  27. And there goes enjoying burgers.

  28. Martha, bring Burger Fi to Leander, Texas. We are a suburb on NW side of Austin and very fast growing. Thx

  29. Who cares – for some of these celebrities, it’s never enough! Greed is all that is!

  30. Burgers are NOT very healthy!

    There are worst foods for sure, but just the bread itself is not great for you!

    Add the very bad for you Fry foods that come with the burger, and you then understand this is just something else to make money for them!

  31. I have heard all ground meat, beef and pork has a percentage of human in it. Doesn't matter if a grocery store or chain or mom n pop. All these chains are a problem. We have all been cannibals since the 50's and never knew it. If you read this you know it now. WE had over 300 Meat factories now we have 4. Total control of that industry. These evil things laugh as they charge us an arm and a leg to eat a neighbor. Hate to have to wake you up here. It is time though. Take off the masks too. Its a cold/flu. Nothing new under the sun. Is The v is the mark of the B. something else to think about. Thank God President Trump started the great awakening.

  32. Isn't Gates trying to eliminate beef?

  33. I had a terrible experience in the D.C. chain. Customer service was awful and the quality of the burger unbelievably gross. Not good at all. I hope she can turn that around. Cost was also too much for what I got.

  34. Some recommended Burger names for Martha, The, (Celly Burger) with or without cheese, and then there could be, The famous (Prison-Break Deluxe burger) , no fries ,no onion rings, no nothing, there's no time, "we gotta go," and then there could be the, Jumbo one-pound tasty, (Wasn't Me Burger)smutherd with "excuse" sauce with everything on it. "Man" I'm getting hungry now, so I gotta go, got no time, so make mine a Prison Break Deluxe "to go" Please!

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