Saturday , January 22 2022
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Mathematically impossible to fund the left’s agenda: Griffith

Heritage Foundation research fellow Joel Griffith on the costs of the 2020 Democrats’ proposals.

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  1. We could always cut corporate welfare just saying

  2. Comrade Bernie is in the wrong political party !!! There is a Democratic Socialist Party and Bernie should be kicked out of the Democrats.

  3. If the government gave everything free then why would there be a need to work? Then where would the government get it's money to continue paying for everything?

  4. People still able should move to a royal community and start growing their own food and be more self sufficient. Look into ways to do more with less.

  5. Democrats gave America away to other countries along time ago.

  6. The UBI proposal isn’t funded by the “rich” or the middle class as these clueless reporters are reporting. It's paid via Value-added Tax in the same manner the deep red state of Alaska is doing with their petroleum tax and like Colorado’s Marijuana tax to fund Universal Medicare. Except the UBI is predicated by Tech Titans.

    G’s talk about pushing an agenda. These fox40 puppets are robots reading from a script

  7. “FAKE NEWS” as #45 would say. Universal Basic Income is paid by the VAT (Value Added Tax). Alaska (Deep Red State) implements this “SOCIALIST” concept as you uninformed commentators like to say for Alaskan residents with their ‘Permanent Fund’ via petroleum dividends.

    The one being proposed by DN Andrew Yang is paid by taxes on the value added by Tech Titans e.g. Amazon purchases, Facebook Ad’s, Google Search etc.

    Now do the MATH on a small margin of the 283 Billion dollars profited by Amazon alone last year and tell me what you get? Why does it make sense? Have you noticed your local shopping malls constantly closing stores? Why do you think that is??? You guessed it: Amazon.

    Projections show millions of jobs are being displaced via automation within the next 10 years leaving Americans jobless. Self-driving cars, trucks, manufacturing jobs etc.

  8. Lol. Hey the money is going to begin falling everywhere! So delusional! Don’t vote for delusional people! Just another scam ! TRUMP/PENCE 2020🇺🇸

  9. In Germany, low income earners pay income taxes too! As well as 18% sales tax.

  10. Funny how they don't even consider for even a single second taking the money from the trillions in government waste, and the trillions in blood money given out to the military industrial complex and the multi-billion-dollar corporate welfare handouts. They inevitably and immediately start looking at the little guy to see what he has. These are sick people!

  11. All they need to do is subsidize housing only and that's it. thet could keep most of the handouts, its easy

  12. Watch “Atlas Shrugged” 1,2,3 on Amazon Prime. It’s the plan for the current activity of the left.

  13. This proves that the Democrats are nuts aka crazy idiots and should be lock up in the nut House.😵

  14. AOC's solution to there not being enough money to fund her socialist, free everything program – is to just print more money.

  15. Tax the rich job providers they ll leave the country or shutter their businesses idiotic but maybe completely destroyed middle class is what they’re going for to rule over us all

  16. I just received the notification for this video. 2 days after it come out. Anyone still think Youtube isn't manipulating notifications?

  17. we have a central bank with unlimited issue power,, We can fund anything we want thru simple appropriations, How do you think they fund endless wars and thousands of military bases around the world?. The money is simply appropriated and created out of thin air.

  18. Exactly.. Id rather the president spend more than $120,000,000 on golf and paying his whores off.

  19. Medicare for all can be paid for with increased taxes and would actually cost less than the system we have now. Replacing the insurance companies would help Americans save money, so they don't have to pay premiums, co-payments and deductions. The average American will save money.

    We can eliminate student loans by bailing out students, just like we bailed out wall street. Except we tax wall street speculation which should pay for the loan debt. If you pay off the loan debt, there's capital the students can now spend and put back into the economy.

    Currently, college tuition cost $70 billion. Students right now are responsible for 30% Sanders plan provides $47 billion from the federal government for undergraduate and 4 year public colleges and universities and the rest is paid by states. A good chunk of that money imo can easily come out of our military budget which is $693 billion.

    The first 3 are much more simple

    Now for The UBI and Green New Deal holds a lot of nuance.

    UBI would have to have more discussion on whether it would include existing benefits or not, whether there's specific requirements to receive the monthly check, 18 to 65 year old would qualify for UBI. Estimates it would potentially cost $3.8 Trillion yearly depending on inclusions. It's more likely that price tag would only be paid off partially, however it would be anticipated the money being put in ppl's hands could spur economic growth, or at least it should. UBI isn't a new concept btw, it's been an idea for decades. It should at least be a disccusion because it is inevitable that automation will take over displacing millions of workers.

    The Green New Deal isn't a new idea either. Actually it's very similar to Jill Stein's Green new deal which didn't have so much controversy, but Jill Stein got the idea from Roosevelt's New Deal except it combines it with energy efficiency as public works. The Green new deal is more of a concept and a price tag is pretty difficult to put on it. For the most part, the infrastructure would be green. It's more feasible without a time limit. It's possible if given 30-40 years, 10 years seems almost unfathomable tbh. However, I do agree we should initiate the green new deal. A republican, yes a republican Mayor in Texas transitioned a town to 100% renewable energy. It's cost efficient and provided jobs. It's economically the better choice in fact.

  20. I can promise all they want but there's no way they're going to give anybody anything I always promised I never keep your promises I can't because it knows it was destroyed the world where you at 6 Trump promised to do what he said he said have you done it worst man in history has ever done it come to man

  21. The acoustics are really good inside this echo chamber.

  22. Trump promised to erase 19 trillion dollars of debt and managed to add 1.3 trillion more.

  23. Why's Amazon not paying taxes? when other corporations are?

  24. Why would you want to vote for fools that want to take tax payers money to give ILLEGALS everything for free..bloody disgraceful love how the democrats want to take care of them before their own people first

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