Thursday , August 11 2022

Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – June 26

Rep. Ocasio- Cortez (D-N.Y.) joins Meet the Press for an exclusive interview to discuss the Democratic Party’s role in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark) talks about what the Supreme Court decision means for his state. Rep. Schiff (D-Calif), member of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, discusses this past week’s hearings and plans going forward. Garrett Haake, Andrea Mitchell, Peggy Noonan and Kimberly Atkins Stohr join the Meet the Press roundtable. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – June 26


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  1. AOC is there to fearmonger

  2. Gun rights are a federal issue because it's a Constitutional right. Abortion is a state issue because it's not a Constitutional right. Amazing the lady on the panel doesn't understand this.

    Why don't democrats want the people to vote on this? I thought they were champions of democracy…

    Lets just be truthful about abortion. The main reason people want the right to have an abortion is so they can be sexually immoral without consequence.

  3. The trumplican party and their supporters will destroy America.
    Vote Democratic for a more civil society.

  4. There is no way out, but to expand the court. You could try to codify Roe, just don't bet your house on it, with those far-right terrorists in the Supreme Court, they will just strike it down again. But, the Democrats have a bigger problem than that. Why? You have a Democratic President who is actually anti-abortion and had in fact voted against Roe v. Wade before. Plus, on top of that, he has already got his WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to tell the Press while travelling on Air Force One that he DOES NOT agree with calls to expand the court nor blowing up the filibuster. That means apart from having to retain the House majority and to win at least 2 or more seats in the Senate, internally you will still have to pressure Biden. But, is time to push out these corporate Dems, they never get anything done, plus Biden won't be able to run in 2024 anyway.

  5. He said “Let’s carry the child to term”? Is he going to carry that pregnancy with her? Are the governors going to carry it? Are the supreme courts jerks going to carry it? No!

  6. Mental health is not in consideration. Why not?

  7. Their medical data that abortions can lead to ovarian cancers.

  8. Adam Schiff is a liar over and over and yet he can be allowed to speak. Democrat is both blind and hypocrite. Disgrace to USA.

  9. Republicans want to protect the fetus, but they don't want to protect the school child from a mass shooting. Insanity. If men got pregnant abortion would never be argued against.

  10. God is in control. Not blue or red. God will always win. Expect more. If you have no belief in God just watch the next few years.

  11. iciest take your eggs freeze them take the out when you need . problem solved.

  12. facts are dems are being hurt by the elder members of the democratic party. they are to soft and the republican party is a group that is no longer what it was. These in particular bring guns with them to work and seem more like demonstrators. Dems can no longer be the ones to take the high road. in some ways dems are bringing pens and the politically correct mindset to a gun fight and those with the guns are being held by a group of people that have a terrorist like mindset.

  13. 300 000 000 millions cells get dispelled from your body every day why the the ruked

  14. its not en egg its a cell. great distinction.

  15. The North Atlantic bloc – NATO, which was created to protect the countries of the Atlantic coast, has lost its shores and has already flooded all of Europe! And the G7 is a gathering of patients with the Biden-Biden disease! Biden: NATO is a living organism and wants to eat, not to eat itself, so NATO is forced to expand, blaming the victims for the debts that the US and NATO assigned them! Either you pay tribute, or we are forced to save you from riches that tempt you and make you greedy! This is our Christian mission and with God's help we will continue to free you! The United States and NATO are defending themselves and for this they are waging war with Russia in Russia and on its borders! Pirates always defend themselves by attacking other people's ships and accusing the defenders of resistance! Like, if they had not defended themselves, there would not have been such cruel treatment! We, the USA, will free all countries from the sin of Wealth, Glory, Power! All the temptations and burdens of Satan, the United States, as a truly Christian country, takes upon itself! Glory to the USA – betraying itself to all temptations for the sake of saving the world and the worldundefined all over the world !…

  16. u just need to know where to look

  17. i can give u two of the judges in black market of children the same two that were part of killing two undercover officers connected to Asian nothing is what it seems

  18. This Republicans don't know what democracy is

  19. Trump has been trying to DISMANTLE our Democracy in order to pay off his debts to the Russian oligarchs.

    *He removed our troops.
    *he extorted President Zelinski
    *He sowed the seeds of economic recession

    Then the right wing blames THIS current administration for REEPING what the PREVIOUS administration sowed the seeds of economic sabotage.

    (Look how trump sabotaged EVERY POSITION to run our nation INTO THE GROUND!)

    Trump has PROVEN HIMSELF to be the great SABOTEUR.

    FROM-EVERY person he placed into power!

    Someone can give a set list :

    from ;

    – DeJoy trying to destroy our USPS trying to halt efficient mail delivery (FEDERAL OFFENSE! )


  20. YES!!!! Abolish abortion. Great day for America.

  21. Gov can't even use proper verb tense,

  22. Wow this is some one sided garbage! Disrespect

  23. What is human trafficking legal now …. Feels like it ! 🤯

  24. Clarence Thomas probably use that roll bill over the last three decades of him sitting on the bench so he ain't happy it's gone

  25. We can do without ROE!!!!

  26. I wonder how many doctors and other Healthcare professionals will leave those states that are banning abortion, for fear of being prosecuted.

  27. If men could give birth, Abortions would be free.

  28. Will do not resusitate orders soon not enforcible due to roe vs Wade bans in states (prolife)

  29. Thanks to new genomic comparative Science, We now know that the unborn baby is human; with different Genomic Data than the Mother: If abortion is to stay legal, the legal term of “Murder” has to be redefined to say “Killing a Human after birth…”

    Humans are human from the Moment of conception; though connected to and dependent on the Mother, they are not a toe nail or “part” of the Mother: This is observable truth, and Science. 👋

    Happy to hear the ones with no voice, and cannot scream could finally also have some rights..:
    Nice job Science! 🎉

  30. Ignorant voters are to blame for everything. Sickening. The present is bleak but the future of this country is much bleaker .

  31. Regarding Peggy Noonan and states' rights: haven't you noticed that whenever the states gain rights, people lose theirs?

  32. Reality: This country is a third world country. The prevalence of poverty, suffering, and ignorance in this country is HORRIFIC. Neither party will admit that poverty is the cause of the degradation of society. DARE to close the border, deport illegal aliens, and invest in the well-being of CITIZENS and VETS.

  33. Chuck Todd is so gullible …. still. No wonder then that the press is widely reviled

  34. Todd: "There ARE a few"

  35. Asa's smile is DISGUSTING

  36. Governor Asa: "those that HAVE"

  37. Andrea Mitchell doesnt know about geography . Arkansas isnt 1000 miles from Illinois lol🤣 No one will have to travel 1000 miles

  38. It might be time to find a new form of birth control