Monday , April 19 2021
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McCarthy: Bipartisanship with Schumer, Pelosi is 'all gone'

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy discusses the lack of bipartisan efforts by Democrat lawmakers and how the GOP can win in 2022. #FoxBusiness #Kudlow

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  1. Pelosi and dems can't buy republicans you are evil it's our money we the people you are not not not for the people go to China. You have no integrity money bound and power driven for selfish illgotten gains which will not fulfill you dems ever .

  2. Impeach the government 💥
    Save we the people. 🤔🇺🇸


  4. So much for Joe Bidens unity speach and then you see howl the democrates make the plans with no discussion on anything All liars!!!!!!

  5. May God come forth and deliver us from the EVIL of BIDEN AND HARRIS Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.. and all the Rhinos

  6. Shumer and pelosi dont have long more jesus will soon cut them off time is near thank u jesus to save america and trump amen

  7. Stop playing like this election is a coup de'tah and stop NOT telling Truth! The Rep party IS divided because we are tired of lies and making a career, 30 year career out of this. Stealing has been always an issue. This time it went too far! Get out and make way for the NEW Republican party to kick you people OUT who does not uphold the law!!!

  8. Schumer & Pelosi are two prime examples of self serving career slime ball Politicians…

  9. All the Cash going out For the BUGG Huge Theft via Scumbag Treasonest Governments on both Sides!Get some Balls and Fire Pelousy/Chucky/BIDEN/Mcommiel! Today! MAGA !

  10. This bill will cover things to help stop the virus . It will provide money to small business. It will get your economy moving. It will get people back to work. The republicans spent way over 1.9 for tax breaks to the wealthy and business. As a 45 years working in all aspects of finance those did nothing for the everyday person. Our grandchildren will be paying for that tax bill. The Republican Party has lost itself. People are leaving the party in droves. Hopefully you will get your 15 dollar minimal pay bill. All other G7 countries pay their employees way more. Australia 21 Canada 15 Britain 15 and the list goes on and on. Biden will try and do what is best for the people. He has grown up having money and not having money. He will work for you the people but just what the republicans create problems. Biden has done more in 30 days than Trump and his band of kool aid drinkers.

  11. McConnell needs to go he is two faced and a traitor to Trump same with pelosi and others

  12. Who if not for our government? We need to pray & run for government if we can to help. We have to have😀🐝🇺🇸❤💜🌟👼😇💡💃🏃🙏

  13. They willpass it because they are dominating party

  14. We all understand that there can be no bi-partisan discussions with this group of anti-American people. We need to know why Kevin McCarthy backed Liz Cheney to hold her position when her own State is against her and she is definitely not for the American people.

  15. Democrats need the money to election pay off not us people give us a lousy amount but omg what they get is just a payoff they are liers CHEATERS it's just sad I'm sure glad i didn't vote Democrat 😢

  16. Democrats need the money to election pay off not us people give us a lousy amount but omg what they get is just a payoff they are liers CHEATERS it's just sad I'm sure glad i didn't vote Democrat 😢

  17. She needs to go to . . . . cause she's not helping.

  18. 8 years of mitch blocking EVERYTHING and now hes crying.

  19. He's ESTABLISHMENT! RINO! Wolf in sheep's clothing!

  20. Trusting any one in Gov. is like trusting China….

  21. It’s about time and I’m so glad. But really it would be best to get them out of there. I bet the stimulus mines lined their pockets has any only got theirs?

  22. I don't know what the unemployment situation is in your States but I know in my state state of South Carolina if you haven't worked in the two quarters before your filing for unemployment then what you has been paid in is zero so that means that zero comes back to you there is no unemployment unless you have been employed so all that money put in for for unemployment means nothing in South Carolina

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