Meet the Press NOW — Feb. 9

Reps. Debbie Dingell (D-Mich.) and Adam Smith (D-Wash.) join to discuss special counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Biden’s handling of classified materials that included negative representations of the president’s mental acuity. Bill Taylor, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, talks about the crisis in Ukraine as the country seeks funds to keep their defenses going. Symone Sanders-Townsend, Idrees Kahloon and Doug Heye analyze the White House’s forceful pushback against the special counsel report.

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  1. Stop the wishful comments!! Be objective and impartial!

  2. Ms. Dingell calm down. The more frantic you get–the more you convince people how incompetent Biden is… ALSO please people–understand these people are trying to tell you you are not seeing what your eyes ARE seeing. "These are gaffes." Not buying it dear.

  3. Why isn’t Saudi Arabia funding aid to the Palestinians?

  4. We need to give Biden a Senate and House to start governing our nation. They still haven’t passed a budget. October 1st starts a brand new budget year. Yet they still haven’t covered this years

  5. It’s one man’s political opinion. Only worth the weigh we give it. Personally I don’t value it at all.

  6. Corrupt one sides media. They have picked sides which everybody knows. No better than North Korea.

  7. Why – exactly – is Trump a “ threat to democracy”? His last administration had our economy in the greatest shape ever, lowest black unemployment,borders controlled and crime not RAMPANT .

  8. As much as I would regard the reelection of Donald Trump as catastrophic for America and dangerous for democracy, Biden and the Democrats must be held accountable should this happen. With all due respect, Congresswoman Dingell does not exactly instill confidence either.

  9. Biden lost already! No one wants him

  10. No we don’t think that Trump is crazy!!! Stop the lying !! There are more people voting for Trump. Stop your lying

  11. Trump 2024 all the way!!! The only guy that cares about America!!! Get rid of that other puppet

  12. Biden needs clinical attention he’s not there and all Americans see it!! Stop trying to cover up

  13. Please please have Joey hit the road. Would love to see him out there eating ice cream across the country and forgetting everything

  14. 10:30–Wow, once Biden got caught with classified documents he cooperated fully. Why did he have all of those documents in the first place? They should have remained in a secure location. Why didn't they stay there and instead ended up in his garage of all places? You also have to ask yourself why Hunter Biden got millions of dollars from adversary countries. Could it be he got all of that money because he gave representatives from those countries a "look-see" at the classified documents in his dad's garage? Questions the liberal press has no interest in asking.

  15. Kamala Harris's voice goes right through me I'd rather hear nails scratching a chalkboard

  16. It does NO GOOD to send out Congressmen who themselves are seen as old in the public eye- and who make memory errors- to defend Biden’s mental health.

  17. Either he is a well meaning elderly man with a memory problem, or he's a criminal, because it can't be both. They chose to go with memory problem. The report said that he wasn't being charged because they didn't think it was intentional (due to memory problems). All these people close to Biden can say what they want about his memory but if the right thing to do would be to find an appropriate candidate for the 2024 elections. We all know it. Why is this so hard?!!!