Mayorkas makes bombshell admission on the US border crisis

Sen. James Lankford, R.-Okla., discusses the nationwide rise in antisemitism on college campuses, the House of Representative’s upcoming vote on the Israel-only aid bill, and the border crisis. #foxbusiness

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  1. Why is he commented on labor needs?! Thats not Mayorkoras business.

  2. Zelensky is corruption it self .

  3. The "Biden Administration" has failed Americans, and the refugees who deserve to be here. Most of these people do NOT qualify as refugees and in time WE will pay a price. What is going on at the border is just wrong…

  4. More tax payers money for the border means more benefits for illegal immigrants. NO NO NO

  5. Medium class economy is gone thank you Joe

  6. It's time to say that the American people that pay the taxes has paid for all the corruption around the world and it's really sad to see that the world is so rich and we are so daggone poor

  7. The saddest part is there will be NO JUSTICE, AND NO ANSWERS once bidens outta office everyone will shrug this off like nothing happened til the worst hits us.

  8. Remove every Palestinian from America before it's too late.

  9. Mayorkas is a traitor worthy of GADAFFI treatment

  10. Department of education is a joke

  11. Crazy people stealing this country blind .

  12. American people and legal immigrants we need to begin a movement to say no more illegals into the country.
    If not why do we have laws???
    How do we do this?
    Call our politicians?
    I have done so.
    Petition ?
    We need all illegals sent back come in legally!!
    Find the dang children missing.
    We do not need talk we need action!
    We have seen this every since the Biden administration has taken over.
    We need some educated, vocal law abiding people.
    You want to find the children?
    Get some divorced woman that have been cheated on.
    The best information finding people I know.

  13. Stop being afraid to tell the truth everything they done none has been hidden evil but JESUS

  14. Read your Bible this evil is in it those who sow in evil you are going to reap that you have sow in JESUS name amen amen amen

  15. Joe biden still laudry money that why he want send money to ukraine


  17. He is doing exactly what the Biden puppet masters want done