McConnell Asked Biden To Advance Standalone Ukraine Aid Package

Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told reporters he had asked President Biden to help advance an aid package for Ukraine that would be separated from additional Covid-19 relief funds.

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  1. Rand Paul: new and improved UnAmerican Turd.

  2. Of course Biden needed McConnell to ask Biden to send Ukraine money so they can get their 10%

  3. Nope, we need oversight for this money. Rand Paul is completely right by blocking this bill. We the people can’t afford this spending package. We need to work towards improving this country first, the American people must come first.

  4. This is why voting Republican won't solve our problems. It's the purple party, there is no blue and red.

  5. one day all these Traitors left and right will be lined up against the wall

  6. Who are the end recipients of all this money? Legislators?

  7. The true definition of madness,” Einstein reportedly said, “is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.” Unfortunately, many proposals for ending the war on Ukraine ask the Ukrainians to repeat the same actions they have tried over and over with disastrous results. Those advocating for trying these approaches yet again bear a heavy burden of explaining why this time would be different.

    Many outcomes that may sound plausible to those uninformed about Putin’s history quite rightly look disastrous to Ukrainians. For example, Putin has said he wants a neutral, “demilitarized” Ukraine. Russia had that beginning in 1994, when Ukraine surrendered the nuclear weapons it inherited from the Soviet Union in exchange for guarantees of its existing boundaries from Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

    Rather than allow this neutral, demilitarized Ukraine to live in peace within the longstanding boundaries Russia pledged to guarantee, Putin exploited Ukraine’s weakness to intervene in its politics and fix a presidential election for his deeply corrupt crony. When the Ukrainian people overthrew Putin’s puppet, Putin again took advantage of Ukraine’s weakness by seizing Crimea and a large part of Ukraine’s industrial heartland in the East.

    At some point, outsiders may tell the Ukrainians that they should accept a ceasefire at any price, even if it leaves Russian forces in their country. Ukraine did this after Russian’s 2008 invasion, with the promise of peace talks.

    Russia responded by stalling, shelling unoccupied parts of Ukraine, setting up two corrupt puppet regimes in its occupied territories — one of which shot down a Malaysian civilian airplane — and ultimately disavowing its agreement, to invade yet again.

    Nor are these isolated intrusions. Throughout the region, Russia has repeatedly seized parts of its neighbors’ territory, agreed to a ceasefire, and then continued its occupation without serious negotiations. It has occupied two regions of Georgia and one in Moldova for decades. Ukrainians know these “frozen conflicts” mean an indefinite loss of sovereignty, the indefinite subjugation of Ukrainians to Russian misrule, and a constant source of instability draining the country’s human and financial resources.

  8. mumbling PNAC war pigs vote to send more ‘lethal aid’. Shareholders are excited. Slava the Military Industrial Complex !

  9. Time to worry about America first. The American people are suffering financial hardship. What happened to America first?

  10. They dont care about Ukraine they only concern about Russia

  11. Another Bolshevik run country trying to add that last straw to break the camels back. The revenge on Russia is on. They are trying to push Russia into starting WW3. Russia went to war with Ukraine over this exact reason, just like the US did not want Russian missiles in Cuba, Russia do not want US nuclear arsenal in countries that border Russia! For Ukraine and now Finland to join NATO is just fuel on the fire and they know that. It is a push to get this war started as soon as possible before TRUMP gets back in power and put a stop to it. When TRUMP gets re-elected they know their Globalist empire is done for it . Even the middle of the road , hidden RINOs voted for a new 40 Billion Dollars to Ukraine, show you how desperate they are becoming! Watch the new world war start to bring the whole world into the One world Government even if they have to destroy it all to reach their goal. Russia must burn is all that matters to them.

  12. McConnell simply lining his pockets with Bribes from Defense Companies who want to sell military gear and win more military contracts, McConnell does not care about Ukraine or Russia, only out for himself and his own greed

  13. Times like this gotta appreciate republicans. Kids are dying over there.

  14. This country is fked.

  15. What is name of the tall politician behind

  16. If only all these politicians (left and right) would move this quickly to help their own citizens.

  17. We have more problems at home that we should be worried about. Mothers can not find baby formula on the self’s at grocery stores. Found the problem to be that Biden redirected the baby formula to illegal migrant coming across the boarder.

  18. I wish they took urgency to our problems like they do Ukraine RIP to those who die but we have big problems in our own country

  19. Most important is Ukraine. Diesel over $6/g no formula not important to these idiots

  20. That is stupid. we need to quit sending aide. we are getting to involved. It will just start a nucluer war


  22. No what's important is was going on in the United States

  23. Over 16,000 views and only 160 "thumbs-ups"…. American's have spoken!!

  24. "Let's give a corrupt country full of nazis billions of dollars but ignore our own people"

  25. Fun fact: divide 40 billion dollars by 330 million legal American citizens and each person would receive 120,000. Dollars!!
    Let that sink in!!……

  26. People are struggling to pay rent, their mortgages, grocery bills, filling their cars half-full of gas because it's all they can afford, run-away inflation, pre-retirees investments are tanking, southern border is a f**** DISASTER, massive supply chain issues, and these Politicians want to send BILLIONS of tax-payers $$$ to Ukraine??? R u kidding me?? So, what other countries are sending BILLIONS too???

  27. The absolute idiocy of this mass media propaganda campaign that is somehow trying to paint the corrupt bottomless money pit of Ukraine as a victim and their President as some kind of hero is only surpassed by the unbridled idiocy of the low information propaganda junkies who are lapping it up like a bunch of starving kittens.

    Ukraine is not a member of NATO.
    The Soviet Union does not exist.
    The Warsaw Pact is no more.
    US backed NATO is out of it’s mandate, it’s gone rogue trading Ukraine lives for weakening a non-Soviet Union Russia.

    Meet your One World Government planet Earth! If they can gang up on Russia they can gang up on ANY nation, anytime they want, for any reason they see fit. They are showing China, Saudi Arabia/OPEC, Iran, and everyone else on this planet, in stunning 8k video what happens when you mess with their New World Order, the US/NATO One World Government will crush you!!

    George Orwell warned you.

  28. McConnell is a divisive pig

  29. Can you explain to us why we support the Azov Battalion? As reported by you 3 years ago that they were evil NAZI. The videos are online for all to see. Now a French reporter has reported his personal observation of the Azov committing war crimes.

  30. Omg…you can see they are related. Same nose and ears…..widen the gene pool

  31. America first, let Ukraine fight and fund their own war!

  32. Wait until his puppet masters decide what other junk they want to add on to this.

  33. We have hundreds of homeless people and there are corrupt politicians still out there looking for more votes.