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  1. All he did wrong was cheat

  2. Dont believe anyone coming out with a book

  3. Married Lauer had a lock installed in his office to lock women in and have sex with them. Not normal. Lauer is a sociopath. I believe the woman.

  4. This just sounds messed up on so many levels

  5. She was begging him to rape her anus again. That means he did a good job raping her anus the first time. .. That sounds like he's bragging about it, again.

  6. Matt Lauer The Butt Pirate!

  7. Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?! He's Buttfucking The Intern.

  8. He did it and she was traumatized. If you understand trauma and abuse, the above goes without saying.

  9. I guess, any man has to be very careful now, since women are believed even years later although they admit to have consensual sex. It is quite frightening.

  10. The left are starting to turn on their own…. 🤔

  11. Oh really just because you have a relationship with a women does not mean you can rape her when ever you want. So his answer is ridiculous! Having the over the top pay he received made him think he had power over women.

  12. They need to send that Rapist Mutt Lauer to prison! Thank god he is gone! He is not only a Rapist, but he has completely embarassed himself and HIS Children! Horny bastard needs his damn balls cut off.

  13. I don't believe these bitches

  14. it's a shame that some women have a hard time saying no or either feel guilty about saying no so they have sex and then it makes them feel so dirty and shameful for years and years that they finally come out later and say it was and I only say this because a very good friend of mine did the same thing

  15. Here is a tip, don't commit adultery.

  16. Ann Curry you ought to be kidding….

  17. Isn't this the second time he's done this? A preatore what a sick ass. I hope he loses his job. If he can't keep his pecker in his pants, he needs to lose it

  18. Hey Savannah! The man you Worshipped is a criminal PIG!! Wake Up!! This ain’t a Sorority, honey!! And he NEVER liked you! He’s a MASTER of Disguises…You got DUPED like many others, including his wife!!!

  19. If it was rape and extremely painful, she'd have been doing a hell of a lot more than sniffling into a pillow. She'd have been kicking, fighting and screaming bloody murder till the cops arrived. Or is that just me? Or gone to the cops immediately thereafter. Otherwise, unless you're a young, innocent kid, no one will buy your rape claim, especially in New York. People know the score in New York.

  20. What pisses me off about men like Matt Lauer is that they don’t see themselves as predators. They don’t see how their behavior makes women down overtime and turns them into people who wouldn’t otherwise be. That is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  21. Breaking news today.
    The demand for consenting sex robots skyrockets. Stay tuned…

  22. That's bull shit. You do not go back to a rapist for more Willingly. It just do no add up

  23. He should file a lawsuit against her for defamation if it’s not true. Yes we should believe when allegations are made but there are gonna be people who lie too and with this story I’m not believing this woman because she kept the affair going.

  24. As a woman who was walked through the nightmare of sexual abuse from the age of 5 through my teen years, I stand with Matt and I am sick of women exploiting the REAL pain and trauma that I have walked through for 2 seconds of fame. We must stop false accusations from gaining momentum. Real lives are getting destroyed. We must protect all victims, including those who are falsely accused. The #Metoo movement and rape culture has more to do with victim claiming than victim blaming.

  25. NBC tried the to bury Ronan Farrow’s reporting on Harvey Weinstein and the flood gates opened about Matt Lauer and a whole bunch of other men.

  26. Lauer should have read some Shakespeare. He was a smug little sob…

  27. These women have nothing to say but yet they rep Matt Lauer apart! So don't start off with you have nothing to say you do have something to say! Let's worry about the woman who gets raped or the daughter child who gets raped and isn't writing a bucket has a million-dollar book deal who basically has nothing nobody gives a shit about her and the News doesn't give a shit about her nobody does! But for some reason we jump on the bandwagon to some lady who has no evidence and they did Matt Lauer and then have sex with them! And a woman or male can be raped by their boyfriend or girlfriend your friend it does happen just cuz you have sex with someone doesn't mean you can't rape them I get that! If these tap 21 that dont have to prove anything! These companies need to quit hiding behind it and ruining men's lives because most of them are not Lauer they're not famous they don't have money so when they get fired from their job and you can't fight it because tap 21 says they don't have to prove it something is wrong! And the companies like it's better to fire the guy even if he's innocent because what if he's not and something happens will get sued! And with tap 21 we're protected so we can fire anybody for anything and they can't do one damn thing about it! They don't even need to know who their accuser is they can just hide behind what they say doesn't have to be proof and if they lie and if it's proven they lie still a fact because the woman said it so it's a fact that counts against the accused. Unless something's happen to someone you now or are you you have nothing to say about this issue nothing two shut the fuck up! When it happens to your son or your husband can they didn't do it then I want to hear you talk about it! What about the women that get raped every day the person goes to jail for it has anybody talked about them this lady writing a book isn't doing anything for those women she's taking advantage of a situation! And if he raped her he deserves to go to jail but prove it first don't just assume he's guilty because he was older and he had power you can have power over her! she has the power she has the power to say no I'm not going to have sex with you to move up fire me I will take you to court! Women actresses hair coming out to say things about these guys that own the production companies and all that have all this money you have the power to say no if you got to sleep with someone to get the job and you obviously aren't good enough to have the job! Lots of women don't sleep with men to get jobs they walk away and they don't take the job and you choose to take the job and do that then that's on you you use your power to get the job! I'm not the best writer not expressing myself out great but you know what there's a lot of men getting screwed over by these fucking women you are lying and if you're not lying things are getting reported about people and Commander losing their jobs when they're not even being proven guilty! If a man is guilty put them in jail prove it

  28. Women are only human beings when they are your daughter?

  29. OOHHH look at how he looks Katie Couric up and down and up and down and up and down the first time he works with her

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