Sunday , January 17 2021
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McConnell: Deal Reached On Covid Relief Package | NBC Nightly News

According to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, lawmakers have reached a deal on the $900 billion relief package, which would include a new round of cash payments and enhanced unemployment benefits.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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McConnell: Deal Reached On Covid Relief Package | NBC Nightly News


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  5. $600!! Have fun with Biden as your president, you deserve everything you get.

  6. Suffocation of the Truth Always Emanates from Evil

  7. CARES Act gave 4-5 trillion to the huge corporations and richest 1% of our country. Socialism for the rich and🖕 for us. Remember that.

  8. Do NOT sign the vaccine waiver. That is the "liability protection" in the covid tied bill.

  9. ALL that money for a vaccine that many will refuse. ALL that many to pay off the invested vaccine stocks by politicians/political "contributors"/corporations that took loses. Do you honestly think they invested to break even? They invested to make a killing. Trump, co. and government Operation "warp speed" has $12billion ties to Moderna Pharmaceuticals. That is why Pfizer which is a PAC nonpartisan organization is sitting on their stock piles……
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  10. If the corporations made millions off of Covid PPP loans (which they do not have to repay), imagine how many billions they could make if they let the jumbo mortgage bubble burst and got another bailout like 2007. The last stimulus deal was $2.2 trillion and we the people got part of the decimal.

  11. There it is boys we did it! We finally got a one time check of 600! I won’t need any help until next year with this amount of money! Thank you Congress I respect you guys so much!

  12. America benefited for 250 years from the immigrant work ethic, slave labor and geography. Today, immigrant dreamers don’t want to come. Despite modern republicans, slavery remains illegal and as the recent Russian hack has revealed, geographic boundaries can’t protect us. Americans better wake up because we’re not great, we’re only powerful and military power alone is fleeting. Look at Rome, Madrid, and London. They were all great military powers once.

  13. US citizen,
    if you think it right, for the benefit of mankind, that mainstream & social media choose what you can and cannot read, adjust facts to their financial-political goals, instead of adjusting their financial- political goals to facts, collect & sell for profit your personal data, without your consent; discriminate against any organisation or individual disagreeing with them; their senior managers amass immense fortunes & live in luxury, whilst you struggle to pay your bills; if you don’t value freedom of speech, or any freedom, but want them to decide “everything” in your place….you are right.

    Further, if you agree with the ancient Roman emperor Marcvs Avrelivs (Book I of his meditations): he thanks Severvs for teaching him love of family, TRUTH, JUSTICE

    and the idea of a COMMONWEALTH based on justice and FREEDOM OF SPEECH; (Book III): the good man utters no words contrary to TRUTH, does no act contrary to JUSTICE ; (book V) : each man has mind and reason

    (book VI): reverence & value YOUR OWN REASONING MIND.

    If you stand upright and fight to get back your freedoms…you are right too

  14. Why didnt nancy sign the earlier bill for more money?

  15. Really that’s all we worth y’all sit back dictating our tax payers money is this a payday loan

  16. Something we have to payback

  17. Free ride for pua and unemployed will end and they'll have to go back to work.

  18. They don't care about us, $600, come on, $300 a week , come on, who can live on that, I would like to see them live like we are having to. Other Countries care about their people more than ours does, and we suppose to be the richest Country in the world! But yet treated like the poorest. People are living in the streets and they don't care! I lost all faith in our Government!

  19. When Biden get into office I voted for him. I think we should protest this I'm pretty sure people like myself haven't received the first shift yet and now we going on to the second check I don't even think that I'm going to receive that I've done done everything that the government the mayor the the the Congress people ask me to do quarantine stay away from people places and things and went through the process of filling out my non tax form so I can receive the checks so I'm looking for to check whenever it comes. It would be a good idea to protest this to let the government know that we are not playing so stop playing with us the American people.

  20. Is it just me, or does Mitch McConnell actually look like the FN Grinch!?!

  21. McConnell has been re-elected by the Kentucky voter. If you know anyone in Georgia and can help with getting the votes for Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock this is a the way to diminish the influence of Senator McConnell in the Senate! Pass the information out! Thanks! for anyone to peruse. +

  22. America is all about rich people not the poor or middle class

  23. Hey you think that's funny I haven't received the first check yet, I guess the checks is for all the people that work for the government I don't even think that I'm going to be Chief the second one we need to do something about this.

  24. So McConnell acts as if he’s the gift-giver. We all know he is the person who has held this up for over 6 months.

  25. a good news in this temporary life is .. believing in Jesucrist you have the salvation and eternal life read in the Bible

    romans 10 : 9 to 13 , st Jhon 14 : 6 , st John 1 : 12 , Acts 4 : 12 🌸🌷🌿🍂🙏

  26. $600 for real 9 months let's be real

  27. Mcconnell is a joke the government dont care about our family or the working class they already paid the rich now its a problem to pay the ppl that make your city's run this government is a joke there not for the ppl there for the rich its sad when ppl have to beging for help but they can tell us n ot to spend the holiday with our family but its ok to send us to work think about it 🤔

  28. It took all this time to come up with this ? I'm sorry but truth is you sickened America worse than covid 19. Unacceptable. # a change is coming

  29. Republicons and hypocrites! ugh, what a joke!

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