McDonald's USA pres. blasts California for putting 'bad politics over good policy'

‘The Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton reacts to a California proposal which would raise the minimum wage for fast food workers to $22 per hour and discusses a lawsuit targeting social media for mental health problems.

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  1. Fast food places will either automate every aspect they can, or they’ll say screw this and pull out of that state. Price increases would be insane. Nobody wants to pay $30 for a quarter pounder meal. It’s garbage, and I don’t eat there anymore, but a lot of people do and that’s fine.

  2. Well McDonald's is a woke company and now they're going to go broke

  3. Welcome to the world of a 25.00 big mac meal

  4. I thought the government let the illegal immigrants for cheaper labor. Hmmm

  5. California's politicians are soon to find out why these policies are a recipe for disaster. Raising the minimum wage to such a extreme is only going to increase the rate of inflation.

  6. It's stupid they pay 15.00 an hour that raised the burger prices ridiculously can you imagine a $20 adult Happy meal?
    Stupid people…

  7. People need to understand that if they dump Brandon for Newsome and he’s installed as President it’s over. They have lost more jobs here to Texas than china.

  8. 22 dollars an hour 3 hours a day sounds like

  9. ah great, a $28 cheese burger

  10. Sacramento is truly the hot spot for stupid Politicians!

  11. If a state dictates a wage so far out of the norm businesses close or relocate, away from the culprit. McD is a starter level job for teens and adults that just need a job, not the job with a bright future. They work very hard in a fast paced business. It took me decades of skills as a mechanic, towtruck operator, then semi tractor driving to earn over 20 a hour. Now a kid can drop fries with a timed buzzer and make similar, really? Why learn or try if it's that easy to match a parents years it took to earn that?

  12. It's going to cost you 22 bucks for a big nobody be before to eat there

  13. California's going to ruin your country people are not even going to go visit I

  14. Just close all mcdonalds in california move them all to other states

  15. America wants democrats to go to hell.

  16. Most McDonald’s workers don’t deserve 20 a hour some do but most don’t 🎉

  17. When minimum wage increases so doesn't the product that is being handled by them. if somebody was to sit down and do the math and not use common-core they would figure out that the increase of minimum wage is actually a reduction of wages for the skilled professionals. How could a company employee Carpenters electricians and plumbers at $22 an hour if somebody working at McDonald's is making the same amount? An increase in minimum wage is actually a decrease in everybody else's!!!! Pandering to the uneducated by offering higher wages. Isn't there a law of relativity? Go out learning skilled tradedon't rely on McDonald's and other fast food suppliers pay a living wage for an adult that has children….

  18. $22 / hr is more than any starting wage for any public safety position in most states – cop, firefighter, dispatcher, paramedic, EMT. California is sowing stupidity and wokeness and will reap the benefits.

  19. Watch these corporations pull a Chicago Exodus and close up shop.

  20. Minimum wage has been same for 30 years!!! Outrageous, disgusting! Corps need to pay living wage in this explosive inflationary economy. More Golden Parachutes trying to rip off employees!

  21. For people STILL living in california this is the kind of leadership they get when its a one horse town.
    The smart ones already left Calfi.

  22. California, a modern day Leper Colony! Who the h€ll would ever want to have a business in that state ?

  23. When is the last time you've seen a straight white male in a McDonald's commercial?

    I have no sympathy for McDonald's!

  24. You get the country you vote for – these Woke companies should have “woken” up about B.S. liberal policies that are bad for business and our communities years ago.

  25. Give a break! I would rather order from a machine. Rats. Lazy rats.

  26. These idiots think raising wage minimums is going to help in some way. Raising wages only increases a company's bottom line which is then highly over compensated in rising prices thereby eliminating any gains in wage

  27. Pretty soon only the middle class will be able to afford McDs. .

  28. The wage between CEO and workers shouldn't be this high 10mil vs 30k !!!

  29. Use the Flippy for fries and burgers, white castle has. Reduce staff by 75%

  30. waiting for california to fall into the sea

  31. Saudi joins brics, its over

  32. Crazy How can they target only fast food on wages?

  33. When I drove over the road truck driving, I told my manager I wouldn't go to California because they have to many laws making it unsafe to drive. My manager agreed, and I never delivered anything to California!

  34. Imbeciles are proposing paying a fast food worker MORE than starting teachers; n some areas???!!!
    Everything you need too know about these MARXIST socialist pigs!!

  35. More people will end uP^ homeless if businesses can't survive they will be forced to close down or lay off people.

  36. Texas and Florida have no state income tax and still have budget surpluses almost every year. We have a huge rainy day fund and we are paying for Bidens treasonous refusal to enforce immigration laws and protect American citizens from enemies foreign and domestic.
    It's absolutely disgusting that Biden and the morons that still defend democrats put illegal aliens before our homeless, our veterans, our elderly and our disabled. If it's not monumental stupidity then it's evil.

  37. Are Democrats really so dumb they do not understand every increase in cost will be moved to the consumer?

  38. Just took my girlfriend to McDonald's 1 hour ago. 2 regular burgers a big mc and some fries and drinks. Both my burgers were wrong. My girlfriend wanted ketchup and they said they were out as long looking at a gallon size machine full of it. I said get some ketchup out of that machine. I know I'm a genius. The worst part was this was 30 Bucks. Never again will I spend a dollar at McDonald's.

  39. Sweaty fries, dirty burgers, handmade coke? I dont want an overworking janitor/garbage handler/meat handler/soap avoiding, butt scratcher making my burger. Single staff McDonald's if a horrible idea. Don't ruin what is the very canter of our universe. Leave that at Burger King.

  40. I would love to see ALL fast food places shut down for two weeks. And just watch what happens. Not just economic issues. People/parents would have to learn how to feed themselves

  41. $22 an hour to screw up my order? No thanks. California just killed tens of thousands of jobs.

  42. Because of raises already food prices went up spent 25 at Taco Bell for 2 people when it use to cost 12 for same meal

  43. I got McDonald’s for the first time in about ten years or more the other morning. $15+ for a #2 with extra McMuffin and OJ.

  44. $22 an hour, that’s about what an entry level assistant editor makes at Sony Pictures with a full on technical education and student loans

  45. Mcdonalds will need smart employees to manage robots.

  46. Welcome to Taxifornia – no management just tax on delusion!