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Matt Lauer accused of rape by former producer l ABC News

An excerpt of Ronan Farrow’s new book “Catch and Kill” details an on-the-record accusation of rape against Lauer from a producer who worked with him at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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  1. Ugh i hate to say this but i believe him. Why would you go to his hotel room the 2nd time or even continue a relationship with a man who alledgely raped you? Common! It's matt lauer giving you attention and i'm sure she was flattered by the attention. sorry but we need to look at text mesages to see if there were mixed messages she was giving him. We need and should look at both sides of the story

  2. So we going to ignore she willingly went back and had several more sexual relations with him? #metoowill lie for money.
    Kinda disappointed that you women do not call out these inconsistencies

  3. He put it in her no no hole 😍😍😍, like a good slut she took the sausage.


  5. It's sound that this lady is lying… But all well. The only one that know the truth is our creator in heaven.

  6. That dick was so painful in her backdoor she went for more.

  7. Men are really fu$k up. If you're gonna cheat on your wife make sure she is hotter at least.

  8. ABC News I really don't like Matt Lauer but I always thought it was innocent until proven guilty, how as a woman do you continue a relationship with the guy you said raped you

  9. And she loved every minute of it.

  10. HELLO!! A woman who is prone to drink too much, should take responsibility to prevent that from happening, especially knowing she is not in control when this happens. Going to a guy’s hotel room is going to his bedroom. To go twice is sending a message. Rape is a serious incident for a woman and a serious allegation for a man. But to continue seeing a man for sex and claiming rape, in this case a married man, is not believable for me. This incident will always jeopardize a woman’s claim of rape in the future. Sad.

  11. The court of public opinion is muddier, more debris filled than the mighty Mississippi after a flood. One thing is measurable, certain and troubling; she is making a fortune as a resulting allegations. It's very disturbing in either case. The truth is often somewhere in between both accounts.

  12. Matt is a predator. This creep needs to be locked up for life

  13. Why the hell did she go in to his room!!! Then why did she have an affair with Matt!!!

  14. Women know they can work the system–get sympathy, get believed over the man, so they just abuse the system.

  15. Matt the exposed creep but falsehoods with payday in mind will continue to come after him. Glad I am celibate and spent most of my life mastrubating .

  16. She was raped by him, but continued to bang him after? Silly Ho.

  17. I under brooke n was drunk and he raped her, I condemn that. BUT why did she continue to be an extramarital affair behind his wife's back at work. Who has continously sexual relations w their rapist voluntarily after the rape. This chick is an opportunist and she used him too. Facts. She is a homewrecker too.

  18. Really sad all the way around, these are people who are suppose to be educated, have a step up in life , can make a difference in the world , and this is what they make of it.. sad



  21. A woman can accuse a man of rape, destroy his career and life and everyone believes her without any evidence or collaboration. Even when she continue an affair with the man and try contacting him after the break up. Why would a woman continue to pursue a man she says rape her? She said she was doing it as transactional to save her career when she didn’t even work for him or for NBC. And people really believe her story???? I don’t believe her, she’s just trying to profit off a book. Sad what America has become. I can’t believe those women on the today show wanted to cry for this bullshit story, I bet they probably just wanted to appeal to their audience, all for ratings, no one has the balls to call this for what it is because they all afraid to get attack by #MeToo.

  22. Isn't that Cesar from Hunger Games?

  23. Kind of funny how Lauer’s female ex-coworkers are supporting the female accuser. Yep, I think Lauer is one of them creepy sexual predators. Lauer’s comments and body language seems to have “guilt” all over this story……

  24. Jeffrey Epstein. Harvey Weinstein. Matt Lauer are God's chosen people? Haven't these poor Jews been to enough without you Nazis further persecuting them?

  25. This sounds fake as shit🙄

  26. Not sure why this chick is waiting 6 years after the said allegations. She's a grown woman with a voice. Shame on HER. How was that decision to continue to visit his hotel room? She's an idiot! Dont believe the charges whatsoever…

  27. Farrow Book Alleges That Weinstein Used Matt Lauer As Leverage to Kill NBC Story – Money Is A Friend With Benefits.

  28. This is BULLSHIT!

    Sounds like how most relationships start. What a bitter bitch.

    I love how women think they can ruin someone's career over false statements.

    If someone isn't interested they ignore you. This women seeked out other opportunities to see Matt. If I'm not interested in someone I don't lead them on. I'm a guy!

    I just don't understand how people take shit like this serious.

  29. NEVER trust a wholesome tv personality wearing a sweater. Cosby, Lauer. Coincidence I think not!.

  30. Rape….Then Consensual sex ?…Sounds like she forgave him even if it were rape… 🤷🏽‍♂️

  31. You get raped but then go on to have an affair with the married guy who did it. Very weird.

  32. Insert Tom Cruise’s laughing face

  33. THINGS that make you go…hummmmmm. hurt so GOOD! Put that on a t shirt! I'd buy that for a dollar!! HAHAHA!

  34. Start saving up for sex dolls guys.
    Because Sex is gonna be redefined to RAPE.

  35. The more this happens, the less I believe women get raped.
    Read that twice. Its sad

  36. So Matt pounded it out from behind. How can millions of gays be wrong?

  37. He will probably get away with it since democrats ruined rape with Kavanaugh

  38. People don't understand the manipulation side of these types of interactions. She was probably in awe of his celebrity and flattered by his attention HE WAS GROOMING and manipulating her just like a pedophile grooms and manipulates a child. He targeted her. And then that manipulation made her go back. Think about all the women that stay in abusive relationships even though they know it's wrong. Think about all the women who let men beat them and they keep going back. This guy's a serial cheater and manipulator of female co-workers. This gal was not the first or last he did this to. He's the morning TV Harvey Weinstein. Look at all the successful actresses who let Harvey Weinstein mistreat them for years. These are complicated, psychological interactions. She might not have even understood that she was being raped, manipulated, harassed, etc. until she processed it for a while.

  39. So Matt pushed het on the bed (why are they both in his room) fliped her over and a$$ f–ked. She asked is this normal? It happened multiple times.

  40. So a rape victim likes it so much she wants more????🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Eva can rape me all day long though!

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