Meet the Press NOW — Dec. 4

The USS Carney shoots down three drones launched by Houthis, but it remains unclear whether the ship was targeted. Retired Lieutenant General Steph Twitty provides analysis on the Houthi attacks. Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief Avi Mayer discusses the internal turmoil Israel faces as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a corruption trial. The White House warns that funding for Ukraine aid could run out by the end of the year as Congressional Republicans seek to tie Ukraine funding to border policies. Eugene Daniels, Donna Edwards and Danielle Pletka join the Meet the Press NOW roundtable.

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  1. What about the two boys killed in the West Bank?

  2. Israelis don’t really care about casualties in the civilian sector. We got 1000 David’s out there collecting their foreskins . If God promised them from the great river, Euphrates to the Red Sea up to the Lebanon, including the Hittite lands to the south, why don’t we understand that they believe that Jordan and Egypt need to give them their territory also? And if you think Christians are treated well over there, you need to think again. They love us to come over and spend our money, but they certainly don’t want us to live there either.

  3. I think, with all the rhetoric about Iran, or Russia our government might be trying to prep us in other words using propaganda to soften what is going to happen soon.

  4. 😂😂😂 the end of American democracy. The magot folk don’t care, they don’t want a democracy. They want a Kingdom.😢😢😢

  5. Where did they get all of those goofy-looking, slow-sounding black talking heads?

  6. Its not difficult. You clear houses carefully checking everyone as they leave. Letting people go. Then check the house for Hamas, then let those people back in. And you do this working from one end to another in blocked off areas. Once it clears you move to the next. You don’t CARPET BOMB! Where people live!!!! Or use QR codes to pass a map! Idiots

  7. YEMEN declared war on Israel for its massacre on the innocent people of Gazza. They are the only ones to stand up for those people so far. So they are doing what they can to prevent more bombs dropping on “shields” or whatever stupid thing Isnotreal wants to call them as an excuse to destroy everything. We are not stupid.

  8. Hamas just takes the aid anyway.

  9. Congressman Mike Johnson is a Republican quack,

  10. In my very cynical and suspicious mind, did pay Hamas to attack and kidnap Israeli's in order to stop his trial from going forward?

  11. Gaza is Hamas-ISIS there is no innocent civilians

  12. Israel is only doing what the United States paid them to do. They may have had the guns but the United States provided the bullets.

  13. Even if all the gop candidates attacked trump relentlessly, he’d still win by 50 points

  14. This money for other countries thing .. So we stop giving them money do we as citizens see it? We don't .. it doesn't matter. 1 cash shipment that goes to ukaraine to 1 US city could take care if all those horrible homeless people in a weekend .. but you didnt spend it on that then? If we get it back what does anyone get? Money is just the control of power a way for the ugly to get laid

  15. The palestinians: professional victims

  16. Who voted for this? The sheeple

  17. So naive. Israei clearly not concerned about civilians. Wants palestinians out. No other way to explain the carnage. "Shocked by ferocity" Really?

  18. Biden is reckless. This carnage is facilitated by u.s. billions of dollars.

  19. They do not pressure Hamas to protect civilians at all.

  20. I believe we are being overly concerned with the plight of civilians. The message needs to be sent to the people of 'distressed' countries all around the world… if you don't like your govt, or if your govt does not care about YOUR welfare, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. PROTEST. REVOLT. America has always been the model of how freedom is won and preserved. We shed plenty of blood, sweat, and tears fighting for our freedom, against Britain, and in the Civil War. It needs to be clear to the Palestinian people that if you do NOTHING to get rid of Hamas, it is at your own peril. Additionally, America needs to CLOSE OUR DOORS TO MIGRANTS — again, if your country is poor because of corrupt leaders/govt, THEN CHANGE IT. FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY. IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE FOR EVERY PERSON FROM EVERY DISTRESSED COUNTRY TO RUN TO AMERICA FOR OPPOURTUNITY, PROSPERITY, FREE FOOD, FREE HOUSING, FREE HEALTH CARE… This is just ridiculous. When are we going to wake up and realize, THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE.

  21. Who would like people who say they are the only people chosen by God? That is the reason people don’t like them… Israel is a problematic country in the Middle East…

  22. the US needs to be careful getting into all these wars, Russia, Israel/Hamas, next China – Battle on 3 fronts is not a recipe for success.

  23. "Sounding the alarm" five times. Could we be less imaginative?

  24. They should tell us the REAL reason why we're closing the borders and running out of [Ukraine] funds.
    We can't afford not to beef up our military at any cost right now.

  25. George Knapp seated behind Graves's right shoulder, looking on and taking notes, no doubt.

  26. The US sent 100 bunker buster bombs to Israel last week. I don't think Iran's nuclear program will be around when this conflict is over.

  27. Ppl are being displaced like cattle .. the cattle doesn't know the difference

  28. The Israelis have their hands full…of the blood of Palestinian children, 100 times as many as what they lost to Hamas. They send QR codes down to a population without electricity, without phones, without food, medicine and water sending them to a website they can't access to tell them where to go not to be shot at, and then they shoot at those places. It's like a sick game out of a Saw movie.

  29. Kamala reading cue cards, I’m surprised she didn’t become the joker. And Lloyd Austin schooling Israel. So I wonder if Lloyd told Putin that protecting innocent life in Ukraine should be top priority! What a hypocrite as well as this administration I want to vomit. I’m

  30. Telling it like a pro. Good work!

  31. Whatever their problems are, economic, or culture, religion makes it difficult to find a solution.

  32. Israel people should their knees down and praying God to free the Jews and he will be

  33. No one can't destroy Israel land but god and time is coming people will see the truth of God ❤❤❤❤❤

  34. It doesn’t look like they are listening to the USA weapons supplier.

  35. Meet the Press NOW – December 4

  36. So glad Todd Chuck is gone.