Sunday , January 24 2021
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Massive Winter Storm Hits Northeast | NBC Nightly News

The biggest snowstorm in years is barreling across the Northeast with parts of 12 states expecting to see more than a foot of snow.
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Massive Winter Storm Hits Northeast | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Nor eastern….i loved jersey at these times… bank…beautiful…atlantic highlands…


  3. "This just in" It is snowing and it's winter

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  5. And some of that hail was really uncalled for. A shower of hail destroyed my entire kitchen roof. When I told my dad about it, he said " Now THAT was uncalled for."

  6. The snow is wet snow, worst than the dry snow !

  7. yup thats some massive snow storm… better shut down everything

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  9. Jealous! Hope we get a big blizzard here in the Midwest sometime soon so we can go sledding! 🛷

  10. I wish we had this in TN RIGHT NOW UGHHHHH

  11. I do hope that everyone is ok

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  13. .
    Trump's Win:
    Never Refuted. . . Only Ignored

  14. Really you call this a storm I remember when the snow was so bad that the plows weren't allow to drive… now as news anchor please stop fear mongering about weather for ratings. The boy who cried wolf 🐺 is a story you should read😒

  15. Send some of that snow our ways; you're more likely to find daffodils than see a single snowflake in our area…

  16. It’s a hoax. It’s a Dem conspiracy. Climate change is not real. Pollute coz ‘Freedom’. That cover it, you cretins?

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  18. OMGosh !! Stop stretching the taffy . This is a light storm compared to what we get . Come here to Park City Utah and see what a real massive snow storm is like .
    "" Best Snow On Earth '"

  19. I hope everyone has enough money to keep their heat on! Every year we hear about old folks freezing to death because they can't afford to heat even one room of their homes! We hear about fires killing whole families! We hear about carbon monoxide poisoning! This year will be multiplied because our elected leaders from the president and the leader of the Senate ! God rest the souls of those lost in addition to those lost to co vid!

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