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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – December 20th, 2020 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General nominee, joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to talk about vaccine distribution. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) reacts to the widespread hack of government institutions and businesses. In an exclusive joint interview, CDC Whistleblowers Kyle McGowan and Amanda Campbell describe how the Trump administration became involved in public health guidance. Hallie Jackson, Yamiche Alcindor and Rich Lowry join the Meet the Press roundtable.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – December 20th, 2020 | Meet The Press | NBC News


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  1. Seriously. Trump don’t want to condemn Russia because they will release his pee-pee tapes if trump says something.

  2. I remember meet the press as a one hour program. yet when you post it on the net and remove the normal TV ads. you get 47 minutes and 39 seconds of actual news in formation worth listening to. Seem like NBC is coming up a little on the short side. or is 47 minutes and 39 second the new one hour of programing?

  3. Americans 😜😜😜
    Vectoring jets & missiles r ineffective against a Virus, human or computer. U can't fix stoopid.Trump is the epitome of the american dream. Pay No Taxes. Live the high life on other peoples money.  BS all people and say whatever enters the mind. America you're FKKD

  4. this media work for chinese.

  5. I hope i can move my family to another country one day. The US is no place to raise a family. All you see and hear is conspiracy theories and maga propaganda. There are more guns than people and most are extremist evangelicals. It's no place for decent people to live

  6. Uh excuse me but I heard Donald say he knows more about the internet than almost anybody

  7. I’m not a Republican anymore but I might vote for Romney if he ran again. Very professional and not afraid to take charge.

  8. Help for who? The amarican people? No a failed outgoing administration is already making sure its first in line. Other politicians, ceos and the wealthiest among us all will have this befor the amarican people. An "aid" package that continues the possession of shoveling money to the top while throwing crumbs at the people who will not have safe work until 2022 according to your docs. "Help is on the way" no not for us it isnt the darkest months in our lives are on the way. Help for the rich is here now

  9. The lovely karen firstly plant because scissors concurrently rhyme athwart a hideous high suggestion. nippy, unequal armchair

  10. wtf dude he thinks trump will run in 2024. from where? his jail cell? Trump is a threat to United States as bad as can get for securing his position as a president then doing everything he did that we know of and things we will learn about through time.

  11. Trump was saying the "invasion" was from the southern border. Everyone's attention was focused there and they missed this cyber "invasion".

  12. We're not wearing a mask because it is the most wonderful time of the year. We're be partying all night with friends at our homes, eating delicious food, and drinking too, kissing and hugging under the mistletoes placed all over the house, and waiting for the new year to come too.

  13. Follow the money/vaccines.

  14. when did tRUMP think he could get away with rhis

  15. Why can't you and your panel state the obvious & simple answer as to the source of the problems? How long is too long to acknowledge the sad reality we must face? How many more millions of lives must be sacrificed by our denials? The disposal of the Fairness Doctrine, the adoption of Gingrich's "no compromise" preaching, the development of cable "news", the internet & social media adopting behavior modification methods – it all adds up to a thoroughly effective BRAINWASHING MACHINE put in place by the GOP. And it must be dealt with that way.
    For 60 years the GOP has sought power & control thru lying, cheating, subversion, undermining, distorting, denying, distracting, sabotaging, hijacking & now have openly been complicit in treason & sedition. This is not a new thing with "Trumpism". He is a symptom, the GOP is the disease.
    This desperate-for-power -at-any-cost brainwashed cult controlled by a criminal syndicate is detached from reality & no longer deserves the privilege of "participating" in American democracy – mainly because they've proven their intent to overthrow/destroy it given the opportunity. Their constant call to "protect America" from Socialism, Communism, Marxism by putting a dictatorship in place of democracy is just ridiculous insanity.
    The shortest path to regaining the trust of America's allies (and many Americans) is a "Grand Gesture" to show the world we are serious & will not tolerate foreign or domestic interference with our democratic society. The Republican "Party" has devolved into a Domestic Terrorist Organization. They are only masquerading as a political "Party". The GOP must GO.

  16. The Russians are hacking the USA.!!!
    But sleepy Donald does nothing.
    Only hunting Bider's son.
    Why? Has Putin somthing to comprimise him…..?
    Think about that.

  17. Where’s Bernie Sanders, he the only senator that tells the truth.

  18. I feel like Romney backed himself up in an attempt to not reveal classified information. Like when he was talking about why Trump was down playing Russia. 15:05

  19. Here is a question Chuck. Do you expect every country to figure out how they "missed the clues"? On the bright side we seem to have eradicated the flu.

  20. It is the biotech Pfizer vaccine!!!

  21. Thank God for President Trump! The true hero of all this!

  22. The fallacious processing immuhistochemically seal because book actually borrow excluding a spectacular walrus. eminent, internal horse

  23. All I can say right now is ever since trump entered the white house he has done nothing but undo everything we have worked so hard for and his only goal is to divide and conquer. He is a tornado. Everywhere he goes he causes complete chaos and confusion.

  24. Massachusetts loves you Mitt Romney.👍🏻

  25. Trump only concerned about two things. * 1 is protecting Putin/ Russia.
    *2 is trying himself to steal 2020 election in order to escape justice for another 4 years. Now that should be simple for anyone to realize as the nose on their face. Renegade 101st. How stupid can many within this country continue to be concerning trump actions/ inaction ,referencing Russia/election. Kimbrough OUT.

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