Friday , November 27 2020
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McAleenan leaves immigration conference due to protesters

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan attempted to deliver a keynote speech three times before leaving due to protesters at Georgetown Law’s 16th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference.

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  1. So you win your argument by not hearing an opposing side? Seems like university material. All of those students should've been expelled, not for any violence, but for idiocy. You're too dumb to attend this university.

  2. If they done a bit of Honest research, they would find out there Messiah " obama" was the one who had those cages built and was the one who started the program, ….if any American who gets arrested and has kids in there house or car and there's no one to look after them, they will also be separated from there parents
    Where's the outcry for that process ? This is only a way of attacking the President administration, bye not having dialogue, these idiots end up getting there information from CNN, MSNBC, and there Bias
    They had a real chance to ask the questions they want answers too, but ruined it for everyone
    This is what the Left ideas , policy's, do ….it ends up eating its self ……all this caring for the immigrants who refuse to enter America the proper way, but pay money to break in ……they should be angry at the Politicians who are the ones who make the Laws, this guy was only doing his job
    Attack the people who can change them then

  3. Protest over free speech who suffers, free speech does. They praise these protestors but in doing they are praising censorship and not free speech. They are Dems and Leftist Liberals known as Socialist/Communist. It's what they do use rights only for them not for all.

  4. Can't even Ave a conversation thanks to Leftist Liberals that now call themselves Democratic Socialist, thanks a lot, free speech is dying, does America even care is my question……

  5. I think anyone that doesn't want ice is a illegal us Americans stand with ice I feel we need to come down even harder imma make sure I report all illegals to ice even if I think they are illegal 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. What are colleges becoming ….what are the parents paying for and the tax payers ….its awful Indoctrinated young people listening to the wrong voices

  7. Congratulations!

    You have pissed off the American Electorate off So badly that we have Elected Donald Trump!

    You Actions will cause the largest landslide in US History!

    Do ENJOY 4 more years of The Same!

    Think ya butt hurts now!

    Just wait………

  8. We Should be So ASHAMED that we ALLOW this type of behaviour from foreign invaders!

  9. I have even more respect for Mc Aleenan now. Trump should put him up for DHS sec can see the man doesn't take crap.

  10. They should have kicked them and arrested them.We have the right to our freedom of speech.They came to interrupt it!

  11. Georgetown Law? Don't you mean the C_A marxist Law School where they train you and brainwash them to become new little leaders of Communism? Close the schools down! Tired of Marxist Crap in all our schools!!!

  12. Very Uncivil actions shout out to disrupt everyone ears.

  13. Weak leadership, shameful

  14. well that's another hundred thousand voting for trump. keep it up, dems!

  15. Who let the dogs out?

  16. When these idiots are under attack. What do we do? SIT BACK AND RELAX. SIT BACK AND RELAX!

  17. Yeah, Berta said what I was going to say so…yeah. Lol! J/K, well spoken @Berta Bragg

  18. The crowd should have heeded those people. They should have stood up and fought back against those attacking the Democracy.

  19. What do you do?
    Go F yourself………..

  20. 'The Left' fear the truth. 'The Left' is immature and rude. They are childish in a demented way. Hey Commie try Cuba.

  21. The organisers are utterly weak and pathetic.
    She should have had them physically ejected. How did they allow them in with banners anyhow.

  22. They called out Kevin's bs and his hate for America as they should have.

  23. So I've read the summary of the video and prefer not to watch the side leftist crybabies


  25. Why weren't those disruptive protestors thrown out? We have a right to be heard, and we have to stand up for ourselves instead of just taking their garbage. Let them protest all they want in the street, or in overnight cells.

  26. Start arresting and Tifa and working with ice and they’ll be a reason to discuss the real problems

  27. As long as the police are in league with antifa And against ice there’s no reason to talk nothing can ever be heard

  28. Cops answer to themselves there can be no dialogue

  29. useless old fool why is she in charge of anything

  30. Do the protesters think this was successful? No dialog. No advancement of their agenda, no questions, no giving their side of the story. Good work at keeping yourselves in the dark and on the extreme nut case side of the coin, in my eyes. You might have given me an education but no you get negative stars from me.

  31. No one cares about comments Call the Georgetown Law dean NOW!!

  32. Shut those worthless people up

  33. So, Georgetown is firmly in the list of those whom have driven a nail into the heart of free speech. Sad crap here. A few spoiled children allowed to shout down a conversation between adults.

  34. I'm raising hell to that university

  35. Those protesters will never achieve the intelligence that the speaker has done in his life time. Screw protesters selfish brats.

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