Meet the Press NOW — June 7

The 2024 Republican presidential primary field grows as former Vice President Mike Pence and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum enter the race. Air quality in New York and areas along the east coast drop sharply as smoke from wildfires in Canada move south. Sally Jenkins examines the stunning merger between the PGA Tour and rival LIV Golf.

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  1. Supposedly well-educated reporter from Atlanta: *What lane IS

  2. Any governor of North Dakota has NO CLUE.


  4. Did Trump make America great again? I can't remember

  5. In regards to LIV and PGA merger, Jamal Khashoggi is the biggest ruse within this transaction…what the PGA has done was sold the rarest most valuable car the American people have built with tremendous history only to sell it to a rich kid who will drive it into a ditch. What next??? The NBA, NFL, the MLB perhaps? American values have clearly deteriorated and shifted. So Biden, what's your Corvette worth to you?

  6. shouldn't christie will christie tell the truth about January sixth and how trump should live in shame for January sixth?

  7. USA … Canada apologizes, blowin’ in the wind 😊✌️

  8. yea isn't it true trump has his own rules he's above the law he's that out of contro?l

  9. christie has always been misguided he backed trump at one point but people do have a little bit of remorse and he knows that trump is a liar and a grifter and a con man and a terrible business man bankruptcy is in his blood and the best pictures of trumps lack is when the trump casino tower came crashing down that visual shows where trump could take our Nation crumbling down?

  10. Boy, am I gonna miss Chuck Todd. He has been an EXCELLENT host. Good fortune forever, Chuck. Youn have performed a public service as well as anyone has.

  11. would the republicans really abandon the Ukraine the world's democracy at state? the Ukraine is a wonderful spirited Nation and we should back them completely and wish and pray for their successful counter offensive and hope they push the russions right back home and take the war to Russia the Russians do not have the immunity when after all they brutally invaded the Ukraine

  12. well could burgum take away freedom from as many people as possible he already took away women's freedom and women's rights to decide their own personal health and family decisions women's rights mater our mothers and sisters and aunts and daughters and female friends and women that teach and doctors and the girl/women down the street our female neighbers and coeds and fellow workers all loosing their rights guaranteed by The United States Constitution the republicans could take it all away America's freedoms at jeopardy and what of the lies of omission are another nefarious trick and showing that the republicans will not own up to their actions to take away freedom bankrupt our nation and whatever the trump and the republicans will ruin our Nation if given a chance vote them out tell them their fired isn't the theatre of the absurd political anti-American acts of the republican's lost it "crazy charm"?

  13. So funny how Americans are so enthralled with their dumb constitution. “I chose the ineffectual hemp paper written by slaveholders, and I always will.” 🤣🤣

  14. oh come not burgum another authoritarian with the agenda to divide our Nations people to take away women's rights and freedoms burgum will take away freedom?

  15. I will give you credit on this Chuck Todd Saudi Arabia MBS was willing to lose money as long as they had to because while the PGA has a lot of money the Saudi Arabia Kingdom has enough money to out last the PGA because MBS while he's a Billionaire he's over looking Trillions of Dollars for the Saudi Arabia Kingdom and their the Super Wealthiest family alive today no matter what family you can think of that Oil Money so you're right and she's wrong the kinda money that they were offering $700,000,000 Million Dollars to Tiger Woods and Hundred Millions of Dollars to some other Players.

  16. Looks like lots of negative karma hits on DT😂 now

  17. Fmr VP Pence is taking the Al Gore route for his campaign (distancing himself from his former boss) except that he still shows ❤️ to 45 despite the fact that 45 wanted him dead 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  18. WHY have I not seen anyone bring up Section 3 of the 14th Amendment regarding both Trump anf DeSantis ALREADY saying that they would grant pardons to CONVICTED Domestic Terrorists that attacked the Capitol Building on January 6th 2021?
    If they hadn't already been a member of our Government, it wouldn't apply, because they have, it does apply to them. It DENIES them the right to any position at any level of Local, State or the Federal Government, FOR LIFE!
    Look it up.

  19. We in this household are savoring each MTPN with Chuck while he's still here. Great show this evening.

  20. Chuck Todd you can't talk either because you stood up and backed the very corrupt Clintons Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton so you have absolutely no credibility either.

  21. I wonder how much did Chris Christie get paid for saying that and did he get paid with cash or a check by the establishment everyone see that he's a clown for the establishment and can't be trusted.

  22. TRUMP / LAKE 2024 !!!!!!!


  24. think about it gift from God trump deal. same coin two sides same value