Meet the Press full broadcast — May 28

On a special edition of Meet the Press, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), chair of the Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on the Federal Courts, and former Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) discuss ethical concerns with the Supreme Court and how Congress contributed to a contentious confirmation process. Former clerks Jennifer Mascott and Andrew Crespo talk about the internal dynamics and transparency of the Court. Supreme Court reporters Laura Jarrett, Nina Totenberg, Joan Biskupic and Dahlia Lithwick join the roundtable.

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  1. Funny How your anchor is saying that he doesn't understand why after the Democratic party decided to change the rules for Obama,
    That the Republicans did not change the rules back,
    Because he doesn't think it's fair 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    But when it happened he could not have been happier.
    This is the progressive platform.
    Give us everything we want.
    And stop crying 😭

  2. How about we abolish the Supreme Court altogether?Let the states decide the issues .

  3. Confidence in The FBI,Biden's Administration,Mayorkas's Secured Border is an all time High..Reports Government News Outlets NBC,CNN,PBS,MSNBC,CBS and don't forget that Tower of Intelligence & Truth " The View."

  4. The court's reputation is in the gutter. Add 4 more.

  5. I'm more Worried about the FBI …No Reason

  6. Great show, very informative

  7. Congress can inside trade and the justices have no ethics rules/guidelines so they break “no laws” I wonder what ways the executive branch can bend the rules as well. Looks like this is a system of loopholes

  8. Thank you for mentioning the important issue of suicides among veterans and military personnel. Hoping this is the year we can see improvement. Looking for the best ways to truly care for each other. .. please stay safe, everyone. 🗽


  10. Jennifer said see how good Republican and Democrats are getting along, Roberts and a Democrat had speech's together, What a joke.

  11. Notice Roberts threw a dig in there. Separation of Power, He just wanted us to know.

  12. I hear from Roy, Blah,blah,blah,blah,blah.

  13. I need to move to china. So I don't sit and watch people waste there time talking like they are in the states. Democracy is stupid because it lies on the majority of the stupid.

  14. White women voted and helped trump get elected hogwash

  15. Lefties are upset conservative justice’s follow the written word
    Conservatives are upset liberal justice’s see the Constitution as written with invisible ink

  16. Excuse me for daring to make this simple but, what we have here are a bunch of spoiled elitist rich men on both sides throwing temper tantrums about which sides rules determine how the game will be played. It's not how a Democracy works and it's nothing more than that. I have no doubt that the founding fathers would be fuming over the way the Constitution has been trampled but let's not forget that it's "we the people" who were given the choice of electing the government we want so, how do we extricate ourselves from this mess? It's really as simple as it seems. VOTE! Stop being complacent. Stop waiting for someone else to fix it. Never before in our 250 year history has the right to choose been more important or more urgent than it is right now. Surely, women in America need not look for any stronger motivation to vote than knowing your right to choose was taken away. It is unconscionable that once a right has been given, it can later be taken away. What will be next? Our right of freedom of speech? Our right to be free of illegal search and seizure? What about the right of equal protection? Where does it end? We the people need to take our country back. If not us then who?

  17. When chuckles is suggesting a lefty is a Sheldon lmoron you might want to rethink your position lol

  18. Sheldon was born to privilege, raised with privilege and loves his baby trust fund existence. Save us from such douches

  19. We should absolutely follow Chuckles advice on Constitutional decisions…. Run a poll of American citizens and let the mob decide all issues…. Watch out leftists as you won’t like Americans opinions.

  20. Why does chuck have only partisans on?

  21. Fake news!

    Greetings from Sweden!

    God bless President Trump and all his awesome and patriotic supporters!

  22. Democracy is in peril

  23. The supreme hypocritical benefactors

  24. The worst conservative is the conservative poses as being reasonable and tempered in their perspective when an analysis of their narrative exposes them as being anything–but. Roy blunt was talking complete nonsense

  25. Oh my god, like we the people trust any of you including the press. How many nontaxed LLC's did they give you? One's a crime.

  26. Roberts is so full of it! There is no oversight for US Supreme Justices…That says it all, there is no person(s) in government who should not have oversight period…

  27. I have every reason to believe that if a Democrat president and Senate had pulled the same ridiculous stunts to confirm a left-leaning Juris to the Supreme Court as Republicans manipulated with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett we would have had an Insurrection at the Capitol Building far more aggressive and more convicted to be a success then what was mounted on January 6th

  28. Roy Blunt literally admitted on camera that the Republican Party conspired to commit an action that would violate their oath to the Constitution when he confirmed that the Republicans would sabotage the confirmation process whether Garland got a hearing or not. When we talk about attacks on our democracy, that action by Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party to hold the confirmation process hostage by refusing the process to proceedand deny the will of the people should have been acted upon with much greater urgency for the constitutional crisis it put the country towards. January 6th may go down in history as the first physical attack on democracy in the US, but if their overall war on democracy succeeds to destroy democracy, historians will look at McConnell’s actions to steal the Garland Supreme Court seat as the tipping point that led to the fall.

  29. This was one of the better MtP shows…in a while now. Thank you Chuck and your crew!

  30. You sick family made a million dollar s off of me collected houses that were not blessed to you , try Pre conceived, pre meditated , murders

  31. Senator Sheldon in white house real name Dianna Athena palomino Williams roll fingerprints

  32. Supreme Court should start wearing colored robes to show which politics they are ruling with rather than being impartial like they're supposed to be. Political hacks.

  33. My goodness: it's one thing for the woman to look like she's made up for a Fox interview, but did she really have to doll-up in the faux corset?

  34. This is a fake crises created by the Left and MSM to gin up controversy to push the political agenda to remove Clarence Thomas or pack the court to clear the path for a Marxist agenda to weaken the Constitution and shift the balance of power to their un-American radical agenda. I can see Joe Biden replacing Justice Thomas with Dylan Mulvany. .