Friday , November 27 2020
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McCarthy: We don't have USMCA because of impeachment

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif, argues the Democrats are just focused on politics instead of being focused on the country.

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  1. The rule of law, Constitution, must be utilized and more I think (like perhaps martial law). Enough is enough.

  2. This video title is wrong. It should read "We don't have USMCA because it will make Trump look even better."

  3. Nancy Pelosi is trying to take off the blind fold of justice

  4. Q: What's the difference between a Democrat and a carp?
    A: One is a bottom dwelling mud sucker….and the other is a fish.

  5. All the legal brains on Fox and not one prosecution to this time. Who exactly runs this country. The Nuthouse, well done America no balls in anyone, only hot air. Supreme Court should step in or the country is history.

  6. They are still trying to undo the civil war. Only this time. everyone is the slave. The whole word can see their weakness. THE LAW, TRUTH, FACTS, THE CONSTITUTION AND THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Opp's! Im getting low on popcorn……….MORE POPCORN! A NEW COUP EVERY DAY! TRUMP 2020, 2024, 2028, 4ever!

  7. No big deal as USMCA is nothing more than NAFTA 2.1. Treasonous Trump held up Mexico and Canada for virtually no gain. Much like his “Mexico will pay for wall”. TT is a fraud.

  8. I'm sorry I post wrong languages to Fox Business !! Sorry !! Sorry!!

  9. The people of Hong Kong are risking their lives for free speech and Democrats are working hard to end free speech. Liberals are vile.

  10. Demakkkrants can't stop the hypocrisy say Trump is covering up he is the most transparent president ever they are covering up for Biden his currption is so bad I want my tax money back for that 8 years


  12. US/MCA is Agenda 21…the only thing I can figure is everyone's in on " All Souls Day " filibustering for a blue ray event on Halloween…

  13. Our congress is currently controlled by Democrats who have no morality, sense of honor, justice or integrity. Their hopes of smearing and unjustly running continual investigations on a sitting president is nothing less than sedition. Their deep state cartel badly wants back in power so they can continue the vast pay for play and money laundering schemes exemplified in Haiti, Ukraine, Russia, China…. all over. All of these pay for play schemes should be investigated as well as the tentacles thereof, which reach to the deep state and parrot media.

  14. Thats so so True Mr McCarthy! You are really smart and have truly managed to understand their agendas and maneuver! It would be nice though if every one of them could be impeached right away inspite of their supports from some (probably) former and actual ghosted Elites putting their strings behind the scene who are enabling them and helping them to perform their evil actions against Mr the True President! And It would be great and fair (if that were even possible) to turn this around so that they might taste of their own evil delicacy and teach them a severe lesson. They are just waisting the nations time and and failing the states tremendously, at all times and at all costs , they want to bring the economy down, they so want the Mr Perfect President Ever to fail causing them to promote all their nonsenses and hatred propagandas further and further and never get enough! And above all stealing also the time of the good citizens and Mr the Honorable President the Best Ever Himself! Put them all to shame somebody by all means and with all rights! Thats true insanity, that those who are standing for lawlessness, standing for killing babies, bringing in the country outlaws of all kind etc, are the one throwing stones at those who are standing (indeed) for the good things , the good cause, the good purpose, moral human values. It is insane to say the least! Well, I understand they will not stop until they get what they want! But nevertheless, hold on the good fight, do not give up for abusers of mankind and lawlessness to overthrow that easy! Common stay Firm you all who are on the right track, stand up and give them a hard solid match they will never forget in the history of our time! Be of good cheer, keep standing up against pretenders and evil doers! Gods Mighty Blessing! In Jesus Holy Name! Do not give in , do not give in and do not give up keep on the good fight! Be brave as America of old has always been and be proud of the good christian values that America stands for more than Ever! Blessings!

  15. Yea line up all pending whistleblowers make up your story Schiff will tell you what to say and dollars in your pocket from the left

  16. Biden got his family personal gain trade deal with China thanks to Republicans like McCarthy looking the other way?

  17. This proves how dirty they are they don't want to go by the rules because they know they do they'll lose so they trying to be sneaky about it how they go about this getting this impeachment done 😡

  18. I think the dems are everything necessary to ensure their demise and the re-election of Trump.

  19. Can You Say "YET ANOTHER WITCH HUNT". DISGUSTING DEMOCRATS Haven’t You DAMAGED Our Country Enough?? Try doing your job and govern for the good of our country instead of hating on the president. $30+ million tax dollars and over two years wasted chasing a fraudulent Russia Collusion hoax with great harm internationally to our country. Now, dems & liberal media are hunting for a different made up crime for their impeachment fantasy. 2020 – Register & Vote The Dishonest Obstructionist Democrat Party Out!

  20. America shall be Red in the House of Representatives with out Hypocrites like Paul Ryan in leadership soon.

  21. Seems kind of messed up that only a couple of hundred people in Congress can tie up the country of 325 million that elected the President.

  22. BS/Obama is not legitimate, and the God of the universe shall prove that literally.

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