Tuesday , August 11 2020
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Marvel star Mark Ruffalo slams capitalism, calls for 'economic revolution'

Layfield Report CEO John Layfield, former investment banker Carol Roth, FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos and Capitalist Pig hedge fund’s Jonathan Hoenig discuss actor Mark Ruffalo criticizing capitalism and calling for an ‘economic revolution.’

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  1. Why do these tard actors think we give a crap about their political views ! All they are doing is pissing off the people . STFU Ruffalo .

  2. Hollywood = Hypocrites on Parade. Just like Pelosi saying 'walls are immoral' from behind the wall that surrounds here mansion.

  3. Start by giving away YOUR money! Show us how it's done.

  4. His level of stupidity and ignorance is weapons-grade!!
    It's the unbridled power of capitalism that created the most powerful and richest country the world has ever known in just under 200 years!
    It's absolutely delusional for him to make these bizarre claims.

  5. The white feminist with the red jacket is a clown!

  6. The right wingers may have corporations on their side but we have the hulk.

  7. Another Hollywood Joke, give away your 30 million, POS.

  8. Has he given away his millions to the poor?

  9. He is an actor, Who cares what he says.

  10. I think both capitalism and socialism are misunderstood. This country has a hybrid economy. The president of the US, and enforcer of the constitution, can pay to have a contract drawn up that infringes on another citizens 1st amendment right to free speech, by the very person that is supposed to protect their right to it. $120k twice was a bit much though. And socialism is what you have when the government shuts down and a service member has to work for free in a war zone. The richest person on earth couldn't create or consume a billion calories in a day. This trade war is about people that want to get paid more for there labor they do and someone not wanting pay it. To compound the issue we have no way to immediately supplement that work here at the prices that anyone would do them for, or have the aptitude to perform them. Neither of the sides has been able to come up with the answer to that. And why are we leaving anyone behind anyway. Seems like a shitty tradeoff for paying taxes.

  11. I knew it would just be a matter of time before this idiot Mark Ruffalo opened his big mouth…again. Great actor. Love his performances. So what.

  12. This guy is a zero! I heard the Hulk sucked!

  13. Mark has allways been STUPID brain like hulk

  14. Tell Ruffalo to go back to the "Second Day of Christmas" days.. Think it was his first movie.. Cheaply made, but he was a sweet guy. Now he's a Hollywood nut bar. What a shame! Great movie if you can see it…. Thank goodness, I own it. (BUT will I bother to watch it?)

  15. He hates capitalism, well that explains why Ruffalo is such of fan of the Climate tyranny movement. The alarmists are certainly not basing this feelings on science.

  16. Why is it all these actors want to change to socialism …."AFTER" they get rich from capitalism? ? ? ? Must be nice living in the clouds you mindless idiots!

  17. Is this guy supposed to be an expertt?

  18. Move To China or Venezuela ! The elites are the leaders of the Communist Party !! In case you are uneducated. Which seems highly likely in your comments !!

  19. Dude! Shower and shave, maybe then people will take you…wait!! Aren't you an actor? You know, like a Hollywood FAKE, who play's PRETEND, for a living? What in the living hell, are YOU, talking to AMERICA?? STFU and go back to turning green, K?

  20. No!!! He's not a good actor. No, he's not pretty face and he's a communist

  21. Mark ruffo's best representation of his work is when he played gomer Pyle

  22. Public schools fail to educate Mark. He's wrong. Absolutely.

  23. He should give away his money!

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