Matchday LIVE: CWC23 Final – Australia win 6th Men’s ODI World Cup crown

Anil Kumble and Tom Moody join Raunak Kapoor to look back as Australia defeat hosts India by 6 wickets in Ahmedabad to clinch a record-extending 6th Men’s ODI World Cup title


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  1. My 2 cents on the loss:

    1. When you try to influence or tamper the pitch to your convenience ultimately it comes to bite you. They tried in semis too by using a used surface which would potentially reduce inpact of NZ quicks and increase spinners chances. However the wankhede despite being a used pitch still offered plenty of runs. In final if they had prepared a batting deck, they would have been more fearful of Head, Marsh, Warner taking away the game, so again they tried dry surface but ultimately it was they who came out sluggish and were streamrolled. I doubt even on flat pitch india would have won. As top 3 aus could have caused more damage. But we would never know

    2. Rohit dismissal and approach. Like the rest of india i too loved rphit for his selfless approach throughout. But today was the day he could have tweaked his approach. He did the hard work scored 40 odd quickly but threw his wkt away even when gill was dismissed cheaply. He left too much without knowing how they will fare. In t20 match 47 of 30 would have been perfect but odi you need lot more

  2. India should only play IPL!!!.. its ridiculous for highest population and popularity cannot win WCs or test series, start boycotting regular cricket

  3. Why have we got a constantly distracting car ad in the background??

  4. India celebrated way too early.Even the media was boasting too much. This final will disappear from few channels w.e.f today😂

  5. For all the media hype about King Kohli and his 49 hundreds, Travis Head is the real King. He was the man of the match earlier this year when Australia won the world test championship and he was the man of the match again in the final yesterday.

  6. Why Shami wasn't given man of the series ?

  7. Please save the NaMo stadium for things like Trump Visit and not for actual cricket matches let alone a world cup final.

    This pitch was a joke, the toss win/loss decided a big part of the outcome because of the pitch bias.

    Also a reality check for cocky Indian fans who totally threw humility out of the gates long time back.

  8. Indians are obsessed with making everyone a god. All other teams play with cricket players but India plays with super stars who are more concerned by the shape of their beard than anything else. Maybe some teams give value to your stars and the amount of money they earn but for Australia your players are just some players. Nothing special. That is why they dismiss your team and your players and treat them like club cricketers.

  9. India humbled. A much needed treatment to bring them back to earth. This trauma will stay in their mind for ages now. Losing WC final at home. In front of Modi in Nrendra Modi stadium after all the shinanigans and air show. Australia defeated an entire nation high on frenzy.

  10. Why then were all the Indian cricket pundits stating that it was a win toss/bat first decision?? It was quite evident from previous match at Ahmedabad that dew and conditions would make batting second would be easier. Why then was Rohit also thinking to bat first?! Makes no sense to me.
    secondly, KL , SKY and Jaddu played 60 dot balls – ie 10 maiden overs. Even a 70 strike rate with singles would've added 40 more runs. I think they just froze under pressure!

  11. Respect to Indian Cricket , We seemed more relaxed than India , Ground fielding was a key for us ,

  12. Great final 👏 worth watching 🎉

  13. Indian team snubbed Australia celebrations ??? So disrespectful India 😮

  14. History remembers only the WINNERS, and the Indian cricket team, or I would say the BCCI cricket team's name, will be remembered as LOSERS/CHOKERS.

    50 tons milestone… Infinity ODI runs, Infinity bilateral series champion… All these stats will fade away. No one will remember.
    This BCCI team is only playing for money and personal stats. Sadly for them it is just a game..

    Well Played Australian cricket team..!

  15. Surya Kumar put India under massive pressure as he didn't deliver even in a single match. Labelled as 360 player and hyped than the legend AB de Villiers but he delivered nothing and his shot selections were LKG school boys cricket, simply trying to hit by not recognising the ball speed is ridiculous. He took singles in first and second ball and rotating with tail enders is no brain cricket. He is not an international player but IPL player. Never should be allowed to play in Indian jersey. Kumble said Shreyas contributed well in middle order so far and there is no other batters had guts to hit 4s and 6s.

  16. People who blame kohli and KL was a big Joke ….why dont u question the people gill, rohit who got out playing reckless shot and team was already struggling at 80 for 3 😮..
    Had KL and Kohli decided to play till atleast 35 to 40 overs coz they know once one wicket fall, then our unreliable
    Ipl/ T20 bullies 1. jadeja (not been on best of form recently and harldy any match winning innimgs like he is doing for csk often )
    2.Sky (do i need to him say about his odi records ) will come ..
    And there will panic everywhere..

    Unfortunately kohli got out at wrong time and our lower order exposed

  17. Tell me something guys. For a big event like the SEMIS or FINALS, why did we play on an USED pitch ? Why did we not play on a FRESH pitch ?

    ICC should start to mandate that…

    In the IT world, there is a big difference to a MAJOR release vs. PATCH release. Reason I am correlating is, why would you play a big game like the FINALS on an used pitch with some patch work ?

    Team India got away at Wankhade as the pitch played the same for 100 overs (so even-stevens for both teams).

    At Ahmedabad, you already knew there is a temperature drop in the evening which means less moisture in the air and cooler conditions/dew would make batting easier.

    Like digging our own grave, we play on an used patched up pitch and we all saw how it was playing in the afternoon, ball was not coming on to the bat at all.

    Had we batted first on a fresh pitch, I am sure we could have posted a decent score to defend. I doubt if the ball would have reversed also that much. Even assuming Oz batted first on a fresh pitch, conditions and pitch wise it would have been even-stevens.

    Adding fuel to fire was all this hum-buck batsmen who failed to deliver and support our captain (Gill in particular at his fav. venue, Iyer when needed failed, at least he played well in semis,

    and the so called X-factor SKY, disappointed with JADDU the batsmen and KLR for absolutely showing no intent in the middle). All these batsmen let Rohit down.

    Rohit himself with Gill gone, should have taken a calculated approach also. He got a 6 and 4 for that over and he could have played it safe. I was expecting him to stay at the crease for at least 30 overs with Gill exiting early and play like he did against England. Anyways can't really fault the SENIORS (ROKO) as they did lead by example and to win 10/10 is a remarkable achievement and new benchmark for teams to follow.

    Tactically looking at it, the pitch that we played seemed to be the DEMON for us.

    I remember Mr. Ravi Shastri saying – if we miss to win this World Cup, it will take another 15 years .

    So GOD BLESS ALL of us to LIVE THAT LONG and also give the strength to bear these kind of losses.

    2003 Finals – same frustration/result and after 20 yrs in 2023 Finals – it is even double frustration (WTC Finals loss in June 2023 / ODI World Cup Finals loss in Nov 2023)

    in another 15 to 20 years also – nothing would change. We dumb fans need to learn to deal and adapt our mindsets that TEAM INDIA are also CHOKERS in FINALS especially against Oz.

    To finish on a lighter note : India – Australia signed the Friendship treaty and this is the third ICC World Cup title, we have gracefully gifted to our FRIENDS in the last 20 years.

    So we have taken the FRIENDSHIP to NEXT LEVEL, well done and Thank you TEAM INDIA 🙏

  18. Champions win when it matters.

  19. This is fair match.beacuse they failed to cheat this match.

  20. Replace rahul with samson or rishab pant

  21. Anyone who says the pitch is worthy of WC final is telling lies

  22. Australia, real champions, India? chokers.

  23. Australia playing in India and that too with India and that too in world cup final with India in it own condition which normally goes in India favour..
    It would have been fine if India would have lost in other country but Australia defeating IND in its own country what can be more satisfying for Australia cricket team this this ..
    Australia will always cherish this world cup because defeating IND in its own country is not easy and that too in world cup in front of more than 1lake Indian cricket fans..
    India may be thinking of taking revenge in upcoming Odi match or bilateral series but nothing is more satisfying than defeating IND in its own country that too in world cup final that too in India.
    IND has been playing great cricket since many years but India is good only in winning Odi match or bilateral series , even if India win all the Odi match,as time passes every one will forget but when it comes to Australia they play very well we have seen it since Afghanistan game they played very well..
    After all big titles matters no one will remember how many ODI or bilateral series India has won but definitely we all will remember World Cup titles.
    We remember Pakistan has won 1 world cup title, IND 2 world cup and Australia 6 world cup title and number itself say a lot.
    We Indians make fun of others teams like Australia, Pakistan and underestimate and take pride but what now for India team should we just be satisfied with winning odi matches or bilateral series.
    Australia are underdog of Cricket 6 world cup title no cricket team stand near Australia team..they outplayed Indian team in the final that too in its own home.
    Congratulations Australia 🦘

  24. Indians were 100 runs below par on that pitch.

  25. MS Dhoni needs to be involved with the team management going forward. This cycle needs to be broken.

  26. What a garbage pitch, sack the curator, sack the coach and all the technically difficult deficient batsmen.

  27. It was a tactical masterclass with the ball after winning the toss and fielding (against conventional wisdom) to restrict this Ind batting line up to a sub par 240… then an abs masterpiece from heady (ably supported by marn) to secure a 6th CWC title and more importantly “THE DOUBLE”… it’s Australia doing Australia things maaaaate… CMON!