Tuesday , August 11 2020
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McEnany: Biden doesn't want to incriminate himself

President Trump’s 2020 Campaign Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany talks Elizabeth Warren’s drop in the polls and Joe Biden’s role in the impeachment process.

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  1. Is not going to happen , they being trying this for DECADES , GOVERNMENT to take over there CITIZENS dicisions. USA is not a socialist country . Land of the FREE

  2. Why even run, Trump is going to WIN and he will shred them to pieces on the debate on 2020 , Biden should RUN away has to much against him in the Ukraine and corruption with his son .

  3. there was nt really any need for Trump to say: This or the other. Would have sufficed for him to just ask for assistance in a corruption case, period. If not forthcoming, stop the aid. Ukrainians understand this so well. its a corrupt failed state.

  4. But Joe can not do a mental pushup that men saying they enjoy children bouncing on their lap is intolerable? Oh he's fit for office, the office of a kiddy porn star director? Kidding, he is just unelectable?

  5. Price control in many instances can hurt more than it helps. Americans need to adopt healthy lifestyles and healthcare prices will drop. The famous case of an 8 year old girl in England getting a breast implant under subsidized health schemes while people with urgent cases like hip replacement wait on line, should be frightful enough. The fear of socialism is the beginning of political wisdom.

  6. Biden looks an sounds like a crook. He's not defeating Trump in 2020.

  7. What did you expect the Devilcrats to say regarding China? They're all communists anyway. (Birds of a feather.) Of course, none of this government takeover of health care will affect the freaking politicians. Or their kids. Just us.

  8. Righteous. Girl more power to you.

  9. We almost didn't have Thanksgiving dinner. After we dressed the Turkey, it's pasty off white body looked just like Elizabeth Warren.. But after 4.5 hours in the oven, it had a beautiful golden tan.. Much better..

  10. I support medicare for all Americans

    Hell, we pay enough in taxes that we should receive free healthcare. However, it would never work out because we just have way too many immigrants, refugees, and illegal aliens in this country. 🙄

  11. Can't take McEnany seriously.

  12. Well it's too late because it's going to the Senate and the Senate is going to have a real impeachment hearing and it's going to vindicate President Trump because everybody knows he didn't do nothing wrong except for the extreme left is still can't get over the 2016 election loss Will guess what they're going to lose the house of Representatives as well as the White House hopefully some of these corrupt Dems will be prosecuted for their lies I won't hold my breath but God will judge him in the end and I'm not talking about their god which is Satan

  13. What does Fox News do put all the brunettes heads in a toilet full of bleach ! Geez

  14. If Biden won't appear in a Senate trial voluntarily, he will damned straight appear involuntarily … in handcuffs if necessary. Stupid oaf.

  15. Give him a lie to run with and then get Creepy Joe bragging and he will tell all. "Quid pro Joe". McEnany, A+++.

  16. Bloommer does not have a chance


  18. This is only news to those that deny fact. Such as fasicists, communists, socialists, leftists, democrats, and nazis. Yes, these are all the same type of people. Always take, take, take. Taking freedoms, taking liberties, taking money. Giving only punishments, to those that don't fall in line. Don't say the right words, Or don't share the central standardized opinions.

  19. No one cares about Biden when the important business of the day is getting the impeachment to the Senate where the Trump Precedent will legalize bribes and election interference from foreign governments.
    It's the 2019 GOP Christmas present to the nation!

  20. Drink raw milk from grass fed cows and goats daily.

  21. Patients Aren’t Dying in Canada. They’re just aging 100X quicker than the avg 90 yr old.

  22. Yeah no wonder why he stuck up for his son Joe Biden and Hunter Biden got paid big-time by the Chinese

  23. One question what about Bidens hairy legs

  24. The Bidens are in bed with the Chinese…

  25. Why isn't anyone questioning Obama, he was president of the most corrupt administration ever since George Bush Jr and Sr, he was aware of all the treason and bribery by politicians and intelligence agencys and no-one has even mentioned him or asked him anything under oath, as he WAS the real illegitimate president.

  26. I'm pretty sure no one wants to incriminate themselves. People do have constitutional rights.

  27. Very true about healthcare in Canada ,, they never talk about the private system that exist if you have some $$ and don’t want to die on the waiting list .. Canada health care are super good in BS there extra long waiting time for just a visit

  28. BS story on Canadian health care. I’m Canadian and an expert on our system vs. the American system. 🇨🇦

  29. McEnany the big mouth

  30. The SECOND Biden opens his mouth he just proves he is SENILE and infantile old FOOL! Hes defensive and ignorant besides his lies and Ukrainian money deal !!! Old fool needs to step DOWN big time!!!

  31. I have a friend in BC that had to wait 18 months for a surgery that was required so he could go back to work. Not only was he incapable of working because of socialized medicine, they had to pay him disability during the wait. It's literally a double drain on the taxpayers in many cases.

  32. dear american goverment and politicians , we dont need you ,we never did, you made us think we do / did but its apparent we dont, every 4 yrs you tell us how you will help us yet we never ask you for your help, you beg for our vote , and remind us we cant live with out you , well yes we can ,please take the circus and move on we dont need you , ever

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