Monday , January 25 2021
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‘Mass transportation fear is very real’: Advance Auto Parts CEO

Advance Auto Parts CEO and President Tom Greco says the financial hit from the coronavirus has led many to buy used cars instead of new ones and are spending more on DIY auto repair. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Everyone from the city is moving to my suburb. They need a car out here. Don't screw up my town with your liberal garbage

  2. this stupid bi+ch is dumbfounded by
    people working on their own vehicles. lmao. she’ll pay $30 to have a tail light replaced.

  3. The Right To Repair should be Absolute!!!

  4. Who here has ever been sold the wrong part from Advanced? I'm going to assume everyone.

  5. Just Curious?? Why is it that You cannot mention the name George Soros on FOX??

  6. tesla drivers are still a minority

  7. People are buying used vehicles because new vehicles are way over priced! Not cuz of pandemic.

  8. ….Would you trust an "auto associate" to install your car battery? (anyone who says "yes" obviously does not work on their own car……)

  9. Black list mass transit!! We atrnt cattle!! The car is America and a right of passage of freedom!!

  10. A silver lining to a very darkly clouded year.

  11. False, China asked for a global pandemic, in fact they started this Global pandemic

  12. These autopart stores will go bankrupt as people move to electric cars that don’t need this crap

  13. A lot of cities are working in laws to stop you from working on your car at HOME

  14. It's fun too get the kids in on it my kids learned 3 new words lol I'm sleeping in my truck now.

  15. Warren Buffett drives a car from the 90s because a new car is such a horrible investment.

  16. It's about money. The price of new vehicles is ridiculous. Many people will just keep driving their old cars and trucks.

  17. A lot of excellent reasons in the comment section for sure. One I didn’t see touched is that people want the “older” cars so they don’t have to be “traced” by new vehicles with the large iPad screens attached to the dashboards. Elon Musk is working to get cars fully electric and fully automated which in time means the govt will be able to monitor you always and control where you’re allowed to go. Once the west coast is all done burning, then it’ll be evacuation of the east coast. Then we get jammed into pack n stack housing where socialism and communism take over. It’s all part of Agenda 21. All of it. Don’t believe me? Look up Agenda 21 and Pelosi. SHE announced it to the world. Climate change was supposed to do this but it didn’t work. So while they still try it’s now only an ingredient to the final takeover. Look it up.

  18. He's way off. Just paper facts, not reality.

  19. Praying for a contested election for Nancy Pelosi will be President and sink these Capitalists once and for all.

  20. How has this woman survived

  21. She's never looked at her tires…

  22. Looks like more people taking advice from Dave Ramsey…

  23. Does this company sell used transmissions?

  24. Its not COVID is all these entitled punks riding public/mass transportation with their agendas that presents the higher risk for regular Americans.

  25. Have to wonder, if mass Over the Air Update electric Cars were in use in allot of these Hard Lock Down states would they have been Updated and limited to local travel only? …. 6 years ago I wouldn't never thought that, now when seeing business owners arrested and Looting go unchallenged…. idk

  26. You can tell she has led a sheltered life.

  27. New cars appear to be tin
    Like my old car made well and keeping it

  28. Fear is a very big fear. So be scared.

  29. Maybe it's the outrageous cost of new cars that affects the used car sales increase.

  30. So people are becoming smarter why is this man in is feelings

  31. Turn off the comments, this will get heated FOCS

  32. So at a time of high unemployment in the millions, car sales are up 🥱👍🙄

  33. Of course discount auto parts stores are reaping profits. Buy their made in China junk and you’ll be buying a replacement in 3 months.

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