Saturday , October 16 2021
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McFarland on Pelosi, Milley phone call claims: 'It all needs to be investigated'

Former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor KT McFarland reacts to House Speaker Pelosi and Gen. Milley’s phone call claims in new book.

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  1. Not surprised that the scarecrow is neck deep in this mess. How's that icecream stash banshee?

  2. Americans are worried about Pelosi & Milleys Sanity. President Trump would make 100 of them and they can't stand it.

  3. Nance has always wanted to burn in hell with millie vanillie

  4. Does Pelosi 's do business in China. And she was in an ad for the company? Hope some knows.

  5. Why is it nancy always evades questioning? Jan 6 people caused no damage yet some been locked up without a hearing since jan 6. Since their might be questioning nancy is baracading the capitol???


  7. KT is great. She calls 'em as she sees 'em.

  8. They both need to be Charged for Treason!!!!!!

  9. Pelosi is possessed by demons, the whole left is under satanic influence because they worship the biblical fallen angel lucifer

  10. Nancy Pelosi is a horrible horrible person, period. All these evictions coming up could have been avoided if she wasn't holding back assistance in the form of stimulus from the American people. President Trump's administration would have given each person and child 2,000 dollars each, and would only have added a few hundred billion to the debt, he could have done it 5x and barely touched 1 trillion or so, and Nancy Pelosi and democrats gave peanuts to starving, hurting, struggling American people and gave themselves awhile helluva lot, and gained a voter base that was and is ill-informed to the truth behind her/there actions. Taking the American people's tax dollars and playing roulette with it.

  11. Pelosi always hated TRUMP IMPEACH TRUMP

  12. I agree with you all needs to be investigated

  13. Pelosi,you are too old resign don't involve with the military Pelosi think she is the queen of Shiba

  14. Call for investigations into Nancy and milleys visit phone records

  15. This was the resurrection what else did they conspire to do.get China to rig our elections by interfering

  16. Oh so it was this General Nancy went to before Jan6th

  17. Finally Pelosi is in the hot seat.

  18. Agreed signed An Angry Americam Citizen!

  19. The stain from this story if true will not come off folks. Treason

  20. Wow is pelosi president she is corrupt she needs to be investigated 🔎jan6th is pelosi doing also she needs to be impeached we have enough evidence unlike her trying to impeach president trump not once but twice on bogus claims and then she tried to impeach for jan6th when he was not even in office

  21. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants!

  22. Gosh go figure the top democrats are treasonous criminals…….who coulda seen that coming???

  23. TRUMP’S LOSING STREAK as GOP owner grows with every GOP-vs-DP contest! Republicans appearing on TV talk shows are often dubbed GOP strategists. The only GOP “strategist” is Trump: his strategy is whatever he thinks benefits him and the substance he’s on. His 2022 Primaries strategy will shatter the GOP’s hopes!

  24. That is bad but question that no one is asking is: Who purchased $80 billion in military gear left in Afghanistan and who got payed? Nobody can possibly be that incompetent not even most incompetent administration ever.

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