McConnell warns GOP against impeaching Biden

Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, R-Wis., discusses the latest indictment against Donald Trump, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s opposition to launching an impeachment inquiry into Biden and the latest in the Hunter Biden investigation. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Remove Mc.connel his conpromise 🇨🇳 n sold out ti t swamp….i love our great 🇺🇸😎👍🇺🇸

  2. Mitch McConnell is bad for America. So.. its better to let the BIDENS get away with high treasonous crimes against the United states. Screw you mitch McConnell .

  3. Its time for deputy DOG . to be voted out

  4. Trump is the real crooked here

  5. Impeach Biden. Use the 25th if nothing else!!

  6. Trump 2024….I know at least 500,000,000 Americans are voting for trump!!!

  7. I thought you people said Mitch McConnell died. Who is telling the truth? Fox news or YouTube.

  8. Why is McConnell still in the Senate? He needs to RETIRE!!!!

  9. Impeach turtle to since he is involved in it

  10. Mitch McConnell is "NOT" a leader, period!!! That's like saying Sleepy Joe has all his mental faculties! Let's be honest and call it what it is, "a slap in the face to the American citizen!"

  11. McConnell grow a set. Time to retire. Time for republicans get on the offence and play dirty if you have to. 6:02

  12. Wants to impeach trump but not Biden? Wtf

  13. All americans want biden gone. Trump is are president.

  14. I would like to aee all senate and congresa bank statement a and atock buys since they took office. It's past time to clean up all the corruption and limit time in office for Congress and Senate. Hold all branches, Parties.and Presidents ACCOUNTABLE

  15. biden's main agenda is to prevent President Trump from becoming President again!!

  16. Those numbers reflect why most Americans do not listen to news anymore

  17. Mcconnell needs to take his retirement and all the money he and his wife hav made while in office. Impeach biden and lock him and his family up! Trump won in 2020 and will qin in next presidential race with or without campaign funding.

  18. Time for turtle face to retire at Galapagos island…..

  19. Faux Newz died for me on s'election night.

  20. Dinosaurs stay together

  21. Of course this carcass would have something to say.. Dems and Repubs are the same party. Duck the two party system

  22. Wondering Mr McConnell, what do they have on you? What has you teetering on the fence?

  23. It seems that the Whitehouse and the secret services are working against their own people on behalf of foreign interests that are hurting normal people and ruining lives. What is Trump going to do that he couldn't do the last time? It's only a matter of time before the inevitable assassination attempt.

  24. Meanwhile the vast fraud with the voting system has been uncovered. Massive corruption.

  25. McConnell sucks tooold needs to go

  26. The people that love trump will vote for trump Whether he has money or not.
    And if he doesn't have money, we will send it to him. Trump, 2024.

  27. How much would each Republicans need to contribute to push Trump over that financial hump into the presidency??? Anyone????

  28. China McConnell MUST GO, he is part of theSwamp,he should be YELLING LOCK brandon and his cronies UP! Not trying to cover up theirs crimes and corruption 🤡🤪😡

  29. Warn him about coming out of his shell turtle man

  30. No Mitch, Biden needs to go. Democrats impeached Trump out of spite.

  31. Somebody needs to start looking at him somebody needs to see if his wife is connected to the communist party you know what if they do not impeach Biden they're going to have a problem the next election cycle because what's the difference between them and a Democrat none people are really done and they're so stupid they don't know it

  32. Mitch needs to shut up. Patriots do not hear him. He is a traitor and a stooge for the CCP.

  33. Mitch McConnell you are a republican act like. And if not step down. the people in Kentucky are going to t vote you out

  34. A one sided impeachment in spite of overwhelming facts is more polarizing than presenting facts to the public over and over and over again. This is only because the 4th estate does not do its job – an impeachment of Biden would be one sided right now. Once both parties can agree upon impeachment it should happen – until then present overwhelming facts over and over again. This was the intent of our founding fathers – impeachment should be difficult. It was never supposed to be as Nancy Pelosi ran her dog and pony show.

  35. McConnell is an idiot. The charges against Biden are precisely the charges that the Constitution says are impeachable.