Meet the Press full broadcast — Jan. 22

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) joins Meet the Press to discuss negotiations with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other House Republicans to raise the debt ceiling, which expired Thursday. Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) exclusively joins Meet the Press on the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade to discuss the Born Alive Bill, which was recently passed by the House.

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  1. It's hard for me to trust a Republican, but Nancy Mace made some reasonable arguments concerning bodily autonomy for women and right to life for unborn children. Most states already had and have restriction on abortion, but to come to a National consensus is going to be difficult since many Americans go on feels or what they are being told to think, and not what experts and women who have had to make that choice have to say. Republicans also seem to have no problems with the great impact to both women and the children they bear when they haven't the means (economically, physically, or mentally) to bear a child. There are already enough children born that are unwanted, neglected, abused, and/or grow up in poverty.

  2. Why is it always during Democratic Administrations that the Republicans insist NOW is the time to balance the budget? Why didn't Trump work on this issue? Why didn't George W Bush work on it?

  3. Why should debt ceiling be dealt with differently than it was during Trump's tenure? Why won't GOP present specific detailed spending proposals?

  4. How many times a day does Mace say the Trump Anthem?

  5. Mace needs to go back and read Roe and Casey – these cases do not stand for abortion on demand.

  6. Gee I hope Manchin runs for President. The look on his face when he gets 2% of the primary vote will be hugely worth it.🤣😂 Likewise, it's too bad Chuckles didn't ask Nancy Mace if she wore kneepads while she was down in front of Trump Plaza just begging the Orange Mess-iah to meet with her before the last election…

  7. The Monuca Lewinsky scandal was about a marriage that faced default yet Hillary Clinton became a negotiating person. She became publicly freer to step out of the traditional spousal role of First Lady. We found her thinking attracting millions. Mr. Clinton's need for sexual risk a natural life experience but out of place given the luxurious world wide role. Abortion abandonment, Senator Mace, is an outcome of elevator flings.

  8. Senator Manchin has Brother in Law Common Sense. I really liked what he had to say!

  9. Been watching this for 30 years! When did they become so Anti Trump? Anti Republican's? Chuck you need to be more biased!

  10. Ha, Chuck Todd obediently falling in line with leftists to throw Biden overboard, so he can't run again…

  11. Let me ask a question would you rather have the public believe that not passing the debt limit caused the downfall of the dollar, or having an attempted coup kick off the largest dumping of U.S. Treasuries in the history of U.S. Treasuries that actually destroyed the dollar.

  12. I love to see clips of Tim Russert!

  13. At this rate they should check all the former living presidents' homes and offices to search for classified documents.

  14. Why did you not talk about Rush Limbaugh and his effect on the current vitriol. I believe his behavior and rhetoric is the overwhelming precursor to all of this adversarial atmosphere and political theatrics.

  15. How about religious freedom -Judaism, Islam and Hinduism are all pro choice.

  16. The only reason for late term abortion is medical and not by choice.

  17. 2 billion to Ukraine voted by you and others isn't a moment to pay some towards our countries debt! Shat s wrong with you people….seems simple …..if you have a deficit you add til its in the positive. Not add more to the negative. Pretty friggin sad when the people in charge of this nation do not know how to add or subtract money! Just insane!

  18. Joe Manchin?? Unless he's going to be held accountable for all the crappy stuff he's been doing for the last couple of years, I'm not going to watch any episode that he's on.

  19. >>>>>>>> Increase Your Satisfaction By Understanding Your Existence … sea rch EXISTNC

  20. The corrupt system has to come down before they try to take out the good guys.

  21. They wear blue and red robes by design now thanks to the GOP forcing bias agents onto the court.

  22. George W said he would not negotiate with terrorists..why should Biden negotiate with terrorists simply because they are in congress

  23. Abortion un until birth is NOT something that the recipients want either… this is a MEDICAL ISSUE .

  24. MAGA GOP now wants negotiations regarding the debt ceiling? Where they at when Don the con were in the oval office when they keep spending, spending and spending? Exactly! What a hypocrite POS.

  25. We should be able to find plenty of fat to cut out of our bloated defense spending, but somehow it always increases

  26. Why have you failed to report or investigate on the people who are supposed to keep track of classified material? Somebody in the Federal government is supposed to know who has what as regards classified material.

  27. Lol, maybe we should search EVERY politician, past and present, to see what they have in their boxes and drawers. Whoooweee, bet that would turn up some toads under the rocks!

  28. She doesn't know what "preponderance of evidence" means…

  29. What are Classified Documents on paper files anyway in 2023 when it can be on locked computers? Why do people think the former President and Biden have done the same thing when one hid the files and had to be forced to give them up when the other willfully has given them up? These are the questions that beg an answer! Jesus Help!

  30. Manchin trying to both sides it.

  31. As I'm watching these two gangs fighting, I'm reminded of some historical facts:
    From it's very beginning, America has been a criminal enterprises. Just ask the native Americans (the original Americans), or the kidnapping & forced labor native Africans, or the Chinese so-called "coolies", and the list goes on and on and on. Now they are turning their respective narcissism on their own.

    I'm also reminded of two old saying that have always come to fruition… "the chickens have come home to roost""your headed for self destruction"

  32. A public library has better security in book accountability than the top security papers. An overhaul is in order. Stop this leaking sieve of documents.