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Matt Lauer fights back against rape accusation l ABC News

The former “Today” anchor fired off a blistering letter categorically denying the accusation from a former NBC staffer who spoke out in Ronan Farrow’s new book.

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  1. Nevils sounds like an angry whore.
    Free Lauer!

  2. She just mad she didn't go up higher up at NBC after taking it in the pooper 🤣

  3. Sorry, but I think she's full of shit. He raped you, so you continued to go back & have more encounters with him??? Yeah, right. She saw dollar signs. And she got away with it!!!

  4. Hey Matt, if you are so concerned about protecting your kids, here's an idea:
    Try not committing adultery in the first place, idiot.

    As for the complaining, accusing bimbo, sorry to shame your shameful @$$, but here's an idea:
    Try not phuqing married men.

  5. "A credible young woman of good character." Lol, she fucked a married man multiple times. She is exactly the opposite of a credible young woman of good character. Lauer is a garbage human being, and so is she.

  6. "A good woman with good character"
    Sleeps with a married man
    Fuck outta here!!

  7. Ashamed of these comments. Smh Ronan is a credited journalist and Wienstien. is trash. Many NDA with Lauer too. Shame on y'all for advocating rape!! What do you think NDA are?? You think just cause someone has money it allows them to assault women using THEIR JOBS?? Y'all are trash too.

  8. She claims he is victim blaming her?? Uh how, is he victim blaming you, quit using the buzzword of the moment because what you describe does not entail a shred of what real victim blaming is.. she’s a home wrecker.

  9. In this country we are INNOCENT till PROVED guilty. I don't know if it happened or not but it is his word against hers. She admits to what sounds to me like drunk or very close. She kept on after him??? Now we are ruining his rep, lost his job, and we have no idea who is right or wrong. I just think this stuff is going to far. Any woman can say anything she wants and we go on auto pilot and say she's telling the truth? This is getting ridiculous.

  10. why is she going to a marry man’s hotel room ..bullshit

  11. journalism is dead. They did the same thing to michael jackson. Look at both sides you morons.

  12. Matt pushed her shit in. 😆
    Big time!!

  13. Another sick demented person who thinks they can use there so called power to take advantage of another human being. Whether intoxicated or not she didm't give consent to Matt Laeu's rape. Put him away.

  14. The media REALLY wants you to favor her side of the story over his. This isn't journalism. This is political propaganda. F*** you MSM, why don't you actually try using your BRAINS before taking sides? Oh that's right, because you DON'T HAVE ANY.

  15. Look how fuckin ugly that lady looks she reminds me of MR ED with those huge ass teeth like she's Mrs Beaver! No wonder Matt took her in the rear for the fear of being bitten by those chompers

  16. claiming it's consensual means he's guilty. HE IS A RAPIST! and ABC news reporters are nothing more than PAID LIARS!

  17. Why is the news media trying to defend a rapist?

  18. How the fuck were you drunk and remember refusing. Bitch please.

  19. The lady was having an affair with a famous, wealthy man who is married with kids .. this is “good character”? I am glad to see Matt defending himself if he truly believes the accusation is false.

  20. It sounds like the girl was hurt because he was having fun with a new toy. But his mistake for having affairs .

  21. She goes to trial she will embarrased herself .i do not believe her she went back to him few times come on.

  22. So we right books about rape now vs going to the police 🤔 sounds about right……. Naw!!!!

  23. I can’t believe at my local Halloween store carries a Matt Laur Halloween mask. Now, I can see why the manufacturers made these masks. 🤔

  24. Well, the MeTo movement, is about" Believing everything a woman says. " I suppose we are to assume that "woman never lie, Golddiggers are a myth, and scorned woman accept rejection easily?

    Just my opinion, but this doesn't seem to have much basis in reality

  25. Remember always believe the woman

  26. "A credible young woman of good character"?, who just happened to commit adultery a few time with a man of means, now she's discovered that her body parts are worth a mint. And, how many other "rapist" did she have affairs with?

  27. Family is everything don't failures.

  28. As much as Matt Lauer is probably a douchbag I am going to have to say the rape claim is so f'cked up. How many times do you have sex with someone before it becomes consensual. Is Matt Lauer supposed to only have sex with a women who has an equally important position because if the woman is not as important it's considered rape? It's one thing for the woman to say the guy raped her the first time but she kept having f'cking sex with the guy! This truly is inanity!

  29. Why didn't this come up a long time ago or even 2 years ago when the other accusations came out against him?

  30. If guys gonna cheat at least make sure she is wayyyy hotter than the one you are cheating on! SMH

  31. The truth will set you free…

  32. She had sex with him for so long. Why all of a sudden? Just asking..and wondering….

  33. Yet she still had sex with him after he raped her in Sochi.

  34. Too drunk to consent & also remembers she said ‘no’ numerous times, which means she had the knowledge of non-consent. Which one is it?.

  35. Ladies and gentleman, the rapist.

  36. Just a white being a WHITE.


  37. Let's face it. The elephant in the room is:
    "Eew…Matt Lauer likes anal sex?" 🐘🍆🍩

  38. She got raped and went back for seconds and thirds. Right. Folks, these are allegations, not proven facts. I wasn't there so I don't know, but if you go back and willingly bang your "rapist" again, really? Get the fuck outta my face with that bullshit. I could allege that he raped me too. Doesn't make it true.
    You know, these feminsts that are immediately trying to crucify the guy always scream that if women ruled the world, there would be no wars. Apparently there would be no due process either.
    As a network that has to pander to the lowest common denominator, they decide to shit on this guy's life to keep advertising profits.
    Have you seen her face? She would be lucky if any man even breathed in her direction. Gross.

  39. If someone rapes you, why would you start a a sexual relationship with them instead of going to the police? Make it make since.

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