McDonald's to leave Russia l ABC News

The company said it has initiated a process to sell its Russian business.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Good job russia 🇷🇺 👏

  2. I wish they would of blow it up

  3. Long live the USSR u ain't missing much cáncer food that's all

  4. Who still eats at McDonald’s? 🤮

  5. Good the people should get there head out of the sand period

  6. Every country should stop selling American fast food. It would help reduce obesity and cardiovascular disease.

  7. ohhh noooo ….ahahaha you are retarded ..btw an Russian Bilionare bought mc LOCATIONS YESTERERDAY all 600 of them and now its simple called MC…so what happened u lost a buisnis and Russians got one more

  8. Old mcdonald had a farm.
    E-I-E-I-O. 😆

  9. If only Russia had a major fast food chain here in the U.S. they could shut down in retaliation . . . Sucks to be them, I suppose 🤷‍♂️

  10. Is love to see all Mc Donald's close world wild forever.

  11. he opens under the name of Mc

  12. "From now on, it will be called the McPotato, in honor of our mascot."

  13. American wannabe " food '

  14. Boycott McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks and Coca-Cola !!!!

  15. Mexico must follow the great example of Russia.

  16. Awesome !!!!
    Those fast food chains are causing many diseases and obesity among those who eat there

  17. Put a big F just after that M. Or this👺

  18. no dirty junk food anymore 😜👍

  19. Now the locations may sell the "big brother Mac" with Putin's "secret sauce. But, sadly… is potato.

  20. MD is disgusting using human meat in hamburgers!!!!!!

  21. Meg Donnelly dancing with the stars season 31 with Sasha Farber


    "I'M LOVIN' IT" 👍 🇺🇲

  23. Russia thanks you! They don't want an epidemic of diabetic morbidly obese people like America.

  24. They will only change the name and keep on their investments in Russia, fooling everybody but a few (they are not going to loose money because of the WAR of invasion to Ukraine)

  25. They should turn the arch upside down and call it WacDonalds!

  26. You know that footage of the Saddam statue being ripped down this is the American version of that.

  27. Despite the clown Ronald Trump being a big fan of Putin, I suspect without Mickey D's he won't be going to Russia anytime soon. Now if only we could get him to leave.

  28. we dream of a day like this in America 🇺🇸