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McKayla Maroney gives opening statement in Senate review of Nassar case

“They chose to protect a child molester rather than me” Maroney alleged about the FBI.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I feel for this girl BUT how in the world does she wear that low-cut dress to THE court room to talk about this stuff…..ARE YOU KIDDING ME………..I'M SHOCKED ,CAN YOU COVER UP PLEASE….

  2. How have the organizers not been held accountable for their role in perpetuating this crime?

  3. These people are so sick. They should all be in jail for protecting him. Why are they not in jail?? We should put them up to it. PUT THESE SICK PEOPLE AWAY

  4. Nassar and Sandusky a part of them boys who get away with everything doing all evil club.

  5. Why is the US national team organization and the US Olympic organization not being charged with conspiracy after the fact for the cover up along with the FBI agents who helped to cover this up – and how callous of the way these FBI agents treated these young female athletes.

  6. 😳😔😣😖😢💔✌❤

  7. Once a person is convicted, without any shadow of a doubt, MULTIPLE accusers, confessions, can we just let the family beat them with rubber hoses, for like 3 days? It wont kill them but they will wish they were dead. + 1x a month beatings, perhaps, on t.v.? Sorry but i think it may help.

  8. She looks so fierce! She’s like a force of nature!

  9. ALL three letter agencies need to be scattered to the winds. so much destruction, corruption and EVIL on their hands.

  10. The FBI has been covering for pedophiles for years! Both democrats and republicans. And the media closed their eyes to it also.

  11. I'm horrified that this could happen. I don't know how McKayla has such a strong spirit.

  12. Sidege my love and I hoelp you can come you ra kantere help me

  13. She looks like a plastic doll

  14. read the book the franklin coverup are
    run by satanists


  16. Comey is the father of many daughters and he looked the OTHER WAY. What a POS. Now the poor girls expect people like Durbin, Feinstein & Leahy to go after the FBI?? LOL! NEVER HAPPEN. The FBI was too busy doing their dirty work going after Trump. They're ALL in the swamp together folks!

  17. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page with the FBI were supposed to investigate this crime but they were too busy banging themselves in the bathroom!

  18. The FBI has always been on bullshit so them falsifying reports just highlights the foundation of corruption the FBI is built on

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